Tire rotation on a Model 3

Tire rotation on a Model 3


I have a Tesla Model 3 and it is due for its first tire rotation. Do I need to take it to a Tesla Service center or can I take it to a local mechanic? Any suggestions? Also, what is the usual price for tire rotation for Model 3?

Joshan | 2019年7月29日

@andy did you own any other car you put the pedal to the floor this often? I know I have not :)

andy.connor.e | 2019年7月29日

Not an owner yet, but i have pretty much never put the pedal to the floor, unless to avoid an accident.

Joshan | 2019年7月29日

I was the same way, its so hard not to punch it at every red light :)

cbmilehigh | 2019年7月29日

I rotated my tires at 8000 miles at Costco for about 25 bucks in the DC area. Be sure to have your own jack pads. I have a RWD and the rear tires had slightly more tread wear.

canuck55 | 2019年7月29日

I had M3, LR, RWD tires rotated at America's Tire in Torrance, CA for $40, mileage was 22K.

r1200gs4ok | 2019年8月1日

I have seen people say they have had a chat with do you do it? where do you find the chat button.....I follow directions and the chat button is not there....please help....sorry for question, I just dont know

mazers | 2019年8月1日

Just got back from the Service Center for tire rotation, my 3rd with 24k miles on the tires. Was going to ask for mobile service again but just stuck with taking it in. They charged $85. I asked about the smell with the A/C sometimes also. They rotated the tires, courtesy inspection, performed evaporator cleaning service, and also replaced the charge port insulator pins with updated parts. All the tires have either 5 or 6mm left on them, with outer, middle, and inner readings the same for each tire. I certainly don't baby the car, so I'm a very happy camper after this appointment!

rxlawdude | 2019年8月1日

Our M3 LR RWD with the Pilot Sport A/S 3+ tires from Costco just had them rotated at around 8,500 miles. The tire techs were impressed at the lack of wear and said these should easily get the full warranted mileage based on the first 8K.

These are not OEM tires, but offer more performance at the cost of slightly less rolling efficiency (higher rolling resistance). While still higher than the OEM set, the difference is settling in at less than 8% of a hit on Wh/mi.

ss_in_SR | 2019年8月3日

Went to America's Tire (Discount Tire) in the SF Bay Area. They did a free rotation. Very familiar with Tesla 3 and didn't need the pucks I had bought. They said their lifts are FLAT and compatible with all Teslas and they do them all the time. In and out in less than 30 minutes because I had an online appointment. For Balancing they would have charged $60 which I passed on for now. Hope this helps!

DMSDesign | 2019年8月3日

America Tire Will do it for no charge, including balancing.

Teslanene | 2019年8月3日

Just did my second free rotation at America's tire this past weekend. They even balance the tires for free this time. At 15k I stil have 7mm all across all tires. I make the first available appointment for the morning in and out in 30 minutes.

mm281049 | 2019年8月4日

Just had my tires rotated and they didn’t torque it to 129ftlbs and the regen breaking was a mess. They torqued it to spec and problem solved

stopnair | 2019年8月4日

Costco did my rotation for $21.99. This is in Santa Clarita CA

pNiZZLe | 2019年9月7日

Had my P3D tire rotation today at Oxnard, Ca for $89.99. Tim also installed my carbon fiber spoiler & dual badge. Tim was awesome & provided excellent service. Keep up the great work Tesla team!

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 2019年9月7日

I asked at Costco in Holbrook, LI, $30 for rotation and balance. I have to provide the jack pads though.

Rickrph | 2019年9月7日

As has been previously stated America's Tire Store will rotate for free, but they will charge you to balance them (you do not have to, but they encourage you to). The cost for balancing is $30 unless you bought the tires their.

VanderZ | 2019年9月11日

I just dropped off my M3 for filter cleaning due to the vinegar smell, and asked what the price was to rotate the tires and was quoted $115. Which is way to high for a rotation I'm just going to end up doing it myself for that price

Maverick M3 | 2019年9月24日

I read the comments on this forum and was willing to drive 40 miles and pay $89 for tire rotation at Tesla service center. I know it is almost three times charged by the tire stores. I scheduled an appointment through app at Tesla Service center, two days before the service Tesla called me to confirm the appointment, I confirmed it and rep mentioned that it will cost $175 for tire rotation. I mentioned to her some people got it done for $89 through Tesla. I didn't even argue just mentioned once, she was blunt and said it is $175 for tire rotation. I told her that I will call her back in 10 min, but she told she will cancel the appointment and asked me to re schedule it if I want to pay $175. I was upset that she didn't even give me time. I called America's tire company which is 7 miles from location, they mentioned that they have experience changing Tesla tires. I went to them, rotated the tires for $0.00. I told them that I didn't buy the tires from them they said that's fine just buy the tires when it is time for replacement. I will definitely buy replacement tire from them
I was upset with the Tesla lady, but in the end, she saved me $175 (or $89) and time.

ODWms | 2019年9月25日

Wow. Good show, Maverick!!!

puneeshj | 2019年9月27日

Had a similar experience with the Brentwood, TN service center. I was given an estimate of $113 for tire rotation and was recommended to instead go to a local shop. When I mentioned price being steep and many people getting first tire rotation for no charge I was recommended to cancel the appointment.

holdthataway | 2019年9月27日

I had my tires rotated today at Discount Tire (for free) on my RWD M3. When I left, my regenerative braking was basically gone. I've tried a hard reboot and nothing really changed. It seems like I have a little regenerative braking at lower speeds, but it disappears at speeds over about 25 mph. I scheduled a service appointment as soon as possible in case this problem isn't resolved on its own.

Has anybody else had this happen and/or know how to fix it? My service rep said he hadn't heard of this before. Thank you!

surfpearl | 2019年9月27日

@holdthataway - What torque did they apply? Maybe you have the same issue as this poster:

"mm281049 | August 4, 2019
Just had my tires rotated and they didn’t torque it to 129ftlbs and the regen breaking was a mess. They torqued it to spec and problem solved"

holdthataway | 2019年9月27日

@surfpearl Thank you for that comment. I'll have to check on that!

holdthataway | 2019年9月27日

@surfpearl Checked my receipt and it shows torqued to 130. I wonder if that is small enough a difference to matter.

holdthataway | 2019年9月27日

Started on my regular long drive for the weekend tonight without regenerative braking after having my tires rotated this afternoon and eventually my regenerative braking came back on line ( after 50-60 miles). I guess it just must have taken a bit to recalibrate. A little weird, but good to know for future reference.

Resist | 2019年9月30日

I don't understand how Tesla can extend the tire rotation schedule from 6,250 miles to 10,000 - 12,000 miles. All tires will benefit from a 6,000 mile rotation. Unless Tesla pushed out an over the air tire compound upgrade to the car.

I think Tesla just wants their cars to appear even more maintenance free. Because extending the rotation to that high a mileage will only shorten their life. And so will front to back rotations, but Tesla wants it to be an faster serve they can charge for. Always use a cross rotation with non directional tires.

derotam | 2019年9月30日

Resist, why not rotate every 3k miles, or 1500, wouldn't that be even better? Rotation is more a function of wear patterns and if under "normal" driving conditions with a properly aligned car the tires wear pretty evenly then there isn't a need to rotate so often.

kg97 | 2019年10月22日

Called Tesla and said they charge $127.50, American Tire Depot did it for $20. They also told me if I buy tires from them they will rotate and balance for free every 5000 miles free of charge.

GOODY | 2019年10月24日

Why you guys need to rotate the tire for that much money? it almost pay for the new set of tires if you rotate for a few times.

Smhach | 2019年10月24日

I got 18K on my M3. The last time I brought her in for service they told me the tread ware has been pretty even on all four tires and there was no reason to rotate them. I have no plans to rotate them in the near future.

llim3306 | 2019年10月24日

Smhach +1. America Tire rotated mine for free.

Javier C. | 2019年10月31日

Do we need to balance the wheels every time we rotate them?

ODWms | 2019年11月1日

I never have.

cjw888 | 2019年12月30日

Does anyone have a tire shop to recommend in the Bay Area, CA, and more specifically East Bay? We just called Dublin SC, and it gave a quote of $125 for tire rotation. In addition, Livermore Costco does not rotate Tesla tire without a tire purchase. Just want to take the car in for the first rotation at a place that has Model 3 experience and tools. Thanks in advance!

cjw888 | 2019年12月30日

Does anyone have a tire shop to recommend in the Bay Area, CA, and more specifically East Bay? We just called Dublin SC, and it gave a quote of $125 for tire rotation. In addition, Livermore Costco does not rotate Tesla tire without a tire purchase. Just want to take the car in for the first rotation at a place that has Model 3 experience and tools. Thanks in advance!

Lonestar10_1999 | 2019年12月30日

For the price Tesla charges for a tire rotation, why not buy a hydraulic jack, a torque wrench, and socket, and rotate your own tires as a DIY? It is not difficult and will pay for itself on the second time you do a rotation. I bought all the tools I needed from Harbor Freight and I would recommend it to anyone.

billstanton | 2019年12月30日

I went by Les Schwab in the East Bay. Having been a prior customer they rotated for free. Regular price is $26.

cjw888 | 2019年12月30日

Thanks for the recommendation. Tire shop for now, and maybe self-help in the future.

Jtwo | 2019年12月30日

I had in done at Discount Tire, they rebalanced them too.

It was free. I’ve bought a few sets of wheels & tires from them in the pat so I guess it wasn’t totally free.

EAPme | 2019年12月30日

DIY all the way.

Time is money, but I consider myself handy enough to just do it just as quickly at home (sans travel & lobby time). Added benefit of removing any anxiety of a shop employee doing something regrettable.

PS: America's Tire/Discount Tire is a fine company and am fiercely loyal to them. For whatever reason I prefer to rotate tires myself since introducing a Tesla to the family. I'm fun that way.

ODWms | 2019年12月31日

I do all my cars, myself. Takes me about 15 min, and zero dollars.

Lonestar10_1999 | 2019年12月31日

DIY tire rotation has the same level of difficulty as changing a flat tire which I know isn’t for everyone, but most folks can handle it. | 2019年12月31日

You can get free tire rotation from Discount Tire, regardless if you have purchased tires there or not.

Big_Ed | 2019年12月31日

"DIY tire rotation has the same level of difficulty as changing a flat tire"
Little more difficult, in that you have to jack up two points at once, or have a spare tire to swap in and out. I'm planning to use 2 floor jacks to bring up one side at a time. But at least it will be on a flat, dry, well lit surface, whereas changing a flat is always in the rain at night while trucks whiz by.

pnagy | 2019年12月31日

How do you rotate tires for Mode 3? The way I've rotated tires with ICE in the past is the rear tires are swapped (left rear to right front, right rear to left front) to the front and front tires straight to the rear. Is that true for Model 3?


Lonestar10_1999 | 2019年12月31日

For the SR+ the rotation is simply swapping front to rear. With the single hydraulic jack at either the front or rear jack point, the car is stiff enough that both front and rear wheels lift off the ground. Swapping the wheels is easy peasy at that point. You simply repeat for the other two wheels.

majassow | 2019年12月31日

+1 @lonestar. Single jack lifts both tires. Easier than a flat, since the flat reduces the jack clearance somewhat. But jacking from the good tire end should work fine.

Big_Ed | 2019年12月31日


Good to know, thanks. I've tried that on my other vehicles, but they are all SUVs or trucks with a lot of suspension travel, and you gotta get the jack point way up in the air to get the other end off the ground.