Sentry Mode Activation (What song starts blasting?)

Sentry Mode Activation (What song starts blasting?)

Has anyone confirmed what music starts blasting when a windows is broken?

Is it just whatever was playing when you got out of the car?

If not, I vote for "Dark Passenger" by Veil of Maya:

I am in control
I am in control
Judgment time has come
This world is mine, I'll mold it with my hands
Two trails lay before me, I know one as familiar as my senses
(As my senses)
The other one preaches pain upon my mind, my eyesight extends
In my sights I have nothing, but guilt and deceit
They lay before me begging and willing for eternal mercy,
For eternal mercy on their lives
Now's my time, this life is mine to make, complete
This choice is mine to take, receive
I am in control
Judgment time has come
Judgment time…


Post your suggestion and perhaps a few lyrics that explain why

Bloob | 2019年3月12日

Someone tested it:

charles.a.braun | 2019年3月12日

@Bloob - LOL! Thankfully I saw the name of the song during the advertisement and was able to close YT before it started.

markr7 | 2019年3月12日

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
Two-part musical composition for organ, probably written before 1708, by Johann Sebastian Bach, known for its majestic sound, dramatic authority, and driving rhythm. ... The first part of Bach's piece is a toccata, the name of which is derived from the Italian toccare, “to touch.”

Carl Thompson | 2019年3月12日


LOL! Ya got me.

MichaelB00012 | 2019年3月12日

I just got Rick Rolled ... ouch.

jimglas | 2019年3月12日

@Bloob: YOU WIN!

charlie | 2019年3月13日

@markr7 One of my big "Test" pieces for sound systems