Glad to see we've opend up the forums to Korean spam!!!

Glad to see we've opend up the forums to Korean spam!!!

Someone else please call CS and ask them to notify the webmaster. They may tell you to use the "contact us" link and submit a comment, but there are no topic which address web spam.
Looks like they have figured out how to bypass captcha...

Nic727 | 2019年3月15日

That’s sad :(

But Tesla should change forum software.

rxlawdude | 2019年3月15日

This is Chinese.

SCCRENDO | 2019年3月15日

It’s some Asian language but @blue-adept deduced that it is translated from Uzbek. RUSSIAN TROLLS??????

GregorWood | 2019年3月16日

Uzbek TROLLS!!!!!

FuuMasta | 2019年3月16日

They should be Banned

Tesla2018 | 2019年3月16日

Someone posted a link on the model 3 forums of a program they wrote that will filter out the foreign posts. Why would Russians be doing this? Does Tesla even sell cars there? And we dont buy oil from them. The shirtless horseman could just ban electric car sales and that would stop the problem. Other countries are still going to need to by oil from him. I would think the Saudis would have more to lose if everyone went electric.

jimglas | 2019年3月16日

the russian economy is dependent upon fossil fuels, If demand were to drop they would be toast, hence the trolls planting FUD about Tesla

carlk | 2019年3月16日

Those spams we don't understand is one thing. Those treads started with a long post in bad English describing all sort of common problems in one car could also be from Russian bots.

SCCRENDO | 2019年3月16日

@Tesla2018. For the same reason they interfered in our elections and colluded with Trump. We now have a Manchurian (or more accurately a Muscovite) Candidate in the Whitehouse

Tesla-David | 2019年3月16日

The Uzbek trolls have now introduced 23 pages of garbage to wade through, and have also screwed up other Tesla forums. I have passed on request for Tesla to clean up the forum. Very tiresome!


kcheng | 2019年3月16日

Doesn't everyone need a degree from Cambridge?

In some ways, this is just schadenfreude for how the Tesla mafia try to shutdown threads of people who have problems. Legit or not, it's not up to them to decide. Now, we get Chinese spam. Schadenfreude.

jeff d | 2019年3月16日

@rxlawdude, yes the bulk of the messages were Chinese, but I posted after seeing a stream of messages in hangul, which is Korean and why I said Korean in the title. I've looked back to find examples but there are too many pages of Chinese spam.

jeff d | 2019年3月16日

@rxlawdude an example of Korean from 3/15:청순귀염-김포오피-↗uuhaja8「com」↙-↖유유닷컴↗-김포오피-김포스파-김포립카페-김포휴게텔