CCS update / adapter

CCS update / adapter

First , I have to say the supercharger network is awesome, I’ve had the chance to use it on long (~3k mi) trips and there’s not much of an issue. Longer trips up north went well too.
When not on main highways or near a major city (particularly away from home), things get a bit trickier however . I’ve noticed that it’s not rare to have networks supporting DCFC nearby but what’s available to me is a j1772 charge (quite slow and when prepping to head out on long stretches it can add a day easily). Having CCS or CHAdeMO compatibility would be awesome (particularly with muni efforts in most cities targeting as broad a user base as posiible - like NY subsidies for chargers ).
Seeing as the EU version or model 3 is CCS, does anyone know if a retrofit might be possible to handle it in North America ? I’ve read that an adapter can be tricky given the protocol but CCS could be handled onboard , no?

kevin_rf | 2019年3月16日

Tin foil, Tesla's is selling 10x as many cars as all the other EV manufactures combined. None of them gave Tesla a dime for the SC network. Why help them fund a network that can help the 10% compete with Tesla. By not having CSS and ChaDemo, they are restricting 90% of the revenue available for the growth of third party networks. So this way, only Tesla has a viable network. No sense funding the competition.

It's a crack pot theory, but it would have a chilling effect on competition if true.

alexftsl | 2019年3月16日

Agreed , tsla is definitely ahead by a lot network-wise, as I keep telling friends and family asking about EV options , tsla is at least 5 years ahead. Others are so disorganized I couldn’t imagine travelling long distances relying on them. For what it’s worth , 8k miles post purchase and it’s happened to me a half dozen times that I wished for ccs or chademo fallback - not the norm *but* when in a pinch it sure would be convenient :)

Frank99 | 2019年3月16日

I expect that once there are more than a handful of CCS stations, Tesla will ship an adapter to allow a Model 3 to charge at one. Tesla does have a CHAdeMO adapter for the S/X, but for mysterious reasons it doesn't work with the 3.

Frank99 | 2019年3月16日

I'm waiting for the first non-Tesla EV to post a Cannonball Run time. That none of them can (or will) shows the state of their fast-charging capabilities and their nationwide charging networks.

tom.mclean | 2019年3月28日

I'm also hoping for a Model 3 CCS/Chademo adapter. Given a choice, I'd sooner use a supercharger than CCS/Chademo for the speed difference if nothing else. Unfortunately, there are many places in my next of the woods, Atlantic Canada, which don't have superchargers but do have CCS/Chademo. Charging at Level 2 chargers sure can slow down a road trip!