Model 3 SR+ questions answered

Model 3 SR+ questions answered

Added another Tesla to the family today. SR plus.

Here are the differences that I was wondering about:

No homelink

Same as full premium:
Motorized steering wheel adjustments
Motorized seats in front
Motorized side mirrors
Prem seat material

Other items:
Rear AC
No floor or front trunk mats
Sound is definitely a lot better than most medium level cars but not as good as the premium sound systems in Tesla or Cadillac for example.
Oddly enough even the website says standard maps and no satellite view, actually it is satellite view in day display mode and standard maps view in night display mode. This appears to not be changeable.
Power windows and locks as we all suspected.

Consumption on a trip I do a lot is awesome seems I was getting about 198 wh per mile versus the 270 to 280 in my M3 performance.

Any question lmk!

adoh2010 | 2019年3月16日

I just picked up SR+ today and got 220 Wh/mi driving as fast as the traffic does with a few pulls. The Autocheck says it's a midrange and the website says the SR+ and midrange weight the same. The 2 speakers on the pillars don't work I think, along with other software downgrades. Basically this is a software limited midrange I think.

EAPme | 2019年3月16日

Thanks Andrew. Appreciate you taking the time to compare the two 3's in the family.

Do the driver profiles work the same way?
Does the rear deck, behind the rear passengers still have the steel mesh thing like the premiums do? Wondering since there's no subwoofer.

Really bummed out about Homelink. Yes, first-world problem of the highest order.

198 is awesome, I've come close when trying to hypermile my LR RW. Can't wait to try SR+

Mdoss | 2019年3月16日

Thanks for the update Andrew.

I’m looking to get Standard Plus also. Was curious about the HomeLink. I know premium has “location aware” HomeLink, but I was hoping partial premium had at least a basic HomeLink.. Oh well..

What color did you get?
What interior color?

I’m thinking of getting my side windows tinted as soon as I get mine.. How well is the factory roof tinted? Good enough, or should I darken that as well??

Found anything you really don’t like yet??

Mdoss | 2019年3月16日

Oh, and would this car be comfortable enough with 3 teenage kids in the back for a mediam range road trip (couple hundred mi)???

andrew | 2019年3月16日

Driver profiles appear to be identical. Easy Entry etc as well.
I will check the rear and post tomorrow. Now I’m curious.

I got black/black.
Factory roof filters very well. Seems same as my performance. Ive taken it to Vegas in the heat with the sun beating down and it does a great job filtering the Sun.
I’m truly amazed at the value and what you get with this car. So far nothing I’ve been bummed about.
I think you’d be fine with the kids. Seats are comfy in the back.

kenduong03 | 2019年3月17日

thanks andrew.

can you actually do a speaker count....the ones that actually produce sound.

andrew | 2019年3月17日

@EAPme, @kenduong03

Ok not sure how many speakers there are in front windshield bar but maybe 3.

Each door has a speaker. Rear metal mesh is present but doesn’t seem like there is anything in there. The little speakers by the headliner are empty and the ones by the side view mirrors are empty.

So if we take the reported 8 speakers that this car was rumored to have and know there are 4 for the doors then that leaves 4 for the front bar.

I did a side by side comparison of the SR+ and my performance. Paired iPhone with mp3 on it and listened to the same song. The SR+ is really impressive. The performance had more bass and just more full sound.

All in all the audio in this car is more than good.

Hope this all helps.

EAPme | 2019年3月17日

Thanks Andrew! Great play-by-play reporting.

NPR will sound just good as w/o a subwoofer :)

The user community is live and well!

andrew | 2019年3月17日

Man this car is awesome. Makes me wonder if my performance I got in sept. was worth it. :P

Honestly at the price point the SR+ is the best value in their line.

After a day of mixed driving wh/mile consumption is near 200 which is phenomenal.

Vinty | 2019年3月17日

Are you able to figure out the exact KW/h of the battery pack?

kenduong03 | 2019年3月17日
kenduong03 | 2019年3月17日
elephant in a bottle | 2019年3月17日

Thanks Andrew for the info. Congrats to the new owners.

After waiting for 3 years , finally my wait is almost over. Sent my 2.5k deposit today for an SR+ with AP.
I ordered for the Red + aero.

fullertonsupply | 2019年3月18日

Andrew--so helpful while waiting on our delivery. We ordered a SR+ black on black--curious tho Andrew--any paint issues in the standard black??

Tesla2018 | 2019年3月18日

Does it have heated seats?

Breyers22m2 | 2019年3月18日

Andrew - Thank you for the videos.
I just ordered SR+ Red-aero-autopilot. Can’t wait.

andrew | 2019年3月19日

Ok, will try to answer the outstanding questions:

From my tesliFi info on charging and percentages and what I can calculate it appears to be about 53kwh. I will say the the first 500 miles of driving has exceeded the rated range. seems to be getting under 200wh/mile which is amazing.

@elephant in a bottle: congrats. you will love it. This is my 3rd tesla. first was a model S70 then a M3P (still have) and now the spouse has the SR+

None that I can see. My M3P is also black. I will say that the clearcoat upon delivery was absolutely flawless--no hairline scratches in it or anything. Sad part is after a few washes there will be some. Hence begins the life of a black car.

Yes, front heated seats only


fullertonsupply | 2019年3月19日

Andrew--so right about the life of a black car. Are you going without a clear wrap? Ceramic coating?? I have a black SR+ ordered and I am thinking of not wrapping or treating, drive about 10K NC---Have been buying nice cars for 40 years and never done any of that.....thoughts from a tree time Tesla owner?

n.nihar | 2019年3月19日

Hi Guys ,

I have ordered Model 3 (MidRange /White/Black Interior 19 inch wheels) on 3/4/19

Did anyone received VIN or Delivery who ordered similar configuration on same day or later ?

I see that the Mid Range has been discontinued , will that effect my delivery timeline? I live in Lafayette Louisiana .

Nihar Narla

k2012 | 2019年3月19日


I ordered the
Pearl White
White Interior
Aero Wheels
On 3/7/19

I just got off the phone and our cars have not been built yet. They said realistically give it 2.5-4 weeks to be made and the a couple of days to be delivered. There are no inventory cars in our configurations, therefore we will be getting a factory car. The discontinuation of the MR will not affect us. We are just waiting on our cars to actually be made on the production line. My DA told me to check back in a week if I still haven't heard anything.

mg62001 | 2019年3月19日

I am looking to buy a SR+ and can not find any information about connectivity and if the SR models even have built in cellular connections. Do you know if they have the connection built in, as well as if you are able to download software updates via that connection and not have to rely on WIFI? I live in an apartment complex and will not have wifi available where i park. Thank you

isleboy | 2019年3月19日

@mg62001 all of the cars including both SR and SR+ have built in cell connections for navigation and firmware updates. It will be faster for firmware if connected to WiFi. It is an AT&T connection.

mg62001 | 2019年3月19日

@isleboy thank you, i have been told by tesla reps that it both does and does not have the connection since its not the full premium package, thank you for clarifying for me as this makes my decision about a SR+ much easier

MoonDog | 2019年3月19日

@mg62001, my understanding is that security updates via cell connection is covered in all models... non-security updates available for cell connections only on premium connectivity, but can be downloaded via Wi-Fi otherwise.

mg62001 | 2019年3月19日

@moondog i know this may sound like a stupid question but to clarify premium connectivity is different from premium interior? basically i may have to pay have premium connectivity on the SR+ but the technology is present?

andrew | 2019年3月19日

I've owned a handful of black cars and never wrapped them. Had a Caddy ATS, Audi A4 and some others previously. Rock chips will ding up the hood but 10k miles per year isn't much driving so you will be less exposed.

You always have the option of having the hood refinished after a few years versus wrapping it. As of now not going to wrap or protect it with the exception of keeping it polished and waxed good. A good polish removes a micro layer of clearcoat and helps really restore the car after multiple washes, etc.

andrew | 2019年3月19日

Yes the car does have LTE and provides maps and communicates with Tesla and I have it hooked to TeslaFi for more data reporting. All that works.

There was discussion about if updates would be pushed out over LTE on the non-prem cars. I don't know 100% if updates will be coming over LTE. As of now the car isn't hooked to WiFi so we will see if any updates come through.

MoonDog | 2019年3月19日

@mg62001, supposedly SR and SR+ do not have premium connectivity... Found this on premium connectivity but it is a bit outdated I think:

Warez | 2019年3月19日

How do you disable satellite map in SR+?

Yesterday night went to configure some settings while parked and noticed my map did not have satellite view. It was like google maps and had colored markers for POIs.

Today in the morning I have satellite map again. I hate that map.

Is it a night mode thing?

andrew | 2019年3月19日

Yes, we've noticed the same thing. I thought the specs said satellite view was not an option on the SR+ but I get the same result. daytime is satellite and can't be changed and night time change to standard and can't be changed.

I did notice if you manually change screen modes (day/night) it will change the maps too. so for now just keep your stuff in night mode and the satellite view is gone.

n.nihar | 2019年3月19日

@k2012 , Thank you

EPwolf | 2019年3月19日

I picked up my SR+ Friday night. I can verify the discussion so far is accurate. I'm a new Tesla owner, but the car is absolutely wonderful. When not driving, I find myself thinking about it! LTE works great. I think the software updated on its own over-night Friday night, and I hadn't put it on my wifi yet. Therefore, the software updated over LTE. I can check on the status of the car wherever it is; and seeing that I can pop my truck from my office desk, I know that that command is happening over LTE since I'm way too far away for Bluetooth to be working. I connected the car to my home wifi Saturday morning, and that's working fine, too. I signed up for the 30 day trial of EAP, and I can tell you that it's awesome. Really making me think about picking that up at the end of the trial.

Blacklamb | 2019年3月19日

@EPwolf I'm pretty sure the reason my SR+ did not need wifi for that first patch is that the car auto connects at tesla service centers and probably downloaded it at the factory/service center and had it staged for you to install. I'm going to have to remember from time to time to park my car by my apartment and not in my carport to update so it can be on wifi. Today I spent the morning searching for a parking spot at work that got reception so it could take care of it at work, sadly my IT does a good job of keeping the WiFi in the building.

EPwolf | 2019年3月19日

@Blacklamp. Hmmm. That makes sense. I also didn't agree to install an update, so now I'm wondering when it would have downloaded and actually installed. Perhaps the installation happened at the service center and I wasn't asked about upgrading until the following morning. Sorry to hear your IT folks are doing a good job! ;-) Curious. Do you have the ability to charge your car in your carport? That would be great. I installed the wall charger in my garage last October, and it's been patiently waiting for a car to juice up since then.

mingy83 | 2019年3月19日

Just wondering if it came with floor mats for the front and back passengers? Watching a quick overview on youtube, I saw that the frunk definitely didn't have one. I also see them for sale in the store and was just wondering if I would need to pick them up or not so we can have them for delivery. Can't wait to get our SR+!

mingy83 | 2019年3月19日

Watched it again and answered my own question haha. Floor mats must be really expensive these days to not be included in a car. :)

k2012 | 2019年3月20日


Update; I got a call late last night and they told me that no more MR cars are being produced so they will call and ask you if you want to switch to a SR+ or the LR so unless your car is an inventory car youre going to have to switch. I went with the LR because I wanted to keep the white premium interior.

n.nihar | 2019年3月20日

@k2012 , is that going to effect your delivery date ?

andrew | 2019年3月20日

SR+ does NOT come with any floor mats or frunk mats.

AceHBee | 2019年3月20日

My SR+ is now on 2019.8.2.

Before the last update, the map was Satellite view for day time and regular map for night time. As with everyone, I thought SR+ are not supposed to get satellite view map.

As of the last update, both map is no longer satellite view. Daytime no longer show satellite view. Actually, I prefer it without satellite view.

SR+ navigation - I am quite confident it is aware of traffic. My commute to work is about 23-25 miles one way. I have two different options where it splits in the middle, one route head west and then north, another route go north and then west. Both about the same distance, but depending on traffic, Waze has previously taken me to different direction. It seems to be the case for Tesla navigation too. So while it is not showing traffic condition on the map, Tesla navigation is still routing you to better alternative based on traffic condition.

Model 3 SR+ Black Aero + AP, Delivery on 3/16.

finman100 | 2019年3月20日

if you tap the screen with the map showing (tap anywhere there isn't an icon), the right column of icons should pop up. one looks like a globe. that switches between satellite view and street view.

Aviad | 2019年3月20日

@finman100, while the globe is an option on other models, that globe is not available on SR+

LuckyChannel | 2019年3月20日

Does the 2019.8.2 update include the immersive audio option for the SR+? Kind of peeved that the feature sold to us wasn't enabled when purchased.

Blacklamb | 2019年3月20日

@EPwolf, I have no charging at my apartment, but I do have a level 2 charger in the park next to my work, I walk about 100 extra feet and so far only have needed to charge it once to 80% during the work week. The charger is also heavily subsidised by the city so it's about $0.10 a kW, co workers with homes charge there because it's so inexpensive.

EPwolf | 2019年3月20日

@AceHBee. Thanks for the info. I like the daytime satellite view map, so I'll be sad to see that go away with the next update. Like @LuckyChannel, I'm also wondering about Immersive Sound. Can you verify whether or not that was included in the update? Thanks.

k2012 | 2019年3月20日


Not sure yet. I didn’t have one with the MR and I haven’t heard anything about the LR yet :( I’ll keep y’all updated

LuckyChannel | 2019年3月20日

@EPwolf based on LR/MR owners impressions of the new 2019.8.2 update the option for immersive sound was also removed for them, so I'm not holding out hope that this update will address this issue. You'd think this is something that would be caught in the Q&A process.

AceHBee | 2019年3月20日

@EPwolf and @LuckyChannel
On the "Audio Setting >> Options", there are two options that I can choose.
- Immersive Sound - Off/On
- Allow Mobile Control - toggle on/off

So yes, they enable Immersive Sound on SR+.

jeremymoore11 | 2019年3月20日

Just back from the Tesla showroom in Nashville...they had about a dozen SR+ M3's on the lot, several were "inventory" cars, meaning you could buy on the spot... Taking my wife back tomorrow, probably going to pull the trigger on a pearl white SR+ for her so she stops stealing my LR FWD we've had since August...

Ocala.Joe | 2019年3月21日

Question about SR+, is the steering wheel power adjustable? Ill know soon enough as I will be picking up on Saturday but it was something I was thinking of.