Range degradation ??

Range degradation ??

I bought my M3 (LR Dual Motors) with an (expected) range of 540km (= 380mi). Now I experience a max. range (100% charge) of 500km.
This is approx. 8% below specification.
Does anybody have a comment about this fact?

Passion2Fly | 2019年3月17日

Thé Model 3 has a range of 310 miles. Your expectations were incorrect.

TM3Q | 2019年3月17日

When I bought the LR Dual Motor it was advertise 499KM. In real life I got maximum 492KM but it was during cold temperature in a few months I should see an increase because of warmer temperature for the battery so I will be closer to 499KM in my opinion.

kaffine | 2019年3月17日

Passion2Fly That is for the US version. I will guess since he mentions km first that they are not in the US. Different countries have different drive cycles which can cause a large difference in the rated range.

harald.klenk My car fluctuates some normally between 270 and 279 miles at 90% charge. I don't charge to 100% often as it isn't recommended unless you are about to go on a long drive. How low do you run it down too before recharging? It isn't as easy to determine the capacity of a battery as it is fuel in a tank. Some suggest running the battery fairly low then recharging helps reset the meter.

harald.klenk | 2019年3月17日

@kaffine: YES, this is the range expectation for Europe (Germany). They even mention 560km sometimes. When I charged it to 100% it was in preparation for a long trip. Normally I charge it (as proposed) to 80% only and then drive it down to 20%. I will watch this closely as we get to warmer temperatures.

TM3Q | 2019年3月17日


I recheck for the LR Dual Motor and still says 499KM on the website. Unless something change it should be the same as the ones from America.

Bighorn | 2019年3月17日

Check to see which range setting you’re under on Display/Energy Display

kevin_rf | 2019年3月17日

European standards are more optimistic than the US standards leading to inflated range numbers. This is true if all EV ranges in Europe. Significant difference exist between the us rating and the same battery sold in Europe.

I believe a new standard is coming out to address this in Europe. Go with the range on the US website, it's more realistic.

gmr6415 | 2019年3月17日

Bottom line, what the battery indicator states really has nothing to do with actual range other than an estimate. If a specific SOC, say 80%, is showing a lower range by miles/km than you've seen before after charging try doing a recalibration by charging to full and running it down to around 10% a couple times in a row.

I've never had to do it, but many people here have stated it works.

twistedskipper | 2019年3月17日

Even at 540 km range, that is only 335 miles. Not sure where 380 miles came from.

It does sound like the car is reporting the USA-specification 310 mile range, which converts to 499 km.

DMSDesign | 2019年3月17日

with the new range increase to 325 miles, that puts you at 523km.