Nissan Leaf+ Spec Comparison

Nissan Leaf+ Spec Comparison

I am not a hater of the Leaf (not my cuppa, but not a hater). Nonetheless, for interest I did a quick spec comparison with the SR+ and the Leaf+ SV and I cannot for the life of me figure out how these are ever going to sell in meaningful numbers. The Leaf costs more and offers much less by nearly every measure. (I chose the SV to get the basic standard collision avoidance and leather and then added AP to make it roughly sorta comparable on options). Sorry about formatting.

Model 3SR+ / Leaf + SV
Price: $41,700 / $43,445 (M3 includes AP & Destination)
Range EPA: 240 / 215
0-60 Seconds: 5.3 / 7.5
Top Speed mph: 140 / 93
MPGEquiv: 134 / 124
Max Charging: 250 kw / 70 kw (100kw peak?)

LENGTH (IN.): 184.8 / 176.4
WIDTH (IN.): 76.1 / 70.5
HEIGHT (IN.): 56.8 / 61.6
WHEELBASE (IN.): 113.2 / 106.3
HEADROOM FRONT: 40.3 / 41.2
Headroom REAR: 37.7 / 37.3
LEG ROOM F: 42.7 / 42.1
LEG ROOM R: 35.2 / 33.5
SHOULDER F: 56.3 / 54.3
SHOULDER R: 54.0 / 52.5
HIP ROOM F: 53.4 / 51.7
HIP ROOM R: 52.4 / 50.0
Cargo Vol (ft): 15 / 23
W Rear Seat up

I mean one really, really has to value that extra 0.9 inches of headroom or the extra 10 ft trunk space. You give up a ton of performance, the supercharger network, the charging speed, lots of tech advantages, and on and on. I don't get it.

carlk | 2019年3月25日

EV's from Nissan, GM, Jaguar, Audi, BMW or anyone else will never become main stream in their current state. That's why we need Tesla here to push them to try harder.

bj | 2019年3月26日

I have a 2012 LEAF and I love it but, um, I won’t be buying another one. Model 3 for me.

WantMY | 2019年3月26日

Tesla would be a clear winner if it had Leaf body. Rear seats are just a joke on Model 3, its front seats only marginally better vs. rear. Model Y has raised seats off the floor, literally, so it may be ok, lol

AWDTesla | 2019年3月26日

The leaf comes standard with AP, which isnt as good as Tesla's but better than the ol'cruise control we get included.

Leaf is FWD, which just sucks.

Iwantmy3 | 2019年3月26日

I am actually very impressed with the seats in the 3 (aside from the headrest position). I just finished a 1500 mile trip (each way) which included two days of 1100 miles of driving. I have made this trip many times in several different vehicles and have always felt sore at the end. This time I felt great the whole time. I don't know if it was the seats or the freedom of movement associated with using the EAP extensively, but I felt like I could just keep going at the end of it.

kevin_rf | 2019年3月26日

Leaf still gets the full tax credit, Model 3 is in phase-out. They have something like 70,000 cars to go before it sunsets. That is significant.

Kathy Applebaum | 2019年3月26日

I cut my EV teeth on a 2014 Leaf, and there are a lot of good things about that car. But I agree that the pricing needs to be revamped given the SR Model 3 being available. I was pretty shocked when Nissan doubled down on their pricing for 2019.

jordanrichard | 2019年3月26日

You are also forgetting to factor in the supercharger network. whether one uses it or not, is not the point. Tesla's have that huge advantage over anything else out there.

Also, Teslas have more options for charging than the Leaf. We can charge at the same places a Leaf can, but also at the superchargers.

kevin_rf | 2019年3月26日

While the super charger network is superior. ChaDemo and CSS DC fast chargers are not available to Tesla owners. That does lock is out of since locations. Given the choice, I will take a Tesla Supercharger over the other networks any day of the week.

kevin_rf | 2019年3月26日

That does lock us out of some locations

Wilber | 2019年3月26日

As an M3 driver and former Leaf driver i tend to agree with everything said so far. But the Leaf has a few advantages that could be important to some people:

1. It is a hatchback.
2. higher height, so easier to get in and out of and higher driving position.
3. Shorter and narrower than 3, so easier to park in tight spaces
4. more comfortable parking it in questionable urban neighborhoods where small beat up cars predominate and the crime rate a little high.

But sure there are about 99 ways the M3 is superior. But I can see how for some folks the 4 i listed may be important. Probably not enuf of such folks to keep Leaf sales up tho.

AWDTesla | 2019年3月26日

supercharger network is only a bonus if you use it. Most Tesla owners I know of, do not use one and charge at home, like most other EV owner out there.

calvin940 | 2019年3月26日

There is really no comparison there. Model 3 wins it all.

Rt002k | 2019年3月26日

@AWD: As with autonomous driving, "edge cases" are vital. I may not drive 450 miles without going home often, but it is nice to know that on the rare occasion I do the supercharger network will enable me to do that without much delay. Especially when trying to convince someone that EV's are 'here', they will always latch on to the most inconvenient/challenging aspect no matter how unlikely they are to encounter it.

CharleyBC | 2019年3月26日

“supercharger network is only a bonus if you use it. Most Tesla owners I know of, do not use one and charge at home, like most other EV owner out there.”

True, of course. We charge at home the great bulk of the time, so Superchargers aren’t part of daily life. But they are critically enabling for when we hit the road and head hundreds of miles away. Supercharging was a key reason we selected Tesla.

finman100 | 2019年3月26日

it's perception, not actual usage of the Supercharger network.

EVERYONE i talk to about my Model 3 asks 2 questions: how far and where to charge.

I mention our 3200 mile road trip with ease and they are amazed. Where did u charge and how far could you go between stops? The buyers of other EVs are gonna be sorely disappointed when they learn things are not the same in their world versus Tesla. Sure they may NEVER use such an extensive fast network but it's there for perception of travel. you know, what people tend to want to do in a car. Their last car crossed the country, why can't this EV? It's pretty simple human behavior.

And the Superchargers are getting faster and more locations. It's a no brainer that Tesla leads in the ACTUAL ability to use a long distance EV like a gas car.

I come from 4 years of a Leaf and let me tell, you. the other "fast" charge network has not improved. not at all.

Still waiting for some other non-Tesla EV to cross the US faster than a Tesla could do it 3 years ago. Just saying.

You'd think that if these great EVs could, wouldn't they? Gotta prove Tesla doesn't work any better than us. ha.

rxlawdude | 2019年3月26日

"ChaDemo and CSS DC fast chargers are not available to Tesla owners." No, CHAdeMO is available to Model S and X owners via an adapter, but that adapter does not work (yet) on the M3.

Neither of those alternatives (CHAdeMO or CSS) are currently (pun!) as fast as Superchargers, so there's that factor militating to the M3 over any other manufacturer's product.

finman100 | 2019年3月26日

...and most locations of these Chademo and CCS are one stall. if there are 2 stalls, only one can charge at a time. and don't even talk about being broken for weeks. been there done that for 4 Leaf years. no thanks. The "masses" are not gonna put up with that crap when gas is so convenient for road trips. And that is EXACTLY what Tesla did with the Superchargers...continuing to improve them too!

AWDTesla | 2019年3月26日

@Rt002k, you're doing it wrong. Let them drive your car. they will quickly change their mind and you don't have to utter a word.

Maybe the superchargers are more important in the states, I personally, have no need for them.

AWDTesla | 2019年3月26日

@CharleyBC, I'm not there yet. I'm not waiting for my car to charge while I have 3 kids under 9 years old waiting. If we're doing a road trip over 500km, we take the ICE vehicle.

jordanrichard | 2019年3月26日

finman100 +1. Next to none of the Land/Range Rovers sold in this country (U.S.) actually leave the road and yet that is what sells those vehicless. The image of conquering a long flight of stairs in China, crossing small rivers/creeks, climbing up and down the rolling hills of the English countryside. So on and so forth.

Would you buy a ICE car is you were told the gas tank is only 4 gallons, just enough to cover your instate travels.....? I am guessing no.

Despite what you may think, human nature says the complete opposite.

shareef777 | 2019年3月26日

I can get up to 310 miles on a full charge, which no one will do day to day. 90% charge is suggested so I'm limited to about 280 miles. And just an ICE vehicle you wouldn't run it down that low. But the difference is I can plug it in the confines of my garage once a week and it'd never get to less then 100miles of distance. Now that's convenience.

But as AWDTesla stated, I'd NEVER take it on a road trip with our kids. 100mi from home is my limit unless my destination is under 300mi and it conveniently has a supercharger. Too inconvenient to have to sit and wait for an hour+ to fill up. Even with the v3 supercharger I don't want to have to sit and wait 20min starting at a screen. That'd take the "technology" is taking over our lives to a whole new level.

finman100 | 2019年3月26日

because? wow. staring at the screen? what in the world are u talking about. an hour? plus? what about the 20 minutes that was mentioned...right after stating an hour plus. just ridiculous. Most families would LOVE to have to stop to allow the wee ones to burn some energy off instead of bouncing off the car walls. sheesh. inconvenient? people love their excuses i suppose.

Taking over our lives? i am at a loss here.

whatever. glad I'm not in the gas-mobile world anymore.

Future_owner | 2019年3月26日

I have a 5 and a 9 year old and I have made 4-5 long distance road trips over the last 9 months that required several supercharging stops each time. Kids. Love. It. Superchargers are typically located in the parking lots of malls or shops and restaurants or at least within a block of all of that. We have never just sat in the car while charging. The app gives you real time info so you know exactly how much you have. I wasn't sure how much I'd use them before owning the car but so far we have taken it on every road trip and we haven't even had to use the frunk for extra storage and anyone with kids this age knows you end up taking WAY more crap than you need so as to cover any possible scenario that might come up. PLUS, you meet other AWESOME Tesla owners. Give it a try. You might be surprised. Oh and I've never had to wait for an open stall, but I also don't live in CA.

jithesh | 2019年3月26日

Leaf is a good small car but they either need to step up their specs or reduce the price

AWDTesla | 2019年3月26日

And all that is still not as convenient as pulling up to a pump, insert debit card, pump, pay and leave. All done in 5 minutes.

AWDTesla | 2019年3月26日

And because, I can. Dont let this bother you too much.

burdogg | 2019年3月26日

Not to divert - but I will share my little experience. Our family (currently 16, 15. 13 10) were always get there as fast as you can type travelers. In fact - we don't like to travel, but must to see family.

When I got my Model S - our family couldn't fit in it - so we still took our Expedition on vacation and visit family (family is over 500 miles one way). After a year of driving the S - i couldn't stand driving the Expedition and convinced my wife to let me get an X as well.

Our concern was travel - as we didn't want to make our trips longer (already almost 8 hours to get there).

What we found - it didn't matter. In fact - we were even more relaxed and it broke up the trip better. We had more time to spend as a family - one place has a park where we play catch, and sometimes a hand of cards while we charged for 20 minutes.

In the end - our 8 hour trip turned into 9 to 9.5 (part of that is there is a stretch that we can barely make when full, so we have to charge for almost an hour to get full charge - that will change once they get a supercharger they have planned in, and it will cut the time down at that point) - and we have NO issues with it. Not trying to tout Tesla etc...but we were concerned with extra charging time - but having it and doing it now - we enjoy it more. It takes a change of mindset of hurry and get there - to relax - what were you really going to do after being in the car for 8 hours anyway...did the extra hour really matter?? Nope. I am NOT old either (as I would read the forums, I realized many people would use the - you have to stop and pee every 2 hours anyway - which did NOT fit our narrative - one stop was all we used to do).

So, sure, to each their own but you do find that stopping a little more and taking 20 minutes actually makes the trip much better - as a driver it is refreshing and for me, less likely to get in an accident due to driving stress.

finman100 | 2019年3月26日

yep, trolling. good on you. the whole gas-mobile thing is gladly behind us.

kcheng | 2019年3月26日

"AWDTesla | March 26, 2019
@CharleyBC, I'm not there yet. I'm not waiting for my car to charge while I have 3 kids under 9 years old waiting. If we're doing a road trip over 500km, we take the ICE vehicle."

Ha, I've got 7, 10, and 12, and they love the Model 3. Can't wait to get in it. When I stop, they all try to hop into the front seat and play a game.

wwchee | 2019年3月26日

The LEAF still has the full $7500 tax credit. So a little cheaper. I will still pick the M3 anytime. :-)

mmclean708 | 2019年3月26日

Funny, we drove 400 miles to get our 3. Had to make 2 stops, because bathrooms and stretching. And then gas up car. Cost was about $36 in our 34 mpg ice Honda. Coming home. 2 stops....but after the stretch, bathroom, bite to eat....get in the car and leave, no extra stop for gas. Cost for the 2 suoerchargers... $12.50. Total.
Unless you are going where there are no chargers yet....downeast or northern Maine....
To each their own.
But we didn't wait for the car. And with no kids, our stops are faster than yours I bet!

AWDTesla | 2019年3月26日

Not trolling at all. It's hard for you guys to swallow but yeah, this car isnt quite perfect. Add the fact that most of our family trips are for camping and our trailer, and theres another reason to leave the EV at home.

AWDTesla | 2019年3月26日

Perfect commuter car to have fun in though. Cant beat it.

gballant4570 | 2019年3月26日

AWDTesla, I hear what you're saying.... it even makers some sort of sense. But how long before you just look at that ICE and say to yourself "that sluggish noisy hog as GOT TO GO"..... I have one or two of similar reasons to hang onto a couple of ICE's. I seriously CANNOT HARDLY WAIT for an EV pickup. I've got a noisy, sluggish, stinky turd of a Chevy that simply has GOT TO GO......

AWDTesla | 2019年3月26日

I still love the sound of a V8 and dont think they are sluggish at all, especially when it comes to towing duties.

It will be a long time before I completely dismiss ICE vehicles like the fanbois here have. Still very much a fan of all thing automobiles.

bj | 2019年3月26日

@AWDTesla - I really hate it when I realise, getting into my ICE, that it’s low on fuel and I have to go out of my way to fill it up and not just go to wherever I was planning to go. Certainly it takes more than 5 minutes incremental, more like 15.

And filling up is hardly a pleasant experience that people wish they could do more of. I put a lot of value on not having to do that with my LEAF!

AWDTesla | 2019年3月26日

Yes, it's nice to plug in after driving home from work. Like i said, great commuter car for those work trips. Amazing in this aspect.

But yes, it takes me about 5 minutes to pull up to a gas station on my way, then pay, pump and go. Didnt even have to unbuckle 1 kid. Ok, maybe 7 minutes.

bj | 2019年3月26日

@AWDTesla - “I still love the sound of a V8”... I guess each to their own, but one phrase which REALLY winds me up is reading motoring writers talk about “exhaust notes”.

Exhausts do not produce “notes”. They are toxic pipes, spewing dangerous gases and particulates into the atmosphere, with obnoxious, ear-damaging and community destructive NOISE. To describe it any other way is Orwellian.

Glad I got that off my chest.

gballant4570 | 2019年3月26日

AWDTesla, you'll come to your senses before you know it....

AWDTesla | 2019年3月26日

Yup, to each their own.

The Ferrari f430 exhaust note is music to my ears.

AWDTesla | 2019年3月26日

gballant4570, I really doubt it. I'm a motorhead all day long. From racing them at my local race track to detailing them as my business, I'm all about cars, whether powered by gas, diesel or volts, if it looks good, moves quick, and handles well, I'm a fan.

burdogg | 2019年3月26日

AWDTesla - calling others that have a different opinion fanbois is not helpful.

The reality for me as I said - I couldn't stand driving my Expedition after driving the S. The experience was so much better - I am not talking about burning fossil fuels etc... I have been honest from the start - the car for me is what makes it great. So glad you like to hop into your truck to pull a load etc...but for me - honestly you would have to pay me to drive my expedition on a family trip over my X. We still have the Expedition, but it mostly sits. The driving experience is just that much better in the Tesla. Regen braking alone is one specific I can point to that I LOVE. The smoothness, easy instant acceleration, and the list goes on.

So yes, to each their own, but just because to me I would 100% rather drive my Tesla over my Expedition may make me a fanboi - but unfortunately around here - that is used in a derogatory way which I don't agree with you on a Tesla just being a commuter car. In fact - I know many that would 100% refute commuter status of a Tesla - like over 250,000 miles worth non-commuter. But guess they are just fanbois because who in their right mind would actually stop for 20 minutes when they can fill up at a gas station for 5 min... :)

gballant4570 | 2019年3月26日

Them ICE don't move very quick....I only really learned that quite recently. So did a fellow driving a 2015? Porsche 911 Carrera S last Sunday.....looked good though, and was noisy as hell....

AWDTesla | 2019年3月26日

My local track lap record is still held by an ICE vehicle. Until EV can get the top end an ICE can it will remain that way for a while. So yeah, sure, you can beat most cars in a straight line, light to light. Fantastic.

That's not what I'm talking about.

Burdogg, sorry the term offends you. I'd rather drive my tesla over my other vehicles also, but they cant tow a camping trailer or, like you said, fill up on juice in 5 minutes.

burdogg | 2019年3月26日

It all depends on how you say it :) But just because someone loves their Tesla's over ICE does not make them an oblivious fanboi who can't reason correctly, or see past their blinders (that is how most mean it when they say it :)

But like we have all said - to each their own :) I just like to give the other side because there are many that say Tesla's are not for traveling in - which their points are ones I would make if I didn't own one and actually use it on long distance trips. That is why I just share my counter story - as I was once like those that say those type of things :)

burdogg | 2019年3月26日

I will say as well - my sister and her husband got a 3. They were not planning on using it to go see my parents (a trip for them) but since they got it...they have been trying to figure out how to fit all their baby stuff with kids in it so they can take it.

I warn many - because most when they get it and start driving it - they realize how much they do hate to drive any other car after that. Sure there are some like AWDTesla who don't seem to care, but i bet 85% are more like me, than AWDTesla, and I think I am lowballing that number, hence why we hear of so many having to go get a second one, because their spouse stole the car

gballant4570 | 2019年3月26日

I'll never take an ICE on a road trip again. I simply would not go if that were the only choice, unless I absolutely had to. And then it would be under protest.....

AWDTesla, it wasn't light to light, or a straight line..... started at a light, with about 1/2 mile initial straight, but the next light is about 15 miles away with many turns, hills, etc.. between them. We went for about two miles, ended up reaching a much higher speed than I initially intended.. He wasn't going to catch up until I turned off, which is what happened....

AWDTesla | 2019年3月26日

You racing on the streets is not racing at a race track. But if you think its that fast, come on down, I'll take the Ferrari and you try and keep up.

TexasBob | 2019年3月26日

AWDTesla - I've read the tea leaves and see a roadster in your future. And maybe a cyber punk bladerunner pickup truck. You will be assimilated.