Dash cam

Dash cam

For those of us who have older Model S do not have a dash cam does anyone recommend a certain brand or model I bought some in the past and ended up throwing them away due to poor quality or couldn’t hold up to the heat . Thanks

EVRider | 2019年4月6日

Check out this article:

I've used the Topfit dashcam in both my older AP1 Model S and my new one and like it. My new Model S could use the Tesla dashcam but I'd rather use the Topfit, mainly because the recording time is only limited by the USB storage space and recordings don't get erased after every drive.

PBEndo | 2019年4月6日

The Blackvue cameras are popular but I have no experience with them. I have had good results with this 4K camera that I bought a year ago. -

I wouldn't use anything less than 4K resolution for a front facing camera if you hope to read license plates.

JPPTM | 2019年4月6日

I have used Blackvues in all of our Teslas--dual front/rear HD. Started with a 550 in my 2013 S85 (now sold), my wife's 2015 S70D has a 650, and my 2018 P3D+ has a 900. I never had any overheating issues. You must use either the OEM microSD card or a memory card rated for a dash camera (high read/write rate, continuous use, high temperature, long warranty). Get the biggest microSD card you can afford. All good.

Jcastillo18 | 2019年4月6日

Thank you guys endo are you in the dental field ?

ST70 | 2019年4月6日

@JPPTM- did you run the power to the 12v battery?

ST70 | 2019年4月6日

@JPPTM- for the P3D?

mike | 2019年4月7日

I recently installed the IRO dashcam, which basically looks factory given how it’s installed. Love it!

JPPTM | 2019年4月7日

ST70--I pulled power for my Blackvue dual 900 in my P3D+ from the emergency flasher/dome light panel. This was found to be a satisfactory solution, providing 12v when the car was powered on, and 9v when off. The Blackvue works on 9v, so all functions (like Parking Mode) work fine. No direct tap to the 12V battery should be made in the Model 3--it is a no-no as it kills the battery and messes with the modern 'no fuse' electrical system.

Go to TMC and search for the various posts and instructions on how to tap the yellow and black wires in the headliner. | 2019年4月7日

@JPPTM - That's very strange dropping to 9V. Mine stays at 12v (closer to 14v) all the time. I wonder if there is a wiring problem, but if it works, so be it :)

I wrote up detailed instructions for tapping the 12v in different ways as not all cars have the 12v power in the microphone panel: (about a page or two down from this section start).

PBEndo | 2019年4月8日

I am an endodontist in Palm Beach County

PBEndo | 2019年4月8日

any chance your first initial is D?

Jcastillo18 | 2019年4月8日

@PBEndo I’m a general dentist in Texas

barrykmd | 2019年4月8日

It's all a matter of perspective. Before I learned PB was an endodontist, I assumed he was a gastroenterologist.

lilbean | 2019年4月8日

I thought he was an endocrinologist.

Jcastillo18 | 2019年4月8日

Lol lilbean do you own a coffee shop ?

Tldickerson | 2019年4月8日

She's a very pretty latino girl. I remember meeting her at the Fountain Valley SC.

EVRider | 2019年4月18日

@PBEndo: My wife was referred to an endodontist in PBC today. Just wondering if it's you. I looked for you on TMC so I could PM you, but there's no PBEndo there.

Let's try this: does one of the numbers (phone or address) associated with your practice consist of the digits 0189 (not in that order)?

barrykmd | 2019年4月18日

Next question for PB - If yes, is there a Tesla owner's discount?
P.S. I didn't get one at Kimball's restaurant in Boulder.

PBEndo | 2019年4月18日

I have 3 offices (PBGardens, Jupiter and Boynton), 2 associates and 10 phone lines so I am certain all of those numbers can be rearranged in a way to match something! My username
I haven't finalized my Tesla owner discount plan yet, but I do offer free information about Teslas for any patient that is willing (or forced) to listen. I didn't get the discount at The Kitchen either. In a related topic, I am considering Lasik. Can you hook me up?
@jcastillo- lilbean's nickname isn't from coffee but could involve other beans. I'll let her explain it.

barrykmd | 2019年4月18日

PB - I don't know anyone down your way. I take that back. I have an ex-partner who, last I heard, is somewhere in FL doing Lasik, but I wouldn't recommend him. In case someone steers you somewhere, his initials are BC. I would avoid. Not that there's anything wrong technically, but his only criterion for surgery is a check or credit card. In any case, if Bighorn doesn't chime in with a suggestion, I'd start at Bascom Palmer. If you want to discuss further offline, feel free to contact me at my user name at gmail.

EVRider | 2019年4月18日

@PBEndo: It’s not you. My wife’s endodontist only has one location. Who knows, maybe he owns a Tesla too. :-)

PBEndo | 2019年4月18日

Maybe your wife needs a new endodontist!

abhirao1 | 2019年4月19日

I love where this thread went.

EVRider | 2019年4月19日

@abhirao1: You can thank @Jcastillo18 for that.

Dameon | 2019年4月19日

Another satisfied Blackvue user. Dual camera setup, self installed, I used the available 12v plug in the "speaker grill" above the rear view mirror on a Model S. I had an old PC case fan plug laying around that fit the factory connector very nicely.

PBEndo | 2019年4月19日

you can thank the lack of private messaging for that.

diamonds2 | 2019年4月20日

Very happy with IRO. 5 minute install, looks like it came with the car, not visible wires.

pabloiphone | 2019年5月14日

Does anybody know if IRO offers a rear vew camera?