SR+ Battery Size

SR+ Battery Size

This website (cant post link for some reason) evspecifications says that the SR+ has a 50 kWh battery capacity. Has anyone heard anything else or seen anything confirmed yet?

wiscy67 | 2019年4月16日

The originally planned SR was to have a 50 kWh capacity. I've heard/seen that the SR+ is 55 kWh.

Brunoranger | 2019年4月16日

So that makes sense then, 55 kWh software limited to 90% equals 50 kwH.

chrispalmerhockey | 2019年6月1日

According to this site, the 2019 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus (SR+) has a 62 kWh battery capacity.

Teslanene | 2019年6月2日

My mid-range has a 62wkh battery, so a SR plus is locked 55wkh?

coffeegrinder | 2019年6月2日

Who knows? Coming from a fan, I will say the lack of specificity is one of the most frustrating things that Tesla unfortunately presents. They could do a better job not being so vague on the nitty gritty. It’s been argued that’s it’s a 50 kWh, ~55kWh and 62kWh, all pretty convincingly. For example, I found this:

This claims it’s roughly 55kWh battery. But the theory that it’s a maxed out 50 also makes sense. And of course the above mentioned link is saying 62. So long story short, unless Elon says what it is, it’s all conjecture to me!

kevin_rf | 2019年6月2日

Just wait until someone does a tear down of a salvage and counts the cells. Then all will be revealed.

coffeegrinder | 2019年6月2日

I feel like we should post this to Rich Rebuilds if he ever gets to a M3 to rebuild!

Mr. Spacely | 2019年6月4日

This is very important for a couple reasons. I have a SR+ and if it is software locked at 55kWh but capable of 62kWh, I could charge closer to 100% without battery degradation. Plus Elon might upgrade my range/power at some point. And if my range drops significantly 7-10 years from now, Tesla could just upgrade me for free and not have to pay for new battery under warrantee.

kallian | 2019年6月4日

This is exactly how they handle warranty by limiting 100% charge to 90% or some other number.
When you see your 80% charge drop one time, and some other time it comes back 2-3 miles, its because software auto unlocks capacity as its lost.
So contrary to the belief, you are losing range constantly, hence the buffer of additional KW for warranty purposes.
This is physics and software not magic. (To those believing they gain their range back by full cycling.)

Pepperidge | 2019年6月4日

55 * 0.9 = 49.5

mrburke | 2019年6月4日

One reason that Tesla does not want to specify the kWh of the battery is they want to be able to change it as needed without upgrading the model. The SR+ has a 240 mile range no matter what size the battery is. | 2019年6月4日

Has anyone looked at the label on the battery pack on your 3 SR/SR+? In the past, it always showed the pack kW and voltage, regardless of any software limitations (at least for the standard sizes in the S/X). Here's an article on the S battery and images where the label is:

I can't remember if the 3 label is in the same location.

sl7vk | 2019年6月12日

I can't find any labels under my car.
It's kind of crazy that we still don't know what kind of battery the SR+ has?

AnneVanLeyden | 2019年7月5日

There is much confusion here, mostly because of the difference between rated capacity and usable capacity. There can be a 10-20% difference between the 2 numbers. Rated capacity is when you look at the mAh of the cells and the nominal voltage and multiply the two to get a Wh/cell and then multiply by the number of cells. This is the theoretical maximum capacity. But using full capacity would deteriorate the battery way too fast, so all manufacturers limit the charge window so you battery will never reach true 0% and true 100% SoC. The Zoe I had some years ago, I calculated the usable capacity from the dash to be 23.5 kWh (in summer). But according to the specs it had a 27 kWh battery. Usually, if a car manufacturer states the capacity of the battery, it is rated capacity.

wj | 2019年7月5日

240 (miles)/4.133 kWH (242Wh per mile)= 58kWh. So doesn't 60kWh sound about mathematically correct.

sl7vk | 2019年7月5日

I’m now convinced the usable size is 54.5.
The rating is 227 wh per mile. That means to get to 240 you need 54.5 of usable battery.
Total size? Who knows.

coffeegrinder | 2019年7月5日

@sl7vk - this confirms your suspicions. It says ~54.5 kWh

beaver | 2019年7月5日

I measured the drive capacity of my LR RWD 3 as 73 kWh, also measured a model X 100D to have 88 kWh of usable capacity.

FISHEV | 2019年7月6日
Hp.1193 | 2019年7月6日

Look like you found ur crew. Keep it here.

dhui777 | 2019年7月16日

Multiplying the Battery Specify Energy (Wh/kg) by the Total Battery Weight (kg) yields:

SR+ = 144 Wh/kg * 378 kg = 54.432 kWh
MR = 146 Wh/kg * 435 kg = 63.510 kWh
LR = 150 Wh/kg * 480 kg = 72.000 kWh

M3BlueGeorgia | 2019年7月16日

@dhui777 .... but I can put 75 kWh into my LR, based on extrapolating from a very low battery to 100%

dhui777 | 2019年7月16日

I took the numbers from page 17-19 of the document posted by coffeegrinder above:

I was surprised to get only 72 kWh for long range M3 as well. Anyway, the battery capacity for SR+ seems to be about 55 kWh.

djroberts | 2019年7月16日

I'm curious if the new SR actually has the same battery as the SR+. The SR+ sold as an SR was software locked but those of us who bought and off-menu SR and received and SR might have received a smaller battery. I know my SR is missing the sub-woofer.