CCS to Tesla charging adapter

CCS to Tesla charging adapter

Can anyone help me in optaining a CCS to Tesla charging adapter. I am planning a trip to Canada and want to use the Sun Country Highway DC fast charge but I notice that I will need a CCS to Tesla adapter. My service center in Seattle advises they do not carry it. I noticed that they are provided free in all European Teslas and want to find out how I can get one. I have tried to contact parts in Vancouver and Calgary and get voice mail. Does anyone have any ideas?

EVRider | 2019年4月16日

I don't know that you can get one in North America, and I also don't know if the CCS adapter in Europe is compatible with North American cars. Are there no superchargers along your route?

COrich | 2019年4月16日

The EU charging port for the model.S and X is different than that used in Canada and the US. The CCS adapter you have seen is for the EU version of the S and X. It does not work with the Canadian and US versions of the vehicles.

There has been no news about a CCS adapter for our Teslas so far.

wisam.alrawi | 2019年4月16日

I have friends in the Middle East who imported their Tesla from the US and they're running into this CCS issue. Tesla in the Middle East is using EU Model S and X. So those guys who imported their Tesla are right now out of luck.

CCS adapter for US made Tesla will be of a great help to those guys.

NKYTA | 2019年4月16日

Sounds like a lack of planning just to get the new thing.

What are SuperChargers, again?

wisam.alrawi | 2019年4月16日

"Sounds like a lack of planning just to get the new thing.

What are SuperChargers, again?"

Yup. That's what I recommended to them but they want to have the flexibility of using CCS chargers as well. Superchargers are only available in Jordan and UAE, at the moment. Other countries in the region may have CCS chargers but no Tesla Superchargers for the time being. Having that adapter as an accessory will be helpful to those guys.

mrporter6 | 2019年4月17日

I want to go to Canada and there is a couple big holes in the current SC system. There is a SunCountry Highway system of fast DC chargers but they require a CCS connection. I wonder how the Canadian Tesla owners get around this problem?

Anubis | 2019年4月17日

There are a ton of free level-3 CCS/Chademo chargers in my area, yet I can't use any (Canada). The Model 3 really needs a CCS adapter for North America.

DASM3 | 2019年6月13日

Just wan to add my 2 cents. I agree that Tesla needs to have an adapter to allow more flexibility especially the Model 3 as the CHAdeMO adapter they sell is only for model X & S. And no way to use CCS in North America

fgbusteed | 2019年6月14日

My guess is that there is some sort of marketing issue (ie: market control/legalities) stopping Tesla from making an adapter for CCS or CHAdeMO in the US. | 2019年6月15日

@fgbusteed - I'd never thought of that. It wouldn't surprise me if CCS and or CHAdeMO do not want to allow Tesla connections. Rather foolish, but they may have felt burned by offering a far inferior system than Tesla's charging system.

wisam.alrawi | 2019年6月16日

I'd like to bump up the issue with this as well.

US Imported Model 3 Teslas to Egypt need CHAdeMO access. US imported Model S and X need CCS adapter.
Probably other countries that Tesla do no serve at the moment import from the US due to lower pricing.
Any help to expedite the availability of those adapters is appreciated.