Brake vs. Break

Brake vs. Break

As a verb, the word brake means to slow down or stop.

As a noun, brake is a device for slowing or stopping motion.

The word break means to smash or to shatter as in to break a cup. It also means to take a recess, as in a coffee break.

ronjolley | 2019年4月16日

Brake vs. Break - grammar lesson

EVRider | 2019年4月16日

It's amazing what you can learn in this forum. :-)

murphyS90D | 2019年4月16日

If you don't use the brake correctly you will break the car.

barrykmd | 2019年4月16日

Class, for our next lesson, we will discuss summon vs. summons.

redacted | 2019年4月16日

Don't expect a break from the aggravation of people using homonyms improperly.

redacted | 2019年4月16日

Hmm. Or speaking of 110 volt power.

TranzNDance | 2019年4月16日

Cut people some slacks and give them a brake pad.

barrykmd | 2019年4月16日

Tranz - is it that time of the month?

TranzNDance | 2019年4月16日

Howl dew ewe no?!

finished | 2019年4月16日

There are 2 e's in coffee.

Bighorn | 2019年4月16日

Next do their, there, they’re and thurr.

barrykmd | 2019年4月16日

Thurr? Is that a Philadelphia accent or a different word? | 2019年4月16日

Oh, do tell us about rivets and riveting!

Bighorn | 2019年4月16日
p.c.mcavoy | 2019年4月16日

Don't mean to throw the brakes on and break your cadence, but you left out thair ...

Yodrak. | 2019年4月16日

"Brake vs. Break - grammar lesson"

Vocabulary lesson. You are not alone in needing one.

NKYTA | 2019年4月16日

Thar she blows!

PBEndo | 2019年4月16日

give me a brake,

barrykmd | 2019年4月16日

NKYTA | April 16, 2019
Thar she blows!

Guess the golf ball was cleared already.

NKYTA | 2019年4月16日


NKYTA | 2019年4月16日

But any marine biologist, or architect would know that...

nothotpocket | 2019年4月16日

I think that we should move this post to General - it's not fair for all the Model 3 and X owners to miss out on this important topic.

The only grammar comic I could find on short notice:

NKYTA | 2019年4月16日


Eats, shoots and leaves. :-)

NKYTA | 2019年4月16日

We have a little General fun here, since this used to be the only here, here.

nothotpocket | 2019年4月16日

@NKYTA Good point!

sentabo | 2019年4月16日

Don't get me started on apostrophe's.

Bighorn | 2019年4月16日

Can’t we just stick to Tesla’s?

txakoli | 2019年4月17日

I’m loosing it with this post.

Silver2K | 2019年4月17日

Where is JT when we need him!

lilbean | 2019年4月17日

He’s policing the supercharger’s.

gridley1950 | 2019年4月17日

And you don't want to be bare when you encounter a bear! (Sorry. Ran out of words for car parts!)

revrev4ruach | 2019年4月17日

I'm shocked! Shocked! That you say we will ever run out of car parts!

Silver2K | 2019年4月17日

Did you mean shock's?

gridley1950 | 2019年4月17日

I don't think we will ever run out of car farts!

Chunky Jr. | 2019年4月17日

I still remember this from my 9th grade english teacher...

Brake : a spy car deploys a rake to slow down the car
Break : someone sees a mouse, drops a vase, and yells "eak!"

redacted | 2019年4月18日

Except people yell "eek!"

Bill_75D | 2019年4月18日

I just saw a thread where someone used "quite" instead of "quiet" TWICE!!!

You people need to get on that spelling error immediately and straighten it out (roll eyes)

redacted | 2019年4月18日

Which reminds me of the Remedial Remedial class I saw once in high school, where the teacher had written "Your roll in life" on the blackboard. Those kids were doomed.

NKYTA | 2019年4月18日


Dino_d31 | 2019年4月18日

Your doing it wrong.
You're guess is as good as mine.

Is that triggering the grammar police in anyone?

revrev4ruach | 2019年4月18日

Ouch times too.


Yodrak. | 2019年4月18日

"Is that triggering the grammar police in anyone?"

No. The spelling police. Do people not understand the meaning of the word 'grammar'?

redacted | 2019年4月18日

Grammar includes syntax and morphology, and likely the use of correct parts of speech. If substituting your for you're isn't bad grammar, I don't know what is.

Bighorn | 2019年4月19日

I think someone slept that day in collage.

Firaz | 2019年4月19日

~were~ not going to give this topic a ~brake~

lilbean | 2019年4月19日

It was on a brake but then a gnu one was maid.

sentabo | 2019年4月19日

Well, covfefe you. And no, you cant see my FAT scores or my collage train trips.

SUN 2 DRV | 2019年4月19日

Such a nice tribute thread to BrianH.... sometimes also known as BrainH...

Dameon | 2019年4月19日

Weird Al said it best...

My nails on chalkboard moments are standing in lines with "10 items or less" signs. Yikes.

Shesmyne2 | 2019年4月19日

+1 SUN 2 DRV
I miss BrianH

Still Grinning ;-)