New Model 3 owner

New Model 3 owner

As with so many things it seems, love the machine, the people servicing it, not so much! One test drive and sold. Short time later pick up car. Everything as ordered, begin thinking things may be different for once, wrong. The delivery person told me that the fact that about $9000 dollars worth of the car (cruise, AP and Enhanced)were inop, it was nothing to worry about. It would fix itself in about 30-40 miles(calibration). 2 days, 150 miles later, not fixed. Have spoken to 5 different people at Tesla and have not heard the same explanation twice. The forth person was the first to mention wifi at all. Their latest explanation was firmware was not updated before the car was delivered. Why even have delivery people. Just leave the car somewhere and I will go grab it next time. You cannot tell me they don't have a checklist. Latest is, if I am lucky, an engineer somewhere in Cali will fix the problem, whenever. The only reassurance I have received is it will only be a few days, hopefully. This is the most unique car I have ever driven, and I have driven a lot. We have been so excited since the test drive. The people involved in finishing the deal have thrown a wet blanket all over that. Is there a higher level of support I can access. Have already spoken to local sales, delivery, service two different people and the 855 number. I would like an explanation. I am not holding my breath. Any help out there?

Kary993 | 2019年4月17日

It's disappointing for sure, but when the software is updated and all is fine you will be very pleased. I have been there on my very first software update 4 days after receiving the car, steering went weird, not traction control autopilot anything......raining and it all just turned off. But, once I rebooted the car both software and hard reboots several times and more than 40 miles of driving everything was fine. That was 2019.5.15 but several updates later no issues and now on 2019.8.5.....hang in there!

mrsignguy | 2019年4月17日


"But, once I rebooted the car both software and hard reboots several times and more than 40 miles of driving everything was fine."

Can you be a little bit clearer about how you fixed it, and how many times is several. Was wifi a factor? Thanks.

Mikael13 | 2019年4月17日

Congrats on the new car! I had the same issue. AP was added to my car at pick up date last month and was told it needed to calibrate. It took more than 50 miles. Kinda annoying but once it turned up, amaaazing! So much fun. Be patient. And learn to ride the Tesla rollercoaster of ups and downs. The ups outweigh the downs IMO. :-)

To do soft reboot - press down both buttons on steering wheel. Keep pressed even when screen goes dark. Release when Tesla logo appears.

To do hard reboot - same as above BUT also step on brake pedal.

Have fun reading the owner’s manual. I did and watched videos online to learn all of our car’s tricks. Best of luck!

Just_Ted | 2019年4月17日

1. Congrats on the new car! Hope you enjoy the “Tesla Smile”!
2. Safety updates are done over LTE. WiFi is needed for maps and lesser updates.
3. Pro tip: LTE reception is great, WiFi, let’s just say it needs a strong signal and you might do well to get a repeater to put near your car (in the garage, or in my case near the wall by my parking pad that is 50 feet away from the house.)
Good luck!