Clicking sound from braking while on autopilot

Clicking sound from braking while on autopilot

While in stop and go traffic on autopilot, I’m getting a clicking sound when the brake engages; I’m also now experiencing a rattle that sounds like it’s coming from the steering wheel. This just started happening yesterday.

Has anybody else experienced this? If so, were you able to resolve?


M3phan | 2019年4月19日

That braking sound (I wondered too last year when first heard it) is normal when in AP. SC verified this too. Not sure about your steering sound. Would need to hear what you’re hearing. My wheel does not rattle ever. (You’re not talking about the lane change vibration alert by chance?)

keydel | 2019年4月19日

Hi M3phan,

Thanks for your response. Regarding the rattle, it’s different than the lane change vibration.

M3phan | 2019年4月19日

All I’ve come across on these forums regrading the steering is a squeaky steering wheel, in which case it might need the clock spring replaced. I’d get the rattle sound checked out. Doesn’t sound normal.

russr1123 | 2019年4月20日

The clicking from the brake happens to me as well.

Rutrow 3 | 2019年4月22日

Can you tell if it's during actual friction braking? or during regen braking?* Is the steering wheel rattle associated with the braking clicks? or all the time? I would schedule a Mobile Tech visit, but the more information about the precise circumstances of each noise the better she'll/he'll be able to track down the source. Good Luck.

*caveat, I'm not sure how one would tell? Maybe watching the energy graph during deceleration?!?

augiehess | 2019年4月22日

My M3 does this too, only with EAP engaged and only decelerating to a stop.

I showed it to to a Tesla service tech and he said that he could see the brake pedal moving when the sound occurred. I can’t confirm that. He wasn’t concerned.

My suspicion is that it’s the friction braking only because it is infrequent and may be associated with rapid deceleration. It also seems to occur at the “release” phase of the braking cycle.

The sound is an unusual flapping plastic valve cover sound, more like what you’d expect from redirecting an air duct.

SteveWin1 | 2019年4月22日

I've never heard a click from my brakes or a rattle from my steering wheel. I use AP daily. Sounds like a lot of people have noticed a similar sound though, so maybe its normal for some cars?

rvenners | 2019年9月20日

Same thing here. Had the car about three months (Model 3). At first, Autopilot was completely silent in stop and go, but now it has developed this click/slide sound when coming to a stop. It's a bit unnerving, just because it didn't do it and now it does.

adam09si | 2019年9月20日

I have always had it with AP during bumper to bumper traffic. Only happens when going between 0-10 mph. Doesn't occur during regular AP driving - so it's definitely the brakes and not regenerate braking.

M3phan | 2019年9月20日

Yeah no worries y’all. Normal.