Distance questions after my first Monday

Distance questions after my first Monday

What an amazing drive!!! My first Workday could not have been any better. I had to drive my wife’s Lexus for a five minute trip for gas and it was like driving a tank. On to my questions:
1. My destination was about 80 miles from my home but the car used about 110-115 miles of power. Is there a general estimated percentage between what the computer things and what reality is
2. Before I started the journey home, M3 said that I would make it back home with 9% of power remaining. I turned into a chicken and stopped at A supercharger on the way back. Should I have rolled the dice or was it a good idea to stop?
3. Day charge or trip charge? My total mileage for yesterday was about 200 miles. When charging the night before, should this have been considered a trip day or day charger? Maybe the better question is what is your mileage threshold to go with a full charge or an 80/90% charge?

rdh37 | 2019年4月23日

I could not agree more. Going from my lr awd to my wife’s Audi suv is like switching from a thoroughbred horse to a wallowing hippo. Moving on to your questions,

1. I am not aware of any such percentage. Just be aware that there are way more variables involved in determining range than you initially think about. For example, using the cabin heater or a/c will significantly reduce range. Also having a heavy foot (come on, you know you did); can also kill some range. Lots of threads here on the subject.

2. I have had mine for about 2 months. I have not allowed the car to go below 30% on any trip, even a road trip. Again lots of discussions here about going down to 20% or below and then charging back to 100% to allow the computer to calibrate itself for a more accurate reading on range. I have not found that necessary yet. On my recent road trip, driving efficiently (you will learn) I found the estimate to be within a couple of miles of reality. Make sure to set the energy graph to the 30 mile estimate for a better average. Finally, I am told that the car will warn you to slow down or use lower speed roads if it determines that you will not make your destination at your current rate. Note that I have yet to experience this and hope to never do so. Bottom line, I am a risk-averse guy so I would have stopped just like you did.

3. There is a lot of FUD about charging. While I know next to nothing about battery chemistry and physics, people I respect, plus forum posts, plus tesla, seem to suggest that charging daily to around 80 or 90 percent is optimal. I charge mine to 85 percent at the beginning of the week and “top it off” 2 or 3 times a week. The only reason I do not plug it in every night is that the charger is in the garage and we keep my wife’s car there in the warmer months. In winter, I will plug it in every night. I have only charged mine to 100% one time for a road trip. Actually was not necessary since I am on the east coast of the U S and there are chargers “everywhere,”. This is one of the many reasons why I chose a Tesla over the jaguar. Be aware, if you charge to 100% regen braking will be limited as there is no “space” in the battery for the recovered energy until the stored charge drops. So, for me, 85% for my weekly commuting (30 miles round trip) and 90 to 95 for long trips with planned supercharger stops at between 20 and 30 percent. Final note. On a recent trip stopped at a very busy supercharger location, every stall occupied and charging. Charge rate 121 mph. Stopped at a completely empty supercharger station on 95, charge rate 461 mph. Have a nice day.

alisse | 2019年4月23日

1. For longer trips, consider using the energy app. It will give you a better idea of batter consumption and remaining capacity than the batter icon alone. @rdh37 is correct about the range factors, but that's true of ICE cars as well.

2. I would have stopped. I did the same thing when it estimated 11% on arrival. Those estimates do not take into account speed, traffic, climate control, hills, etc. My rule of thumb (and just my opinion) is to charge if the arrival is less than 15%. The great thing about SCs is that there is that, unlke ICE cars, there is no advantage to "topping off", Unless you have free Super Charging. :) Otherwise, just enough to get home/reduce range anxiety because it's cheaper to charge at home. At least it is for me.

3. Don't sweat charging at all. It's designed to handle things for you. Just charge daily between 50-90% and forget the rest. Keep it charged everyday and only charge it to 100% for long trips. I keep mine at 80% daily and only have charged to 100% 3 times since I got the vehicle in July 2018.

Enjoy the car! It is a great experience!!