2015 S85 loaner with 71,000 miles

2015 S85 loaner with 71,000 miles

Dropped off my 2017 S100D for minor warranty work.
Tesla provided me with a 2015 S85 loaner with 71,000 miles.

I am impressed. The loaner is holding up after 4 years of use. Sound system
and sun roof all work. Interior and exterior are in good shape.
AP1 using MobilEye Technology works. It works much
better than my orig 2016 Model S that had AP2. When AP2 was introduced it
wasn't ready for prime time IMHO.

Gives me hope that when my Model S passes 4 years of age it will be as good.

sbeggs | 2019年4月26日

Appreciate your report!

Bighorn | 2019年4月26日

Probably someone's trade in that they put to use.

bp | 2019年4月26日

Our 2012 S P85 was traded in last summer for a 2018 X 100D, with almost 100K miles. Other than the typical leather aging and door dings to the side, it was in fantastic shape.

With fewer moving parts, Tesla vehicles should hold up well over time. And I expect the new seat material will last better than the leather seats Tesla used to have.

kerryglittle | 2019年4月26日

I just had a 2015 P85D loaner for several days and it road like a new car. Had 100,000 kilometres on it. So about 62,000 miles. Had some minor cosmetics but looking at the previous Navigation destinations this car had been all over the place from Canada to the US. The service manager said some people really take advantage of their loaners and go on a couple of thousand mile trip while they have it. Guess it keeps the mileage off their cars while they use the loaners. Kinda rude I think when people drop off their cars to be fixed and then don't bring the loaner back when its due. Happens all the times. Usually when people take advantage of a good thing it goes away in the future. Just my opinion. But yeah the car was still acting like a new one.