Glass front door

Glass front door

My MS has glass front door pointing out Cleary both sides and the tech told me that he cannot do anything. Is that the design flaws, cause it perfect on M3. Anyone can tell me what wrong. Thanks. I don’t know how to load the picture here.

EVRider | 2019年4月26日

Sorry, I don't understand what you're trying to describe. You can upload a picture to another web site (for example and then post a link here. | 2019年4月26日

Hard to tell if something is wrong. Are all other Model S cars you've seen the same as your car? If so, that's the way it is. Never noticed any issue with Windows glass on my S or a number of other S cars I've driven, so not a design flaw.

jordanrichard | 2019年4月26日

I think what he/she is saying is that the front door windows are not flush, “pointing out”. My MS (2014) side glass is not as flush as I think it should be and they didn’t try to improve it by making adjustments, but even then it’s not completely flush.