Brake slam while on TACC.

Brake slam while on TACC.

Okay. I love my car. I love the mission. I love Tesla.

But I HATE the f@&$king brake slams on TACC. Holy Toledo. This is gonna cause a rear end accident to someone.

Today after updating to 12.1 last night I was testing the TACC behavior- it has sucked for me lately - and while cruising at about 70 on the fwy the car just absolutely slammed on the brakes. No forward collision warning, no cars around me, no red warnings, nothing. Only odd thing was the overpass above and some k-rail on the shoulder. Not new, nothing new. Just scared the crap out me. Fortunately I had nobody following me anywhere close on the rear.

Did the bug report (I think I did use expletives) and disengaged TACC for the rest of the trip (probably my life).

I’m done until Tesla figures out this SUPER UNSAFE situation.

Rant done.

murphyS90D | 2019年4月27日

Are you aware that you can instantly override unwanted braking by pushing on the accelerator pedal? Yes it's a pain but you don't have to wait until the car figures out that it did something wrong. I have had it happen from a huge tree hanging over the road creating a tunnel of shadow but always with the collision warning. They need to depend more on the radar in these cases. Mine have all been on a straight road with no curves involved.

Anthony J. Parisio | 2019年4月27日

murphyS90D +1. Also everytime we press the accelerator in such an event the car will send the event to Tesla. At that point the programmers will help it to learn from these mistakes. In places that I have experience the effect (which are few but predictable) I am at the ready to hit the accelerator. Remember the cars are learning from us as fast as they can. It is getting much better and faster than any other system.

r.dobrin | 2019年4月27日

I agree with BPSoCal this is quite unnerving. It this has happened to me several times in the last couple of weeks (I think is started with 2019.12 update) regardless of the speed. Also my current versions of TACC is quite "hesitant" breaks and accelerates harder than before (indecisive?), the previous version was smoother.

jordanrichard | 2019年4月27日

While my 2014 MS doesn’t have TACC, I have driven a number of loaners and a friends X that has it, and I have never liked how late the car brakes. When I see traffic ahead, I start easing off the accelerator and adjust accordingly, but TACC doesn’t do anything until the car in front of you is within radar range. I have always suspected that TACC cars would have significant brake wear, though my local service center says otherwise.