Blank Tesla Account

Blank Tesla Account

For the past few days, when I log in to the Tesla site I can see my car and manage button, but my referral items are gone. What's more disturbing is that if I click on [Manage], the page comes up blank.

Anyone else experiencing this???

tizonsoft | 2019年5月2日

same here

ulrichard | 2019年5月3日

same here. I tried with at least 5 different browser on 4 different devices.

SnoR | 2019年5月3日

OK, glad to see it's not just me. Tried again after closing the browser, clearing cache, etc. as that's usually the culprit for this stuff but no dice.

testing123456 | 2019年5月4日


winfield50 | 2019年5月4日

I've been encountering the same exact issue. I reached out to customer service several days ago about this but so far nothing has changed.

EVRider | 2019年5月4日

I don’t have any referral information shown (no one does), but the Manage links for both our cars still work as expected.

SnoR | 2019年5月6日

@EVRider thanks for chiming in. Tried again today and still just get a blank page after click the manage button. Looks like another intermittent thing (?).

SnoR | 2019年5月6日

Got a response in support chat: "Sorry to hear that. There is is a glitch in our system and we are working on getting it fix."

Battcar | 2019年5月6日

I have had this for over a month as well. Couldn't buy FSD by the March deadline. Opened a support case. I actually have to go to the local Service Center for them to apply FSD to my car. Very inconvenient.

EVRider | 2019年5月6日

For those of you whose Manage link doesn’t work, which model(s) do you have and which browser are you using? I have a Model S and Model 3 and the Manage links work using Safari on an iPad.

If your browser supports it, try deleting cookies for

Battcar | 2019年5月6日

Mine is a model X. I have tried 3 computers and various browsers. Tesla support confirmed it is an issue with their web servers. Only some accounts impacted. Weird.

bgloria100 | 2019年5月7日

Same here, model X.

Cambon.p | 2019年5月8日

Same here, Model S :(

pcoupe | 2019年5月8日

Same in Belgium, Model S and 3.

nigel.wright | 2019年5月8日

same here :-(

SnoR | 2019年5月8日

FWIW, Model S. Tried Chrome (deleting cookies, et. al.), Internet Exploder, and Edge, and Firefox (Android).

millrags | 2019年5月9日

same here. Model X

shahna_b | 2019年5月9日

Same here. Blank!!!

Bentwilliams | 2019年5月9日

same its still down. thought they were pissed at me and were going to hijack my car next.

danhbaisunwin | 2019年5月9日

Same here. Blank!!!

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EVRider | 2019年5月10日

The referral info is back on My Tesla this morning, at least for me.

Battcar | 2019年5月10日

Same. Referrals appears but not the Manage page yet.

christian.limberg | 2019年5月10日

same here in Germany.... safari 12.1.

rglutz | 2019年5月11日

Another day and MANAGE is still blank!

sydedwards | 2019年5月12日

When I select Manage, a blank screening is still showing on my screen

SnoR | 2019年5月13日

Looks like my referral information is back, but still blank on manage. Yeesh.

bluesideup777 | 2019年5月15日

Model S and X in the U.S.A.

Tried chrome, explorer, android and a different computer all with the same problem.

sakeith | 2019年5月15日

My Manage page is working again. I no longer get a blank page.

winfield50 | 2019年5月16日

My MANAGE page is finally back, but whenever I try to click on VIEW SPECS, I get two blank pages. This has been a constant issue for me ever since setting up my account. Also, two service documents which I had downloaded to the MANAGE page are now missing. I have a 2018 Model S.

EVRider | 2019年5月16日

@winfield50: I’ve never seen a View Specs link on my Model S page — where is it? I do have a View Details link on my Model 3 page, and that one works.

winfield50 | 2019年5月17日

The VIEW SPECS link is in the YOUR VEHICLE section. As I stated in my previous post, whenever I try to click on, I am presented with two blank pages. I assume it is intended to list all the equipment and options that are on the car like the original window sticker.

EVRider | 2019年5月17日

@winfield50: What I was asking is where exactly on the Your Vehicle page do you see a View Specs link? I don’t see that link on the vehicle page for my Model S.

chris | 2019年5月28日

Same here. Two blank pages when clicking “view spec”. 2016 Model S 90D

Michaelkentmaier | 2019年7月17日

I am having this issue too with a Model S 70D. I have called service. Emailed customer service. Etc. This is stopping me from seeing autopilot upgrade and range upgrade to 75D which my car is capable of as well. I want to give them my money but they don't want to take it.

plinz | 2019年8月15日

(June 2017 Model S100D - white) When logged on to the Tesla site, it shows the wrong car (RED model S) and no links to anything about the car I've actually owned since it was new. What's the fix here?

OcciferDave | 2019年8月15日

Plinz, same here... glad I'm no the only one.

ulrichard | 2019年8月16日

The last few times I logged in, the website always worked.

When I had the car in service beginning of July, the guy told me that they can no longer be reached by telephone to schedule appointments. They would have to be made with the app.
Me: You men the app that is not available for my ubports phone?
He: Oh, then use the website.
Me: You mean the website that always comes up blank when I click "manage"?
In my experience it worked best, when I go to the SC in person.

4DXP | 2019年9月1日

I have the same problem. Two blank pages in specs. Holland P100DL 2018. Also no invoice when I recently purchased FSD. In Holland it is obligated to file the invoice for tax pay back and cost deduction . No replies from Tesla on app, mails or whatsoever.