Tesla Glass, Rock Chips

Tesla Glass, Rock Chips

I have now owned the M3 for 13 months, took delivery end of March 2018.

As of this morning, "4" rock chips in the glass have been repaired. 3 in the windshield, 1 on the roof. The good news is the glass hasn't required replacement, so I applaud Tesla glass for that!

But.... am I the only one having this problem? At first I thought I was unlucky... now it feels like an issue. 4 chips in 13 months?! I have never had close to that many rock chips on any other car I've owned and I'm driving the same roads now almost 20 years. I've been driving the car for 3 of the occurrences, my wife for 1 of them and they all occur on standard routes, freeway driving in pretty light traffic and normal weather conditions, not dirt roads behind a semi or in a windstorm or anything rough.

I also currently own another car, driving the same roads in the same length of time, no rock chips. Seems to me nobody is this unlucky!

Anyone else seeing this?

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年5月14日

@aperfectecho You have no real data. You are spreading FUD based on conjecture.


aperfectecho | 2019年5月14日

@Magic-nice one.

At least you've gotten one proof: you're an absolute, ignorant moron. There's your data point

aperfectecho | 2019年5月14日

Sorry to derail the thread-I'm out on this one. Have a great day, all

Good luck with your windshields

johnw | 2019年5月14日

Magic wins again by name calling. That must be some sort of controlled experiment he's conducting..

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年5月14日

Just calling an idiot and idiot, not trying to "win" anything.

The sky is falling and TESLA has weak windshields. Let's all run around yelling weak windshield weak windshields.

Mike UpNorth_ | 2019年5月14日

5000 miles. In MN where our roads are shit and semi's everywhere....I don't have any cracks, bumps, bruises, etc on my glass....So there's 1 data point.

coleAK | 2019年5月14日

@ Magic. I do not believe that the model 3 has a weak windshield or soft glass. The glass they use is from Germany and in lots of cars. What I can say is just from a probability standpoint the frontal area of the model 3 has a higher proportion of glass than many other cars so you can make the assumption that if rocks hit the front of all cars with equal probability then a rock hitting the 3 has a higher chance than most of hitting glass. I also think another factor could be auto pilot or TACC. It followes very close even on max distance so that could lead people to follow closer than they have in prior vehicles. How many people have had impacts while using one of those features?

And similar to what Mike said ^^^. Our roads in Alaska are terrible and covered in rocks and gravel. As I’ve mentioned before we put a windshield on at least one of our cars a year. When I had my g500 I put a windshield on almost every year. This winter I got 3 chips in my LX570 and one in the model 3. With the 3 we were super careful and got hit by a rock thrown from a truck traveling in the opposit direction, really bad luck.

coleAK | 2019年5月14日

I’ll also add peosonally windshield chips and cracks are disappointing but they happen on all cars. But at the end of the day if a slight (theoretical) increased chance of damage to the windshield is making you unhappy with your 3 or making you hesitate to buy one, then honistly you are the kind of person who probably won’t be happy with anyting. So rude a bike to and from work, no emmissions and no windshield.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年5月14日

@cole My Grady windshield has been pounded with saltwater and gets water spots, is it sub-par? : )

SteveWin1 | 2019年5月14日

@coleAK, my windshield crack was while using NOAP without lane change confirmation. It put me behind a truck that I normally would have avoided being behind and WHACK! Got a crack in my windshield. Great comment. I should have taken over and driving in a lane without any large trucks, but I wanted to play with the new no-confirmation mode so I let it do its own thing. Now I leave confirmations on.

coleAK | 2019年5月14日

@magic. Yes it’s crap any glass that gets water spots is soft and structurally unsound. And none of the saltwater boats I’ve owed get water spots. You should sink it to make an artificial reef or just drive it to AK and donate it to me, spotted prawn season opens soon and salmon will be in shortly after :)

walnotr | 2019年5月14日

Whether or not you get a cracked/chipped windshield is a matter of luck with a bit of environment mixed in. The Audi I used to drive in AK had every piece of forward facing glass cracked and broken multiple times over the course of ownership. Did it have inferior glass? I doubt it. Did the new Prius we bought get a cracked windshield after two weeks have an inferior windshield? No. Bad luck again plus driving on Texas roads with more crap than you can imagine everywhere. Same with the cracked windshield on a Smartcar we owned. So far I have been pinged at least 3 times in the Tesla. Life goes on and, although it makes me mad to get hit, it is a fact of life, cars, trucks, and other vehicles drop/throw rocks at other vehicles. To say Tesla glass is somehow inferior is putting a misguided assumption out there without real proof as M8B says.

If you read my story, you could make the case Tesla glass is superior to the other vehicles I have owned.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年5月14日

Hmm, I am thinking about upgrading to a bigger boat (dunno any boat owner who isn't thinking that tho'). Artificial reef insurance job, I like it : ). I have dreamed spotted prawns for many years 300+ feet in Monterey Canyon (only a couple small commies go for them around here). The skipper on our Glacier bay charter had prawn traps set up in several coves (only 30' deep or so) and we had fresh most days, yum.

lbowroom | 2019年5月14日

Perhaps Tesla could redesign the 3 to have a very short, upright windshield 3 feet higher off the ground. That ought to do it. | 2019年5月14日

Another reason a specific person may get more "hits" is the fast 0-60 time and the fun in using it. Every other car cited here as somehow being 'better' has far worse performance. When you zoom to 60 (or much higher speeds) the same rock that hits your 3 at 70 mph would cause more damage than a Yugo going 35 mph on it's long way to get to 70 mph (if it can get there). So there is more time the 3 is at higher speeds, where rocks can cause more damage.

So simple solution, drive everywhere at 35 mph, or turn on Chill mode. Not as much fun though.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年5月14日

It's all about geography and geology. If your area uses crushed up spark plugs for "gravel" you will definitely get more cracked glass. Check this out:

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年5月14日

Oops wrong video, did you get Rick Rolled? HaHa

Breaking glass with spark plug:

jimglas | 2019年5月14日

As long as trolls trolll, the Rick will roll

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年5月14日

Will most likely go down as the greatest viral prank ever.

swanson21 | 2019年5月14日

Just finished my first long distance 1300 miles road trip and got 2 cracks in windshield 2 days apart. I've been reading the threads about this previously and knew to keep distance from trucks etc. I spot many raised pickups with no mud flaps and avoid them like the plague...even so, I still got hit from a lane over on a curve at around 60mph and then from the opposite direction when a semi kicked up a huge rock...I'm actually glad that one hit the windshield as it would have done some good damage anywhere else. Having a no-deductible glass coverage is paying off for this vehicle but I plan to only repair the glass as I'm sure if/when I replace the thing it'll get chipped on the way home...current one at 5k miles in is too young to be replaced.

ODWms | 2019年5月15日

Wow. That’s some seriously bad luck.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 2019年5月15日

This thread is more useless than making a thread about parking lot door dings.

WantMY | 2019年5月15日

@Magic 8 Bal "uneducated people jumping to conclusions without validated data." What is your credentials troll? Wiping cars after carwash? or Telling dad's paint shop customers the paint defects are not defects, they just looking at it wrong?

hcdavis3 | 2019年5月15日

M8B Isn’t your Grady windshield clear Plexiglass?

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年5月15日

Real tempered glass (Ok to use on boat windshield apparently. Clear plastic blasted with SW will last about a year.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年5月15日

Oh, and anyone complaining about wipers does not hold a candle to the wipers on a boat.

coleAK | 2019年5月15日

I can’t remember a boat I’ve had with plexi. They have always been tempered. And yes boat wipers suck. My last boat was a Duckworth, real glass and I used rain-x.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年5月15日

Is there anyone in AK who doesn't have a Duckworth? Seems to be the go to boat up there and starting to show up more down here too.

Tronguy | 2019年5月15日

Just a bit more about the window smack on the S.O.'s car. Safelite came by with their truck: The windshield's not repairable as, according to this guy, the 3/4" spall is in the black area of the windshield.
Tried to see if insurance would pay for it with their usual deductable at Tesla: Initial answer was, "Not exactly. We get the price from other businesses, average them, subtract that and the deductible from the Tesla Dealer cost, and you pay the extra."
So, sigh, back to Safelite. Two days later: They call and say that they can't get the parts, Tesla won't sell them (?).
Call back the insurance company: Now they say, "Go and have Tesla fix it. You pay, but take the bill to your agent. Then you'll get reimbursed for everything sans the deductible."
The insurance lady on the phone claimed that Tesla didn't sell stuff like windshields in certain areas of the country, and New Jersey's one of those places.
Odd, but we're scheduled in for next week at the SC. We'll see.

coleAK | 2019年5月15日

@magic. It’s pretty much all aluminum boats up here. So lots of Duckworth, Hewescraft, and custom built. Huge tide swings, cold water, and rocks. The only glass boats we see very many of is Sea Sport. But now the new trend is sell the boat and rig up 3 seater jet skis. I know 4 or 5 guys that sold their “boats” and use tricked out skis now for Salmon and Halibut.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年5月15日

Interesting, we have a few doing water sleds but even more popular are the guys out in kayaks. I have been eyeballing a Skagit Orca (my wife says she will spend more time out on the water if we get a pilothouse type boat). Duckworth makes a nice pilothouse model, I will have to check it out more. I am not sure about the ride of the Duckworth hull out in the open (I go 30 to 40 miles out for tuna) but since I have not been on one I don't know.

I am way beyond my comando get fish days, now I just like being out there and if I catch that is even better.