Badge on refresh model S

Badge on refresh model S

In the motor trend article/video with the refreshed Model S, it looks like the left “Model S” badge is gone and on the right side the badge says Dual Motor. Can anyone that have received their new cars confirm this change?

jordanrichard | 2019年5月16日


bishoppeak | 2019年5月16日

Sounds like it was a Model 3

PPower | 2019年5月16日

@bishoppeak - Grab yourself some popcorns and enjoy the video :-)

PPower | 2019年5月18日

A customer just got his Long Range Model S delivered and the only badge on the back of the car was a “Dual Motor” on the right side. So looks like Tesla no longer has a “Model S” badge on the left side, and just use the same motor badge as used on the Model 3.

carlk | 2019年5月18日

Why "Dual Motor" badge when they all are? What about performance model then?

Boonedocks | 2019年5月18日

In the picture link in my post above you can see that it is a performance model ordered and only “Dual Motor” on the badge. There are two links in the post

JChun | 2019年5月18日

I just got my refreshed Model S Long Range, it only has on the right hand side "Dual Motor" | 2019年5月19日

Boring. | 2019年5月19日

I can hear the comments now....”Is that the new Model 3?”

judge | 2019年5月19日


PPower | 2019年5月19日

Well... the recent name change to “Long Range” and “Performance” - like the Model 3 - instead of battery size, makes the new badge more reasonable. Wonder if the Performance versions will get the underline or if that’s only for the Ludicrous versions?

Silver2K | 2019年5月19日

carlk | May 18, 2019
Why "Dual Motor" badge when they all are? What about performance model then?

Red line under dual motor for performance models. We know they ate all dual motor, not non Tesla owners

Silver2K | 2019年5月19日

Are | 2019年5月19日

How about a capital PD in red with a small cursive L next to it? No “Dual Motor”

Tropopause | 2019年5月19日

How does one know the diff between a Performance and Performance + Ludicrous?

Silver2K | 2019年5月19日

One is ahead of the other :)

Tropopause | 2019年5月19日


carlk | 2019年5月19日

Yes it's your responsibility to show them.

jeremyinthebay | 2019年5月20日

Based on the 5th photo in the linked article, it looks like “Dual Motor” is the only badge. :/ I might be tempted to buy an underlined P100D badge and replace it...

rdalcanto | 2019年5月20日

That car doesn't have a spoiler either. It is just a Long Range. I'm hoping the PL have different badging.

Boonedocks | 2019年5月20日

@rdalcanto | May 20, 2019
"That car doesn't have a spoiler either. It is just a Long Range. I'm hoping the PL have different badging."

I did notice that while ordering my PDL that the calipers were red but there was no spoiler on the picture. I actually hope that mine does not come with a spoiler or PDL badging. I prefer a wolf in sheep's clothing. LOL LOL

Jimdow | 2019年5月20日

Does anyone know what the accent finish is in a new P100DL with the white interior. I can't tell from the website photos whether it is a dark wood, carbon fiber or black lacquer.

ebirckelbaw | 2019年5月21日

@JChun By refreshed do you mean with the new drive-train / motors? I put in an order for the new P100DL as soon as it was announced and don't even have a VIN yet... the rumor I heard was they needed regulatory approval for something and the refreshed models weren't shipping yet as of last week.

brylaw | 2019年5月21日

Just got my model S Long Range and the back looks just like a model 3 with the Dual Motor only. So lame.

carlk | 2019年5月21日

I'd just try dental floss and a little elbow grease to remove it.

JChun | 2019年5月21日

@ebirckelbaw yes, but Long Range only, not Ludicrous. After driving it as a new Tesla owner, honestly I don't think I could handle the speed of the P100DL without hurting myself ;-)

ebirckelbaw | 2019年5月22日

Huh, I wonder if there's something specific to the refreshed performance S that's taking extra long... either that or maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised with a delivery notification this week :)

I'll post the badge situation whenever it finally comes in. I managed to get the P100DL licence plate for my state though so at least I'll have that if they removed the normal badge

Jimdow | 2019年5月22日

@jchun. What color interior did you order on your car

JChun | 2019年5月22日

@Jimdow black interior, Long Range, Midnight Metallic exterior, Grey 19" wheels. Love the car. It's the most fun I've had driving since I've been driving.

jeremyinthebay | 2019年5月22日

I also ordered a P100DL (Midnight Silver/Grey, 21" Wheels, Full Self Driving) and have not heard any update. I was told I should have the car in ~2 weeks, but that came and went with no updates at all. :/

Jimdow | 2019年5月22日

@JChun... congratulations and welcome to the Tesla family. They are amazing vehicles
I'm still waiting for my White P100DL with white/black interior. It will be my third model S.
I ordered on 4/25 so it has been almost 4 weeks with no VIN# yet.
I think there is some kind of holdup on all the P100DL cars. Could be a parts shortage or regulatory issue. Pretty sure we'll get our cars before the end of the quarter so Tesla can book the revenue.

PPower | 2019年5月23日

In another post a forum member saw some Performance models with Dual Motor with a underline. So same as model 3 Performance.
Guess the new badging will be the only way to tell you have a “Raven” car :-)

PPower | 2019年5月31日

The front door sills used to have P100D written on it, anyone know if that too has been changed to Dual Motor? | 2019年6月2日

Anybody know how to illuminate the center "T" on the front of the Model S? I want a three-eyed Raven! Hopeful for delivery this month.

DRFLGD | 2019年6月2日

Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't have to show you any stinkin' badges!

Ohmster | 2019年6月2日 | 2019年6月2日

Jeez no “Throners” out there?

Ohmster | 2019年6月2日

^Nah. Last season was atrocious. | 2019年6月2日

True, what happens when writers are rushed/after other projects on their minds.

mc8218 | 2019年6月3日

I just received Mine and it doesn't have the "Model S" on the left. On the right it has "Dual Motor" underlined.

PPower | 2019年6月4日

@mc8218 what does the front door sill say?

inconel | 2019年6月4日

Do the Performance L and non-L have the same underline or different colors maybe?

Tropopause | 2019年6月4日

Please answer the two above posts. ^^^^^^^

ebirckelbaw | 2019年6月15日

Not sure what the non-L has, but I just took delivery of my S today with ludicrous and it has a red underline. Also the door sill just says "Model S" now. Happy to answer any lingering questions if anyone has some

nukequazar | 2019年6月16日

I could live with the badging but not without a sunroof! Whyyyyyyy>?!? | 2019年6月16日

Silver "Dual Motor" and red underline? That will look good on my Pearl white Raven arriving soon!

Al Cantara | 2019年6月17日

I was talking with someone regarding the "Dual Motor" badge. He told me that there is actually confusion out there among the crowd that DOES NOT know much about Tesla. He says that people confuse "Dual Motor" with a HYBRID (gas/electric). I can understand how some folks who don't know cars might make that assumption.

Better to go with NO badges. I just took them off my new Model X. WD40 and dental floss. Came off in 5 minutes.

paul.scott | 2019年7月2日

Can someone tell me the measurements for where the dual motor badging is mounted so I can place mine on my car? I have the badge but not sure exactly where it should go.

Tldickerson | 2019年7月2日

@paul.scott , best to go to a showroom and take your tape measure and camera with you.

obiajulu98 | 2019年8月8日

Yes the Model S badge is not on the back. It looks like model 3. I should have bought model 3 then. Does anyone know where to buy the badge?