2 years of Tesla Model S ownership...

2 years of Tesla Model S ownership...

I wrote a blog about my experience so far owning a Tesla Model S.
It contains some tips and lots of gushing from a raving fan.


PBEndo | 2019年5月19日

Nice write up. I have had a Tesla a longer than you but I still look forward to driving it every day. It is hard to imagine buying any other type of car in the future.

Aerodyne | 2019年5月19日

PB +1. Good reading after a day of FUD filled "News"

sbeggs | 2019年5月19日



I read your forum name as “Love T Chris”!

gridley1950 | 2019年5月20日

Nice write up! I've had mine about the same length of time and agree. The honeymoon is far from over!

avesraggiana | 2019年5月20日

Great write up! Thank you for sharing. Apart from having the wrap put on right after taking delivery, our family's experience has mostly mirrored yours, both with our Model S and our Model X.