Model 3 w/11k miles getting 260 miles at 90% (Long Range AWD)

Model 3 w/11k miles getting 260 miles at 90% (Long Range AWD)

I have seen quite a few posts about reduced capacity but mine seems much lower than most so thought I'd check in here. Have any of you seen this type loss. I have a dual motor long range model 3 and it is now indicating only 260 miles when I charge to 90%, which is what I charge to every day. I've owned the car since the end of September 2018 and I have 11,171 miles on it (I drive it everywhere I love the car so much).

- Is it normal to drop this much after only 11k miles over ~6 months of use?
- Is there an algorithm that monitors my driving habits and adjusts expected range accordingly? (I do have a lead foot so this could be the reason if true)
- Should I have the car & battery checked at a Tesla center to see if there is an issue?
- I live in So. California where the weather is very nice and does not get very cold nor does it rain often.
- I did drive the car to Winnemucca in Nevada in the Winter once time where it was well below freezing (Could the cold have caused the issue?)
- Has anyone else experienced range loss under similar circumstances/use?

Joshan | 2019年5月25日

I have 8,100 on a LR AWD
100% charge is 310 miles. I live in Chicago so it froze all winter.

Joshan | 2019年5月25日

I guess I should add as this is how you stated yours. At 90% I am at 279 miles.

petegajria | 2019年5月25日

Yep, same issues here. LR/AWD/19" Sports @ 9587 miles Firmware 2019.12.1.2

80% charges to 238 instead of 248
90& charges to 268/270 instead of 279
100% charges to 290/300 instead of 310

It used to charge up correctly & then lost capacity at the 6000 mile mark
Charging to 100% then down to 8% and back up to 90/100 did not do anything

Service told me it's an expected loss. I did not expect a 1% loss at just 6000 miles

Joshan | 2019年5月25日

just to play devils advocate. Most ICE cars are rated at about 100k miles before you have major issues. So at 6k miles you have lost alot more than 1% of the cars life. Unless you think it will go 600k miles...

petegajria | 2019年5月25日

I'm in SoCal as well and driving is around 40miles/day. If this keeps dropping I don't expect the battery to last 100k miles. I use to charge to 90% once or twice a week since I don't drive all that much,
Now I charge to 80% hoping to extend the battery life.

SC did say it was within expected range an I was covered under warranty. I hope their warranty is good.
I know this is an estimation but it's troubling to see it yo-yo so much

Joshan | 2019年5月25日

I charge to 90% every day even if I drove 10 miles the day before.

Joshan | 2019年5月25日

you also need to learn to math better. How would your battery not last 100k miles?

petegajria | 2019年5月25日

I was told specifically by the Tesla SC not to charge every day due to limited amount of driving I was doing

JAD | 2019年5月25日

Not an issue, been asked and answered a hundred times. Battery will lose about 10-15 percent after several hundred thousand miles, with the most lost in the first few months.

Fredvanngo | 2019年5月25日

Call/ email Tesla service help and ask them if it is normal? your car should have 310 miles @ 100%, and 279 miles at 90% approximately. Good luck and enjoy your car.

Fredvanngo | 2019年5月25日

My LR RW still has 325 miles @ 100%. No reduction after 10K miles. Charging 1-2 times per week to 80-90%.

two9er | 2019年5月25日

I'm the same as Joshan, 279 @ 90%. 15618 miles on the odo of a LRDM. I always charge to 90%, never tried 100%.

minervo.florida | 2019年5月25日

I have the same numbers, I hate Tesla check it. out and they said looks fine, just a pack imbalance with the driving and algorithm.

Said to go down to 20-30% and go to 100, do not let sit at 100%, may take a few times. I think if I just charge to 100%, I think I will get some adjusting.

Charge everyday to 80%.

dual motor.

kevin_rf | 2019年5月25日

LR AWD 17k miles, been charging to 80%, usually between 248 & 250 miles in the morning.

Side note, just got back from a week long trip, wife had parked in the garage with 170 miles and not plugging in. Went to plug it in this morning, was at 167 miles. 3 miles of phantom drain over five days. Color me impressed.

WhiteModel3AWD | 2019年5月27日

Thank you for the response everyone. Looks like it is all over the place, which tells me it is likely an algorithm that learns your driving style. I guess a good question to ask is how your tire wear correlates to range. I'm at 11k miles and my rear tires are almost ready to be replaced at 2/32 in left on the tread.

marlon | 2019年5月27日

I charge to 80% every day and I'm at 232 rated miles. According to TeslaFi, my battery is 293 rated miles at 100%. It dropped on April 2nd from 303 to 295 the next day and down a little bit from there until where it's at today.

marlon | 2019年5月27日
gmr6415 | 2019年5月28日

@petegajria as @minervo.florida, noted the "recalibration" can take several times from down to 20% and up to 100% to do anything. That's pretty well established. Some here say the whole recalibrating thing is bunk.

My LR RWD with 16k miles is still pretty much like it was the day we got it. I never really got any bump with the supposed update that added 5% to range. I saw maybe an additional 4 miles. I don't think it's showing any additional range now.

@WhiteModel3AWD 11k and needing new rear tires? Have you rotated them as recommended? Man, that's some hard driving. Someone posted here the other day that they ran into a traveling salesman with an M3 at Costco getting a first tire change at 65k. I don't expect mine to last that long, but at 16k I've got 7/32 left all the way around. I've rotated twice and I keep the tires at 45 psi cold.

gballant4570 | 2019年5月28日

Like gmr6415, my LR AWD has not changed in 8 months and nearly 11k miles, 90% charge coming in at 278 like it did last Oct. 100% charge gives me 306-308 reading, just like when I took delivery. While I wondered why I never could see 310, I have seen zero evidence of loss of capacity.

mknewman | 2019年5月28日

I have 9300 miles on my M3 AWD LR. I got 278 reliably for the first 6 months and then after the 2018.8.5 release started getting about 2 miles less per charge. I am down to 264 this morning. I charge to 90% about 2-3 times a week and usually don't get below about 150 miles. I have had it as low as 35 miles on a trip and then Supercharged to 100% and still got the reduced amount.

gballant4570 | 2019年5月28日

I plug in every day, with the limit set at 90%. Approx. one morning a week I move the limit to 100% to get around 300+ miles showing prior to leaving on a long driving day. Most other days I drive around 30-50 miles.

I've only used a supercharger twice, but I really do not know that supercharger use figures into any of charging is level 2 at home.

On those long driving days I can get down to 30-60 miles remaining, so perhaps that turns into a weekly algorithm reset?

Iwantmy3 | 2019年5月28日

"you also need to learn to math better. How would your battery not last 100k miles?"

Actually, his math can work out. He has lost 3% in 10k miles. That is 30% in 100k miles. That would qualify for a warranty replacement battery.

LA-Fohlen | 2019年5月28日

I check my battery report on Teslafi regularly and with 2019.8.4 I got a boost in range but with the last two firmware updates 2019.12.1 and 2019.16.2 this all disappeared again. This could be coincidence though.

mknewman | 2019年5月28日

I just wonder if this has to do with increased use of the Autopilot CPU? The newer releases use it in normal driving and I believe I remember hearing the power budget was 100w.

gmr6415 | 2019年5月28日

@mknewman, If I remember correctly it was stated during the autonomy day event that the new CPU (HW 3.0) uses less power than the prior HW 2.5 CPU. Maybe I have that backwards, but it would make sense that the simplicity of the new CPU, the minimal instruction set and the fact it is specifically designed to do what Tesla needs it to do would use less power than the OTC Nvidia CPU.

mknewman | 2019年5月28日

The AP is active all the time now if you have the Lane Departure features enabled. Obviously turning the AC off would help, but I wonder what all we could do to minimize energy usage? Drive slower I guess :)

Joshan | 2019年5月28日

apparently you need to learn to math also....

the % loss continues to get smaller as the capacity gets smaller. It is not a static number.

Joshan | 2019年5月28日

Above is for @Iwantmy3

gballant4570 | 2019年5月28日

Actually, without doing any math I would say that a number stated in a warranty would represent percentage of original capacity.....

mbouchti57 | 2019年5月28日

I have the exact same issue. It is charging to 265 at 90%. I have done the calibration of charging it down to 7% and charging it back but it didn't work. I have taken it to service center couple times and no luck. All they say "the tests we’ve run still show the vehicle health to be within Tesla specification" not sure what are their specifications".
they also said that " there has been a firmware anomaly that was introduced back in older firmware that has reduced the estimated range number. The fix for this bug has recently been included in the recent updates that will roll out in the next cycle. From that point, we’ve been told that it will require weeks after updating for the vehicle to give an accurate representation of what your battery range is"...

nothing is clear...

mknewman | 2019年5月28日

I got the same answer about Software Updates and that was before 2019.8.5 came out. This seemed to start for me at 2019.8.3.

mbouchti57 | 2019年5月28日

@ mknewman same here

CharleyBC | 2019年5月28日

RWD here instead of AWD. We have almost 18000 miles and we get 260 at 80% and 292 at 90%, both of which work out to 325 at 100%. So it’s possible at least for RWD to be showing full range as we get into higher miles. There was a while a few months ago where we were a few percent off, but it gradually recovered. We did not intentionally do any of the battery conditioning excercises you sometimes see here; maybe we did just through our regular use.

Iwantmy3 | 2019年5月28日

If the OP believes that the loss is a fixed percentage of remaining battery life with each equivalent charge, then two things happen, the % loss (relative to the original battery capacity) will decrease with each charge. (True). However, the distance traveled on each charge will decrease by the same amount. As a result, these two effects cancel each other out..
Therefore 3% at 10000 is still 30% at 100000. (Good try though)

And to any other commentators, yes, I know that it is not expected to be a linear degradation. However, this was a comment about the OPs math skills

Iwantmy3 | 2019年5月28日

When I charge to 80% or 90% I get similar numbers as you do. However, on the few occasions where I have charged to 100%, it stopped around 316. I am guessing that charges below 100% may not really represent actual battery capacity. I am guessing that I may be down 2% after 25000 miles.

Joshan | 2019年5月28日

Wow I fear for the future of America....

LEt me break this down for you.

100,000 - 3% = 97,000

This is your new baseline.

97,000 - 3% = 94,090 NOT 94,000

Can you see where this is going?

100,000 - 30% is NOT the same thing as 100,000 - 3% 10 times.

Joshan | 2019年5月28日

only reason I used 100k as my number was the statement about battery degradation and tying it to the car not lasting 100k miles.

007bond | 2019年5月28日

Same car, almost same miles, same results as @ petegajria

I do notice things vary with SW updates, different charging habits, what I do find the most odd is some have same car same miles no loss at all. There are those who have 20-30k and still 90% is 279 100% 310 then there are those of us with less miles and 10-15 less miles with the same SOC.

Iwantmy3 | 2019年5月28日

1st 10000 miles at 310 miles per full charge equivalent = 32.25 charges
2nd 10000 miles at 300 miles per full charge equivalent = 33.33 charges
3rd 10000 miles at 291 miles per full charge equivalent = 34.36 charges
4th 10000 miles at 282 miles per full charge equivalent = 35.46 charges
Degradation is a function of the number of charges, not the number of miles. My numbers cancel your numbers so I'm still right :-)~

RedPillSucks | 2019年5月28日

Mine is at 272 for 90%

@petegajria Battery degradation is not linear.

Pkalhan | 2019年5月29日

I have an AWD long range and I charge to 80% but doing that gets me to 242 miles. I am not sure why as I only have 7,300 miles on the odometer. I got the car in October 2018 and when I went away the following December (left the car in my garage plugged in the whole time I was away) it then charged to 245. Hoping it’s a software issue that can be fixed though I have heard first year sees the biggest drop.

Passion2Fly | 2019年5月29日

I still charge to 278-279 miles at 90% after 20k miles and a little over one year. The problem I have with my LR RWD is that I’ve NEVER seen a bump to 325 miles... Running 2019.16.2 now...

gballant4570 | 2019年5月29日

Joshan, if you want to fear for America, forget this thread and look at The White House.

Me, I prefer to live life without fear.

eandmjep | 2019年5月29日

LR RWD. May 2018. 22,600 miles. Mileage from 5000 to 20000 90% was 278. (280 new) after recd range increase 90% went up only to 281. 2600 miles later still 280-281. I will word this differently than I have ever read so far. Saw a 1% degradation from new. Then recd range Increase and degradation was immediately at 4%? Meh! I know I get better than rated anyway and it really was not a capacity increase. Fact is At 100% I charge to 312-314. Not bad for nearly 23000 miles.

No42 | 2019年5月29日

April 2018 build LR RWD here.
11.3k miles. Charges to 181miles at 56% which is 323 mile equivalent at 100%.

h2ev | 2019年5月30日

One of the first things I changed right at the Tesla center before driving off was to change the miles to percentage display. While awaiting delivery of the car (dual motor non-P, picked up in 11/2018), I did much reading and concluded that the mileage display is almost meaningless to me. My car averaged near 300wh/mile after a whole winter of driving, so there was no way I'd get anywhere near the 310 miles rated range. Since Spring, day to day driving has been around 220wh/mile, and has brought the lifetime average down to 270wh/mile so far. My car is at just over 10k miles. The tires are in great shape and I haven't rotated them yet.

After seeing this thread, I flicked it over to the mileage display yesterday to have a looksee. At 67% charge it displayed 205 miles, so it seems I lost 4 miles of range. My charging routine is to 85% and plug in again when below 40% every 2-3 days. I do punch the go pedal every now and then, but for the most part it's gentle driving as I would hate to have to get new tires before 50k miles. I'm very cheap on tire usage lol.

Back to % display it went. Ignorance is bliss.

To be clear, I'm not taking away from the OP's issue. It probably would've bothered me if my car displayed ~30 miles less than expected. I thought that the mileage display is strictly calculated based on 242wh/mile, so 75kW/242 = ~310 miles. Perhaps the mileage display calculation is not as rigid as I thought, that it might actually take driving style into the equation. The OP has admitted to hard driving after all, wearing out the tires at 11k miles. What is your lifetime wh/mile?

Encierro-htx | 2019年5月30日

LR AWD (Non P) 7,000 miles 8 months old
Never have gotten the promised 310. usually at 303/304.
Ran it down to 10% last night (last trip was 8 miles at 241 Wh/mi, and since last charge 273 Wh/mi) and charged up to 100% and only at 300 miles. Argh. It is getting worse with this "recalibration". Will try again at the end of the cycle.

I am with the OP, annoying, but not earth shattering, and definitely still the best car I have ever had. Just wondering if I should be concerned.

JH89 | 2019年5月30日

With only charging to 90% and leaving 10% safety, plus the effects of speed, wind, heat, A/C, etc, the long range car is realistically about a 200 mi range in normal conditions. I didn't want to buy the LR, but ended up doing so for tax reasons. Very glad I did. Since I've accepted this reality, I no longer sweat all the range and efficiency details, I just enjoy the car.

mr.mark.tarver | 2019年5月30日

@ Joshan- Yea right. 310 Miles in winter on a full charge. You must be driving under 30 miles per hour.
I own a dual Motor Performance M3. On a Full charge in chill mode going the speed limit 50-55 mph I get about 260 Miles This morning since last charge drove 152 Miles with an average of 220kwh battery showed 90 Miles Left.

mr.mark.tarver | 2019年5月30日

@ Joshan- Yea right. 310 Miles in winter on a full charge. You must be driving under 30 miles per hour.
I own a dual Motor Performance M3. On a Full charge in chill mode going the speed limit 50-55 mph I get about 260 Miles This morning since last charge drove 152 Miles with an average of 220kwh battery showed 90 Miles Left.