software updates

software updates

is a Tesla ranger able to download the current update at my location?

tln2629 | 2019年6月12日

Can the current update be installed by a Tesla ranger at my location?

EVRider | 2019年6月12日

Unlikely the ranger can do that directly, but they might be able to coordinate with the service center to make it happen. Why do you ask?

PS: You can delete your duplicate post. | 2019年6月12日

Depends - if your car is slated for the current update - yes. Not all updates are for every car. For example, a change that only affects a Raven 2019 Model S, it is not available to older S or X/3. Some updates are for all cars, but many are for a specific set of hardware. Note that the update via the laptop may take an hour, so most service will avoid this unless there is a specific problem the update addresses. Wastes quite a bit of time.

jordanrichard | 2019年6月12日

You will get the most current SW update, when you get the most current update. Not all cars get the same update and even amongst similar cars, they don't all get the update at the same time.

barrykmd | 2019年6月12日

About 2 years ago, a Ranger did a software update (file transfer only) on my car by plugging his laptop into the port behind the cubby. I did the installation after he left.