Homelink icon on app Summon page - periodically missing

Homelink icon on app Summon page - periodically missing

Has anyone else noticed or experienced their Homelink icon periodically just not being present on the Summon page within the app? (Android app)

Plugged in or not (right now its visible while plugged in this morning), it seems to sporadically be missing from the Summon page. As I'm typically summoning from the garage near where a garage remote is kept, it isn't a big deal, but being able to do it all from the one Summon page every time would be seconds simpler(tough life, I know).

Mainly curious if anyone else is seeing it go missing or knows if maybe it is a gps/location glitch so it doesn't show unless "home" despite being in garage physically.

coleAK | 2019年6月12日

I’ve had homelink issues since the last update. If I reboot fixes it every time.

Splitime | 2019年6月12日

I'll do an additional reset. I'm also going to reset the 'in front of garage' home location to see if that helps. I'll update if i keep seeing this or not over time.