Anyone Get the Model 3 Wireless charger yet?

Anyone Get the Model 3 Wireless charger yet?

Still waiting on mine, but being east-coast I'm assuming I have a longer ETA than some others.
It's also still sold out on the site. Curious if there are any early reviews out there.

lunde | 2019年6月21日

I just received the shipping notice for the one that I ordered on 2019-06-03.

Gaburke58 | 2019年6月22日

Mine will be delivered on Tuesday, removing the Nomad and putting this in. Will let you know results :) .. doing the additional insulation around doors this weekend for sound deadening.

Gordon87 | 2019年6月22日

@Gaburke58: Why are you switching out the Nomad?

thedrisin | 2019年6月22日

Taptes $49.90. Works great, looks OEM.

ksrehman | 2019年6月28日

Mine came on Tuesday 6/25, just installed it today.

It comes in a sleek black box with no instructions inside - reminds me of the monoliths in '2001'. On the back of the box it says 'Made on Earth by humans'.

In the box is a the charging pad with 2 short USB A cables coming off behind it and a glossy piano black decorative trim piece that goes below the bottom edge of the charging pad.

The good: nice material for pad, looks like part of the car more than a third party pad would. Charges through a thin phone case just fine. No lights to show charging status on the pad which I think aren't needed.

The bad: Each side of the pad delivers 5W so not high speed wireless charging. No USB splitter is included so you can use Dashcam and Sentry mode ... Tesla suggests unplugging one side of the wireless charger to free up a port which means you could only charge one phone ...

Instructions and specs here:

OutOfTheStars | 2019年6月28日

@ksrehman thank you for sharing instructions link. I am receiving mine today.

neylus | 2019年6月28日

@ksrehman - Just to clarify, Tesla also recommends buying a splitter for dual charging w/ Teslacam usb support (same as Nomad etc.).

dbrum98 | 2019年6月28日

I purchased the EEIEER wireless charger from Amazon, came with splitters. It was easy to install, fit is perfect and works really well. I would say it is my most useful accessory.

alisse | 2019年6月28日

Mine arrived today. It does look/feel great. I attached the drivers' side cable to a powerbank and the powerbank to a USB hub that also connects my USB drive (well, Raspberry pi zero). That way I get maximum power for my side and the powerbank will recharge as the car drives.

In very limited testing, it charged my Galaxy S9+ with a case without any issues.

Here's the battery pack I got: