Chipped roof glass - help?

Chipped roof glass - help?

So the unfortunate happened. I was near Little Rock (AR), driving on I30 on the right lane, minding my own business (not behind a semi). All I heard was a pop, and seems like my roof glass is now chipped. This happened almost 10 days ago. The crack hasn't spread/increased since, thankfully.

I have a $150 comprehensive deductible. I can live with the aesthetics of chipped roof, but just worried about structural integrity. Tesla texted me they can replace for ~$1200. Should I go with Safelite for repair? Just live with it?

@lilbean, on one of the threads, said she DIY'd it for $12. I can assemble most IKEA furniture and that's about my expertise, which is next to nothing in the "real" world.

Joshan | 2019年6月25日

I am no glass expert but I think you are past the point of repair. It is already spider webbing.

vishious911 | 2019年6月25日

Fwiw, it has been a spider web since time of impact :shrug-guy-emoji:

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年6月25日

I doubt it is repairable but safelite will be able to tell you for sure. If they say no then get new glass. | 2019年6月25日

I wonder if glass replacement is cheaper than the dent removal and repaint that may have been needed with a metal roof. My suspicion is the metal roof repair might be more expensive. Likely it would take a lot longer to repair as well.

vishious911 | 2019年6月25日

Agreed, but if you really don't care what a small dent looks like - at least the metal roof dent won't spread/increase.

coleAK | 2019年6月25日

I’ve had a bunch of chipped/cracked glass over the years. No way that is repairable. It’s new glass, and I would go ahead and do it before you get another impact and it breaks

TM3Q | 2019年6月25日

I had a similar double impact that chip my windshield and they were able to repair it even with spider web....yours look like a little bigger so maybe not repairable.

The best is to go as soon as possible to a specialist to confirm. That’s what I did as soon as I got the double chip, left the highway and went to a specialist to see what they could do. Cost me 120CAD to repair so much cheaper than the 1137CAD + installation fees

I will post some pictures soon

TM3Q | 2019年6月25日

So funny I just realize that a posted a picture on another similar post but was suppose to be posted here lol


M3phan | 2019年6月25日

I’ve had impact and webbing that was repairable by Safelight on prior cars but the whole damage was smaller than a quarter coin size area. I believe that’s their chip size limit.

skygraff | 2019年6月25日

I had a small chip that I doubted was impact but Tesla was sure had happened that way. Went through winter just watching it and it grew thanks to the freeze/thaw cycles. Ended up replacing the roof glass for close to that price and doubt I’d have even bothered if it had been a dimple on a metal roof.

The glass is great but not sure it’s economical from an owner POV.

Anyway, don’t cheap out on it since that glass is a structural member in case of rollover. At least, that was my reasoning; that and the fact that it went from too small to repair to too big in a blink of an eye.

vishious911 | 2019年6月25日

Thanks for the advice, folks! I've scheduled a replacement :)
(Gotta love the helpful members of the forum. Y'all are amazing peeps!)

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 2019年6月26日

The roof glass is laminated the same as the windshield. If the crack is shorter than the length of a dollar bill, it can be repaired with plastic injection. I had it done to my old Prius and you have to look really carefully to see it.
BTW, I have full glass coverage on my cars, absolutely worth it.

howard | 2019年6月26日

Might check with your insurance carrier about the glass rider. Even with the rider, glass replacement can show up as a claim. I have not filed a glass claim in over 20 years for that reason.

jimglas | 2019年6月26日

Anything "smaller than a dollar bill" can be "repaired" by safelight chip repair.
It won't look much better, but it won't get worse. They infuse some kind of resin into the defect.
I have two chips on my windshield repaired.

aptwo | 2019年6月26日

Safelight should be able to fix that.