Range and acceleration loss

Range and acceleration loss

Has anyone else noticed a sudden range and acceleration drop with the installation of 2019 16.2?

tesla05733 | 2019年7月15日

Yes! My charging on Superchargers is down almost 50% and I have lost OVER 18% of my range on my S85!
It all happened at once the day after 2019.16.x was put on my car :(
Tesla has been of no help in explaining the sudden loss.

tesla05733 | 2019年7月15日

And we are not alone. Several people are seeing this issue. They have been posting it here: | 2019年7月16日

My 2013 P85+ has lost 30 kilometers of range when charged to 100% SoC after 2019.16.2. (Reduced to 325 km.)
Maximum speed at SuperCharger is reduced to 65 kW after 2019.20.4.2.
Odometer shows 124.000 km.

Not happy.

faughtz | 2019年7月16日

Yes, I lost ~8kWh of capacity and more than 30 kW of power.

WhiteP85P | 2019年7月19日

Same here. Huge loss of supercharging speeds, noticeable decrease in power, and 20 miles lost so far, with 5 miles lost again today. It seems to lose more with every supercharge.

Wolbers | 2019年8月2日

The loss in Range is not very acurate. I have charged to 100% and then drove to empty in one stint. I got 58,5 KWh out of the battery. It used to be 76 KWh in the beginning. I am at 155.000 km. A Norwegian Tesla service Person told me, that the Update took away 11 KWh. So it would be 65 KWh now. So my degration is about 6,5 KWh. That seems to be about right, because some weeks before the update I saw 68 KWh. I am not very happy with that. I have some areas to go that used up almost my complete capacity. Those I can´t reach any more now. I think if Tesla sees a problem with our 85 Packs they should give them as an upgrade to S60 People and give us a fair 90 KWh upgrade to get the range back they sold to us.

doitallinvestor | 2019年8月2日

I've lost about 30 miles of range on my p85