Dashcam: USB Drive is too slow to save

Dashcam: USB Drive is too slow to save

Hello ladies and gents,

I updated to the latest software and now all of a sudden the computer says that the USB is too slow to save. It's a "quality" PNY 3.0 stick with 128 gigs of space. It worked flawless before this update. Anyone experience the same issue? | 2019年9月16日

@sandysimon45 - If you're using Windows and deleted the files, they may still be on the drive's hidden recycled bin. That takes up space, and unlike Windows, Tesla's Linux sees it as used space and will not overwrite it. I suggest a FAT32 format and then create the TeslaCam folder. Hopefully, that should do it. Also, are you absolutely sure you are formatting for FAT32? Windows will not do FAT32 on drives greater than 32 GB and you have to use a different utility. Here are several ways I use:

Sentry mode can work without a flash drive. It still provides the alerts, but if something is wrong with an attached drive (wrong format, no TeslaCam folder) it just ignores the drive.

@sparky - It's likely your old drive never worked well. There was likely corruption in some of the video files when the drive just couldn't keep up with the continuous writes. Now that Tesla tests the writes, it can warn you of a drive that's really just too slow. Here's my list of drive recommendations:

Keep in mind, manufacture rated write speeds are the peak/best possible speed. Most drives only offer a fraction of the write speed when doing continuous writes. I've seen some drive drop by a factor of 50 when writing continuously! Drives also can get slower as they fill up. Just depends on the internal design.

EVRider | 2019年9月16日

@sandysimon45: Make sure there's no typo in the TeslaCam folder name. Stranger things have happened. :-)

beaver | 2019年9月16日

The 64 GB SSD drive and adapter solution worked for me, thanks TeslaTap

dnasserian | 2019年9月17日

The fact that you need 3rd party software or partitions to get this feature to work is a joke. I had no problems prior to the update. Tesla needs to repair whatever when wrong with the software.

rehutton777 | 2019年9月17日

@sandysimon45: Are you sure it is formated to FAT32? The larger (e.g. 128 GB) drives are usually ExFAT formatted, and have to be re-formatted appropriately to FAT32 using a utility converter. Windows 10 will not provide conversion to FAT32 for any disk over 32 GB. I had to do this to my SanDisk 128 GB MicroSD card before it would work. Also, you must have the TeslaCam folder added to the drive for it to be properly written to.

EVRider | 2019年9月18日

@dnasserian: The need for 3rd party software or partitions has nothing to do with any update. Windows should support formatting large drives as FAT32, but unfortunately it doesn’t. That’s not something Tesla needs to fix.

amusee12 | 2019年9月18日

My booty finally got a chance to review this car! Check it out :)

roballison | 2019年9月25日

I have also just started experiencing this issue. Received a software update last week (9/17 to 2019.32.2.2 da05838) and Monday evening pulled the USB to save a video I wanted to keep. After putting the USB back in, I now get about 20-30 minutes of driving with it, then it reports a USB too slow error. Worked flawlessly since TeslaCam was introduced prior to that. I have formatted it completely and recreated the TeslaCam directory but it's still giving the error.

I was associating it with the fact that I had removed it and reinserted it. It didn't even occur to me that it may have been related to the software update last week.

billtphotoman | 2019年9月25日 - THANK YOU and people like you really improve the Tesla ownership experience and balance out posts from @amusee12.

rahul.dantu | 2019年9月26日

Here is what I tried and works after quite a few trials over the past couple of days.

What works: USB 3.0 adapter that takes either a Micro SD or SD card or both. The Micro SD / SD Card I have is 128GB formatted as FAT32 on Windows using 3rd party tool. This has been working since the past 2 days (including today).

What does not work:
1. USB Drive 3.1 / 3.0 / 2.0. irrespective of read / write speeds that are way above prescribed 4mbps. I had a Samsung MUF-256AB/AM FIT Plus 256GB - 300MB/s USB 3.1 Flash Drive that was partitioned to 128GB each to hold music and for TeslaCam. This worked between May 2019 until the V10 firmware upgrade.

This USB drive no longer works as 256GB FAT32 mode NOR with two partitions at 128GB each NOR in ext4 mode.

Although they both are NAND storage drives with variable r/w speeds, somehow there is a "endurance" element in the Micro SD / SD cards vs. the USB to work normally. This is my imagination being an ex-IT Techie.

Second, the type of device detected by TM3's Linux System probably now has been restricted to take SD Card type (Micro SD & SD Card) which shows up as /dev/sddx and no more an USB that may show up as /dev/usb.

Good luck.

digichemie | 2019年9月26日

I have simple solution.
First, I bought Sandisk 64gb, usb 3.1 flash drive ($10.84). It was good for a while then starts to show too slow to save. Then, I returned it and bought ADATA SSD 240gb ($31,45) with ssd enclosure (any one less than $10). Now, it works great with much more space to save. You can make partition if you want to put musics. I formatted as MS-DOS (FAT) using Mac.

yoshodeep | 2019年9月26日

The hypothesis that USB drives do not work any longer, and we need to use an SSD or Micro SD is incorrect. I used a 64 GB USB drive (formatted FAT32 using a 3rd party app) for a while, until the software updated broke it a couple of months ago (like everyone else). After trying a few different options, I bought a 32 GB USB drive (to test effectively, used the exact brand and type, exact same read/write speed as before),which has been working fine for the last 4 weeks. I think Tesla's software issue is with size, not drive type.

stopnair | 2019年10月3日

I started getting this error from V10. I have a 300 mb/s SAMSUNG bar USB which worked for over 4 months and now I get this error saying its need to be minimum 4mb/s .. what??

Jlomb436 | 2019年10月7日

OP here.

I also bought a Samsung BAR USB 128 after I couldn't get previous drives to work. Happily, I had no problems... until V10. Now that I think the drive is full, it's slowing down, and therefore I'm getting the same limit. I may just go SSD because I now have 3 128 USB drives that I will likely never use.

Anyone else have some ideas?

sburocks | 2019年10月14日

@stopnair I too have only received this message since V10, was fine before that. I am using the SanDisk Ultra Fit 16GB

andy.connor.e | 2019年10月14日

SSD is a good idea. They are more reliable than USB sticks.

SFTesla3 | 2019年10月15日

I was having a lot of trouble with the dashcam complaining about slow speed USB and the camera lagging by a few seconds when reversing. I was using SanDisk 32GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive - SDCZ430-032G-G46 . I switched to Anker 2-in-1 USB 3.0 Portable Card Reader for SDXC, SDHC, SD, MMC, RS-MMC, Micro SDXC, Micro SD, Micro SDHC Card and UHS-I Cards along with SanDisk Extreme 64GB microSDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter - SDSQXVF-064G-GN6MA and all my troubles are gone. I don't see the slow USB drive error anymore, dashcam records consistently, and when switching to reverse I see no lag in the camera.

dahlgrenla310 | 2019年10月22日

I have an ultra fast and Transcend 128 GB USB 3.0 with writing of 210/140 MB/s. I have been using this for 3 months with no issue, but now i am getting the error (after a tesla software update). I suspect this is an issue with Tesla and their software and NOT the flash drive.

digichemie | 2019年10月22日

My SSD still works flawlessly after updating V10. Had partition to put music. | 2019年10月22日

@dahlgrenla310 - That's a good drive, but V10 now records 4 streams instead of 3 so the write requirements just went up a bit. For some reason, most stick drives write speed slows down as the drive fills. Not something advertised by the manufacturers. I've seen some drives slow 50 times (yes 50) from the rated write speed when the drive fills up.

As others point out, micro SD cars seem to be the most reliable.

For those interested, I created an entire site just on the Tesla Dashcam:

Includes using, watching videos, recommendations, troubleshooting and a lot more. | 2019年10月22日

So that write speed of 140 MB/s could become 2.8 MB/s as the drive fills, which is too slow to record 4 streams reliably (but could record 3 streams).

curryme | 2019年10月30日

Could this message mean that the drive is getting burnt out from heavy use? It's a USB 2.0 drive, shouldn't any USB 3.0 stick be faster than the drive? Mine drive is rated at 200mb/s and worked perfectly fine for 10 months straight and it still works! If I unplug/plug then it loads and works. I can record clips, set sentry mode. But 10 minutes later... TOO SLOW...

Frank99 | 2019年10月30日

Yes, it may be that your drive is getting old. USB Flash Drives don't have ratings for how many times you can write to them, and I wore out a SanDisk UltraFit in about 6 months in the car. There's a lot of incentives for manufacturers to cut corners and make the drives look really fast on benchmarks, corners that end up reducing the lifetime of the drives. I contacted both SanDisk and Samsung to get lifetime specs for their USB drives - and got the answer of "We don't spec that".

MicroSD cards made for dashcams and video surveillance systems (Like the Samsung Endurance Pro are better suited to our cars - they have a higher rated temperature range, and a guaranteed lifetime (spec'ed at 3600 drive writes (26280 hours of recording 3.25 MB/sec video on a 64GB card, you do the math). Our cars record about 2 MB/S, so this card should last about 42000 hours, or about
5 years. The same is true of SSDs - this one ( specs about 2300 drive writes, so maybe 3 years. But, it isn't spec'ed for the kinds of temperatures it might see in the car.

jerry | 2019年11月3日

I've got this one: and I see the message that it's too slow frequently. Should be fine? Anyone else use this one (SanDisk 64GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive) | 2019年11月6日

I have the same problem - since updating to 32.12.2 I have been getting the message that my Samsung Bar Plus was too slow. Its been in the car for 4 months recording perfectly - it was recommended on some forum - Its specs say 56MB/sec write speed. I cleared it out and reformatted, still get same error. Maybe the drive has flaked out, so i'm replacing it.

I suspect that either there is an IO slowdown elsewhere in the tesla OS or a bad speed test.

Samsugn MUF-128BE4/AM USB 3.1 Flash Drive BAR Plus 128GB Titan Gray -- BAR Plus is again an improvement in everyway over the older model. For sequential speeds we saw 283.48MB/s read and 61.84MB/s write, 2MB random gave us 269.31MB/s read and 56.01MB/s write,

Frank99 | 2019年11月6日

DashCam and Sentry Mode usage of the USB drive is definitely still "Beta", and all the problems with "drive too slow" are simply symptoms of that. The car generates video to write to the drive at about 2 MB/sec - an order of magnitude slower than even a midrange 20 MB/Sec USB Flash Drive.
I would guess that Tesla hasn't put in a lot of work to make sure that their USB Flash drivers in the firmware have been optimized to work with as many Flash drives as possible - nor has their Write speed test been properly vetted to assure that it works correctly. That's just life in the Tesla world.

jerry -
That Sandisk USB Drive lasted about 6 months in my car (though I had the 32GB version). It also got pretty hot. I'm currently using a Samsung Fit drive ( like ) which is much cooler, and works well. Buy the 128GB or 256GB version to maximize the length of time it'll work.

jerry | 2019年11月6日

Frank99 - yeah, I'll eventually replace it. It was cheap. I also just ordered a Jeda USB hub as I'm currently using a battery with pass-thru charging to get the 3rd USB port. It also will make things neater. Are u getting the error messages (too slow) with the Samsung Fit too?

fearghus1 | 2019年11月7日

I had similar problems with my sandisk extreme pro 128GB USB drive after v10 update.

I switched to 128GB High Endurance Micro SD and the problem is gone. I haven’t seen any issues yet.

SalisburySam | 2019年11月8日

For the last 12 months I’ve used these: and they have and continue to work well. I formatted them to MS-DOS(FAT32) with TeslaCam folder, done by using Disk Utility on an iMac.

The more I drive, the faster the flash drives fill (duh!). So I got a 500GB Samsung T5 SSD for trip use. I formatted it as journaled for macOS, then created two FAT32 partitions of 250GB each. Yes, you can do that with Disk Utility. One is TeslaCam and the other is for music. Have used this for a couple of weeks now and all works well. I still keep the flash drives in the car to replace the SSD when I take it to the iMac to view the recordings, and to add/edit/delete music files. The Kingston flash drives were about $15 for a set of two, and the SSD was about $90. Now that I know how well the SSD works, my next step is to get a 2nd one for swapping, reformat the flash drives and take them out of the rotation to use for other purposes.

steve.p.fergusson | 2019年11月10日

I am in the UK and haven't ordered my model 3 yet. I have a nextbase 512GW dash cam (only 2 months old) in my current car (Toyota Prius). It's wired in from the dashcam to a fuseboard inside the car.
My question is, when I get my model 3, is there any way to wire the nextbase dashcam in to the model 3 by wiring it into the rear view mirror housing? I'm scared of letting my local company, who fitted the dashcam to my Prius, loose on my brand new model 3! I appreciate the fact that the model 3 has a dashcam already fitted as standard, but would prefer to transfer my nextbase over to my model 3 if it's a viable proposition. Any info/help would be much appreciated

steve.p.fergusson | 2019年11月10日

...meant to clarify - when the local company fitted the nextbase to my Prius, he had various panels off inside the Prius to channel the wiring to an internal fuseboard Although the job was done well, I'm TOO reluctant (I think!) to let a fitter start removing panels on my brand spanking new model 3! He probably wouldn't even know WHERE an internal fuseboard is on a model 3 (nor would I!), as he probably hasn't fitted one to a Tesla before

jerry | 2019年11月12日

Ordered a 250GB Samsung T5 SSD from Amazon for $93 then 2 days later noticed that the 500GB one was $89 :( Order came today and looks like Amazon did the right thing and just sent me a 500GB SSD! Formatted it and put in in the car... Hopefully that will solve the issues. Looking forward to my Jeda USB hub - they seem to be 2-3 weeks behind demand.

iQUISMO | 2019年11月13日

In case some of you are still in search of a solution, I have an option for you. I was able to use a 2.5" laptop SSD in a cheap USB 3.0 HDD enclosure without any issue. I've tried the faster USB thumb drives, even those advertised at >100MB/s write speeds, to no avail. I'm going on weeks now with an old 128GB laptop SSD in a $7 enclosure from Amazon (Brand: Neeyer)...absolutely no issues. I put the same setup in my brother's M3P, and he too has no more issues. It is somewhat frustrating that we have to resort to this setup, but I am extremely happy now that my dashcam records without any issue.

iQUISMO | 2019年11月13日

Oh just saw the more recent posts. So yeah, I guess I'm another data point...SSD's do work =)

thedrisin | 2019年11月14日

Isn't write speed limited to the speed of the 2.0 port speed?. USB 3.1 flash drive can only write at the maximum write speed of the port regardless of the soecs. Even most good quality USB 2.0 flash drives exceed the 4MB/s write speed in the error message.

EVRider | 2019年11月14日

I saw the “drive too slow” message for the first time yesterday. I’ve been using the same Lexar 64GB USB ever since the TeslaCam feature was introduced. I removed the USB and reinserted it, and all is well. I’m on 36.2.1, which I installed a few days ago.

mark | 2019年11月15日

steve.p.fergusson: I'm in the same position - have ordered a Model 3 in the UK for Feb delivery, and also have Nextbase 512GW front (and rear) dashcams. I'd quite like to keep the front one too as a backup to the TesaCam.

Has anyone any experience of fitting third party dash cams to the M3, and how did you get on?

ronnie.garcia | 2019年12月2日

I'm seeing the "Drive too slow" message as well, now. Was working fine when I first started using it. I captured a few videos and everything. I emptied the drive yesterday but I'm still getting the same message. I will try reformatting it tonight.

76_m3_76 | 2019年12月2日

I got the same exact error. I reformatted my drive recently and have had 0 issues since. Try that.

igotnewproject | 2019年12月3日

I noticed it only effects dash cam video while driving , the sentry video still works. I was able to fix by rebooting , but the warning still comes and goes, not a permeant fix.
This morning before going to work, I took a flash card from a security camera and put it with USB adapter on the car , the message no longer shows up.

I just ordered Samsung pro endurance 128gb micro sdxc card and plan to use the current Sandisk USB drive for music only.

wick | 2019年12月6日

Jeff at puretesla, where I bought my drive, reports that the issue will be resolved in update 40.2.

Let’s hope.

wick | 2019年12月6日

Jeff at puretesla, where I bought my drive, reports that the issue will be resolved in update 40.2.

Let’s hope.

ggjawdoc | 2019年12月13日

Im trying to read through all of these posts I am wondering if the following drive fits the requirements or if anyone has had success with this drive

Samsung FIT Plus USB 3.1 Flash Drive 128GB - 300MB/s (MUF-128AB/AM)

My car is updated to version 40.2.1

Thanks for the help

jontiekarden | 2019年12月18日

@ggjawdoc, I'm using that same drive and I'm having the same problem. I keep getting error messages, that the write speed is too slow. I'm also running version 40.2.1. Sorry, wish I could help here.

Jones | 2019年12月18日

I also had a SanDisk drive that worked just fine up until v40.2 and then I got the "USB too slow..." message after 6 months of reliable use. The thumb drive actually failed - unable to read, erase or reformat. Dead. Replacing with Samsung SSD.

WW_spb | 2019年12月18日

I had same problem when using USB drive, switched to Samsung endurance microsd card and have zero problems now.

Jmustafa30 | 2019年12月19日

@ggjawadoc I'm using the same drive and just recently saw this error appear maybe two days ago. Unplugging then replugging the drive into the other USB drive fixed the issue for a day but it just came back this morning. Based on the specs required for Dashcam and Sentry Mode this drive should be more than efficient. Seeing that this hasn't been fixed since July tells me they know about the issue but its not an easy fix which results in a lot more waiting for us users. Hopefully they get it fixed soon cause its annoying af.
Version: 40.2.1
Device: Samsung FIT Plus USB 3.1 Flash Drive 128GB - 300MB/s (MUF-128AB/AM)

95dawg | 2019年12月19日

Flash drives work great for writing infrequently and reading frequently. As it fills up, it doesn't handle constant rewrite very well, which is what Sentry Mode sw is doing. Controllers in SSDs do much better job of maintaining performance and extend the life of the memory cells (garbage collection, wear leveling, TRIM).

Syed.Hosain | 2019年12月19日

I said this earlier, but I should say again perhaps.

I have this drive (not just a "USB stick") and it works very well indeed! Tests at near 400 Mbytes/sec read and write speeds:

I have two partitions on it - first one at 200 GB for the camera (has to be the first partition for the camera as far as I can tell) and the second at 270 GB for my music files.

Also, I use a free partitioning program called EaseUS since the partitions need to be FAT32 formatted as TeslaTap notes on his site.

Jmustafa30 | 2019年12月19日

My issue is not with the device itself but the fact that users have to buy more than the required spec to be able to use the software without any issues. To restate my point, I shouldn't have to buy a $80 dollar SSD when the spec requirements equal to a $20 dollar "just a USB stick". They either should change the spec requirements or fix the issue in the next build; especially when theres enough reports and data to be able to understand the underlying issue within logs/user info.