Referral Code

Referral Code

I purchased a new model 3 on 6/29 using my referral code which should have equated to 1000 supercharger miles. So far, i've used a supercharger twice and they have charged me. Sent an email to customer support but so far no response. Anyone else have this problem? | 2019年7月30日

It can take 6-8 weeks for your the miles to get set up. Not sure why they are slow at getting it done.

Home2maui | 2019年7月30日

The same thing is happening to my aunt. I gave her a referral 10 weeks ago in May for her purchase of a model 3. Tesla hasn't bothered to respond to any emails so I went into a SC and had them look it up. They said the referral is on the order but she hasn't received the free miles when charging and I have not received a credit for providing the referral. She also used my referral code last October to have solar installed. I never received credit for that either. In February Tesla just told me it was too late as that program had ended. How convenient.