Purchased FSD. Should it be listed on my Options?

Purchased FSD. Should it be listed on my Options?

I bought the car w/ EAP and recently purchased FSD. The box to upgrade to FSD went away but the Options list only Enhanced Autopilot.
Should FSD be listed on that Options list (Account/Manage/View Details)?

Just curious.

Joshan | 2019年8月2日

how long ago did you buy it?

Yes it should be listed, it is in mine and even has a copy of the receipt for what I paid.

Funny side story on that receipt :) I bought it for $3k and a day later Elon announced it would be $2 for people who had EAP. Si they gave me a 1K refund, but did not update the receipt!

Joshan | 2019年8月2日

should add. It took like 10 days to show up in the Web Portal along with the receipt.

lilbean | 2019年8月2日

I don't see the point since it doesn't even exist.

Joshan | 2019年8月2日

gambling on the future. That locks you in to any hardware you will need for free moving forward. That is not guaranteed for you. We will see who's gamble pays off :)

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年8月2日

It took months for FUSC to show up on accounts for those that got it, cause of great angst for some.

jimglas | 2019年8月2日

mine was on my motor vehicle purchase agreement
Which is located in the manage button on my tesla account

Joshan | 2019年8月2日

he said he bought FSD after purchase (same thing I did). So it wouldn't be on the Agreement.

jimglas | 2019年8月2日

I got in on the $2k firesale on my MX. I recieved a separate receipt for the purchase. It appeared the same day as I was billed.

rob | 2019年8月2日

Great info. I got it less than a week ago. I'll watch it for a month or so and contact SC if I don't see it show up in Options.


Joshan | 2019年8月2日

better option is likely contacting Chat for something like that. but whatever works for ya! Enjoy your Tesla!!!

yudansha™ | 2019年8月2日

I have Full Self-Driving Capability under Post Delivery Options with a link to the invoice

Joshan | 2019年8月2日

how long did it take to show up there Tanya? I think that is the question. Mine was about 10 days and he said he bought a week ago.

yudansha™ | 2019年8月2日

@Joshan No idea. I bought it on March 8th.

sethlsams | 2019年8月2日

My Tesla account has always had issues and doesn't show my FSD upgrade either. It actually just shows I have Autopilot when I really have EAP. I called Tesla and spoke with a lady and they confirmed there are a lot of people with issues like these. She did say that they are in the process of switching to a new system which will allow them to make fixes and changes to peoples account but their current system doesn't do that. Give it a few months and if it isn't fixed by then, call and see if they have the new system then which allows them to make manual changes.

Kary993 | 2019年8月2日

Mine showed up the day I took delivery, that was in March.

Joshan | 2019年8月2日

yes, the question was about "post delivery"

Joshan | 2019年8月2日

It looks like this if you buy After buying the car.

Premium Interior
Enhanced Autopilot

Post Delivery Options
Full Self-Driving Capability

St☰v☰ | 2019年8月2日

It should also be on your monroney sticker as an option.

Joshan | 2019年8月2日

how would it be on a sticker if you bought it after delivery? they sneak in your garage at night?

St☰v☰ | 2019年8月2日

@Joshan | August 2, 2019
how would it be on a sticker if you bought it after delivery? they sneak in your garage at night?

Missed that... doh!!

RedPillSucks | 2019年8月2日

@rob, is this an inventory model? EAP was phased out last year, I think

bjrosen | 2019年8月2日

How long does it take before it gets enabled after the purchase. I picked up my car on Wed and immediately purchased the FSD option after they finished registering the car. My car doesn't seem to have it yet. I was told at the store that it might take as long as 48 hours, it's been 48 hours. I'd like to have it by tomorrow when I take the car on it's first road trip to Vermont.

Glak | 2019年8月2日

Mine listed under post delivery option the same day I purchased it. However, the invoice link didn’t appear until a few days later.

CaliforniaMaki808 | 2019年8月2日

I tried to make an appointment to get my FSD chip installed onto my (HW2) 2018 M3. Tesla contacted me back and said they didn't have the parts available. They didn't have ETA on when it would be available. Reading online Elon said maybe end of Q4 this year.

EVRider | 2019年8月2日

@CaliforniaMaki808: Tesla isn't going to upgrade anyone to HW3 until they actually need to, meaning there's new functionality that requires it. Elon doesn't do well predicting when software features will be available, so don't put too much faith in the Q4 estimate.

Jchopkins5 | 2019年8月2日

Mine was purchased months ago and not showing up but assume since I have receipts I will fine in future .

cquail | 2019年8月2日

I purchased FSD 7/30/2019. Noe on the “view details” page I see an invoice link. When I go there, it shows I owe $30 more in sales tax. So I have an outstanding invoice for $30.

rob | 2019年8月3日

Bought the car late Jan. w/ EAP. It was built Dec 2018. Added FSD July 26.

raffidesigns | 2019年8月3日

FSD will be on your My Documents section on your account page. FSD will not appear anywhere on your car until it is released.

EVRider | 2019年8月3日

@raffidesigns: I don’t know where you’re getting your information, but “Full Self Driving Capability” will show up on your Model 3 vehicle details page after you buy it (eventually). FSD already includes features that aren’t available in basic AP, so you’ll get those features immediately, even though true “full self driving” is a ways off.

hsandel | 2020年2月11日

How soon after purchase of the FSD you get the software downloaded /installed and the FSD is fully functioning?