Approximately 3/17/2019, I upgraded/purchased what I thought was EAP at what I thought was the "sale" price of $2,000. It is most likely AP.

Now I'm considering upgrading to FSD since I really would like Summon. I went to the page to purchase FSD, but the price is $6,000. Isn't it supposed to be $3,000 until 8/16 ?

Thank you.

Bighorn | 2019年8月10日

$3k with the EAP for $5k

dsteal | 2019年8月10日

Curious how you plan to use Summon. I’ve used it once or twice as a party trick. Other than that I use EAP every day during commute. I don’t find any of the extra FSD features useful yet. Hopefully that will change.

EVRider | 2019年8月11日

If you’re only interested in Summon, it’s not worth $6,000 (or even $3,000). Buy FSD if you want the other features and the upgrade to HW3. As Bighorn said, your cost is $6,000 because you don’t have EAP.

nukequazar | 2019年8月11日

I use summon every day. My garage space is tight and this car is significantly wider than my last so it makes it difficult to open the door wide enough to get in and out comfortably plus the trunk cannot open all the way when my garage door is open so I stop in the driveway and summon it in and out every single time. I also use EAP every time I’m on the freeway although it’s not all it’s cracked up to be... so far.

For me, EAP plus summon plus HW 3.0 upgrade plus likely future price increases in the future (although this you cannot count on at all because it could also be made free at any moment on a whim) makes it worth it.

nukequazar | 2019年8月11日

I meant Nav on AP not EAP.