App Interior Color Tweak

App Interior Color Tweak

So I first need to admit this is very picky. In the images included in the app the vehicle exterior color and the wheels match up with your specific vehicle. When I choose CLIMATE it provides a top down view of the interior. My interior color is white in my actual vehicle, but woe is me the app shows the black interior with the wood trim. Is this standard for everyone or is the white app interior available for the pretentious owner like myself?

82bert | 2019年8月18日

Haha. Yeah it’s standard. We have a black interior and another white interior. It shows black for both. Send a tweet to Elon. Shouldn’t be hard to correct.

Chuck Magnet | 2019年8月18日

Thank you for that! I’ll patiently wait for Elon’s next tweet binge and try to throw the suggestion out then.

ajgrieco | 2019年8月18日

Have a Model 3 with white interior. Anyone have a glare issue with the rearview mirrors? Drives my wife nuts. Does anyone know where of how to cover the white dash portion with a none reflective coating?

casun | 2019年8月18日

time to invoke the lemon law.

EVRider | 2019年8月18日

@ajgrieco: I don't understand how the dash could impact the rear view mirrors. We don't notice an issue in our car. Did you mean to say glare on the windshield?

82bert | 2019年8月18日

No issue for myself or my wife.

Chuck Magnet | 2019年8月18日

I know exactly what you mean about the glare with the white interior, I had no idea it was the interior causing that but I bet you’re right. Backing into my garage the glare takes up most of the side mirror view, forcing me to completely rely on the rear view camera. Luckily that camera is awesome and is more than enough to make up for glare. Great observation.

richtrav | 2019年8月18日

Come to think of it when I use Fart Mode it shows a black interior. Make it right Tesla!

wasabi5858 | 2019年8月18日

There are vinyl wrap you can buy for the strip. most I seen are carbon fiber style. for me. ( i don't have white) I wonder if a matte topcoat spray will work and be able to remove wiht the right thinner.

ronocoug | 2019年8月19日

I have white interior and no problems to report; clear glass, no window tint. I wonder if tinting would be a fix to tone down the light causing the glare/reflection.