1 year anniversary - 2nd best purchase in a decade

1 year anniversary - 2nd best purchase in a decade

Today is the 1 year anniversary since we picked up our M3. Other than a few cosmetic issues that Tesla took care of as requested, it's been a year of trouble free ownership...the second best purchase in a decade.

So what was my #1 purchase in the past decade? Well, it all started with believing in Tesla. I remember the night of 7-6-2010...following Tesla news for years, and they had recently announced two major advances. They were building their Fremont factory, I believe in an old GM factory, and they were entering into a contract with Toyota to build a RAV4 EV powertrain. I remember it like it was yesterday looking at my wife and saying, "Tomorrow I'm going to pull the trigger and purchase some Tesla stock." I then smiled and said, "One of these days this investment is going to buy a Tesla." We both had a good laugh knowing how expensive Teslas were, and that it most likely wasn't going to happen.

On July 7, 2010 I purchased 150 shares of Tesla stock at $14.99 per share = $2248.50

On May 2, 2017 I test drove a Model S P100D at the Jacksonville, FL location. I was amazed.

On May 10, 2017 I paid my reservation fee for a Model 3, knowing we couldn't afford a Model S.

On July 10, 2018 I was notified that my reservation number was up and that I could order my Model 3, yet none were in the area to test drive.

On July 23, 2018 we were notified that there was a Model 3 in Tampa, FL that we could test drive, we went the next day, and we were sold.

On July 27, 2018 I placed my order for a pearl white LR RWD Model 3.

On August 7, 2018 I sold my Tesla stock just before the closing bell for $385.00 per share = $57750.00. I was sweating it that day. I had placed a bracket order with a low of $330 per share and a high of $385. I had run my numbers. I knew my low would come close to paying for the car in full. I had ordered the M3, but stock prices had falling to around $180 per share in the weeks prior. It seems like share value jumped about $100 per share in two days. I new it was time to sell...I thought it was the rush of sales, so people could get the full $7500 tax credit by taking delivery before the end of the year that drove the share price up.

On August 21, 2018 we picked up our M3 at the Tampa Service Center and we've been thrilled to own it every minute since then. Ever one of the 17,219 miles has been a regrets. I still look for a reason to drive it.

As someone with almost a 25 year mechanical background and then almost 20 years in computer application development and coding this has been the perfect car for me. In 45 years of owning cars this is by far the best car I've ever owned....again zero regrets.

BTW, after paying for the M3 I reinvested in Tesla stock with the remaining my Tesla...still a shareholder.

SalisburySam | 2019年8月21日

Great story, and congratulations on an even better investment! FYI, my best purchase was an engagement ring.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年8月21日

The NUMMI factory was pretty much a fail until Tesla took it over. It makes me proud to see car carrier after car carrier full of brand new Tesla's when I get out and about. My wife reports seeing car carriers full on her way to work in the morning and on her way home. Congrats on your 1 year, it looks like several regulars here are celebrating this month.

jjgunn | 2019年8月21日

Cool story bro!

Buy low....sell high. It's like magic. Great timing

I never thought I'd own ONE of these cars let alone TWO.

Let's keep it going!!

gmr6415 | 2019年8月21日

Ahh! I forgot one detail. I had purchased my Tesla stock in my Roth IRA. In April of 2018 I turned 59 1/2, so I didn't have to pay capital gains on the profits either. It was like all of the stars had aligned, and it was meant to be.

eplaskett | 2019年8月21日

Great story; thanks for sharing. I hit my one-year anniversary a month ago, and the car continues to make me smile every day.