Post / share your cool mods on your MX

Post / share your cool mods on your MX

Have been checking out various accessories to enhance the enjoyment of our new MX, especially items to enhance the functionality and protection of both interior & exterior items.

Beside the PPF to prevent rock chips, looking at the following items and feel free to add/comment in sharing your experience & recommendations.

> Interior Lighting upgrades: Changing the interior accessories lighting for better visibility (especially the front/back trunk area ->

> Doo Anti Kick Pad -> looking for a way to protect the footprints on the door panel (looking for a solution)

> Shade cover -> wife easily tan and looking for ways to provide more protection from the UV while driving

let's hear your mods/enhancement on your MX :-)

CrazyHorse | 2019年8月27日

Window tint
w look for "prime CS" blocks uv rays and rejects heat