I use the Dashcam. But the 8GB USB gets filled very quickly because the system keeps filming even when the car is not driving. Probably I need to stop the dashcam manually each time.
Why not introduce overriding the oldest films (cascading them)
and also introduce the option "only when driving" in the car setup.


EVRider | 2019年8月31日

I suggest you read about the dashcam and Sentry Mode in the manual. Sentry Mode is filling your USB drive, not the dashcam. 8GB is much too small if you use Sentry Mode — get a 128GB or larger. | 2019年8月31日

@EVRider - nailed it. 128 GB or larger really needed. With 128 GB, should run for a few weeks before you need to delete saved sentry files. Here's my guide on drives for the Tesla dashcam:

Recommendations are down a bit in the article I now prefer micro SD cards, as they are designed for dashcam use. Standard flash drives are not and may not be fast enough or last that long.