Sirius XM does not work intermittently

Sirius XM does not work intermittently

Generally it works well but maybe every fifth day or so I drive out of my garage and SXM has 0 bars and doesn’t work. The next time I use the car or park it, it starts working.

I expect someone will say it is the antenna but I am doubtful of this. The reason is that it gets solid four bars, the highest that any of the bands gets (though none ever get 5 bars) when it works and almost never fluctuates when working. Anyhow, has anyone else observed a similar problem and know of a fix? I have been hesitant to bring it in for service since I expect it will
be working perfectly when I get to Tesla service. | 2019年9月3日

What year is your car? MCU1 or MCU2? Have you tried a reboot?

I did read your title as XM always works fine (you're sort of using a double negative), but understand what you meant.

selbstsa | 2019年9月3日

2019 Long Range just purchased in June of this year. Yes I have rebooted and it has no effect whatsoever on the problem of SXM not working every so often. I am now switching the radio to FM when I pull in the garage since I wonder if the problem is due to the antenna not getting an SXM signal in the garage then it has trouble connecting with a clear view as I pull out of the garage. I can’t figure out the cause but, as I suggested, when it works it works well and consistently so I doubt it is a problem with the antenna being able to connect.

bp | 2019年9月4日

We have seen intermittent XM issues with the recent software updates, when the XM media player will stop playing - which is corrected by rebooting the console processor.

But overall, we haven't experienced the problems reported by the OP. When pulling out of our garage, it can take a minute or two for the XM radio to begin playing after it acquires a satellite signal.

selbstsa | 2019年9月4日

I notice, too, that both the FM Radio and SXM get a maximum of 4 bar signal strength, not five bars. Is this normal?

henry | 2019年11月6日

I have EXACTLY the same issue. Intermittent loss of XM that spontaneously corrects after the care has been parked a while. Must be some sort of software glitch that needs to be fixed.