Overall effeciency, Miles/KWh

Overall effeciency, Miles/KWh

How are you doing on efficiency? I've had my Model 3AWD for 2200 miles so I have some numbers to share,

Since new, 2259 miles, 504 KWh, 223Wh/mile, 4.48 Miles/KWh, 151 MPGe
Today's commute, 63 miles, 12 KWh, 192Wh/mile, 5.25 Miles/KWh, 175.5 MPGe
Road trip to Montreal from MA, 692 miles, 157 KWh, 227Wh/mile, 4.4 Miles/KWh, 149.45 MPGe

I'm pretty happy with these numbers.

one.more.again | 2019年9月11日

I'm at 6000 miles on my LR RWD. Lifetime ave. Wh/mile is 347. No commute, all driving for pleasure, 5 track days. Very happy with it.

JAD | 2019年9月11日

More efficient than a Prius and more fun than a BMW M3. You decide with your right foot, amazingly versatile.

gmr6415 | 2019年9月11日

@bjrosen, From my experience it takes about 2500 miles to get through break in. Your Wh/mi will get even better.

I have an LR RWD and around town I get about 160 Wh/mi and on the highway at 75 mph I get around 220 Wh/mi.

BuffaloBillsFan | 2019年9月11日

Close to 6000 miles since May. M3P. I haven’t checked recently, but I am getting about 350 Wh/mi. Not great, but the car is just so much fun to drive! I will be taking it up to the mountains (with no supercharger nearby) in the next few months. Will I have range anxiety then? YES!

WantMY | 2019年9月11日

@bjrosen It is pretty good figures for Model 3. Is Model 3 is your first EV?

FISHEV | 2019年9月11日

“From my experience it takes about 2500 miles to get through break in.@gmr6415

What “breaks in” on a Tesla or any EV? It was a term that applied to gasoline engines but doesn’t apply anymore probably hasn’t applied in the last 10 years as gasoline engines got super efficient with tight tolerances and no need for “break in” period.

majassow | 2019年9月11日


Smalm | 2019年9月11日

4309 miles, 237 wh/m SR+

-TheJohn- | 2019年9月11日

Just under 18k miles on our RWD LR and we're at 253 Wh/Mi which I attribute to lead foot syndrome.
Tucson Az btw so lots of AC (LOTS) and not much heat. 2.5k of that has been long distance driving as well.

Man I love our beautiful machine..

llim3306 | 2019年9月14日

In about 3 months, I have 8,090 on my SR+, at 1,978 kWh at 245 Wh/mile, which gives me 137 MPGe. Hoping to do a bit better once the newness were off...:)

billlake2000 | 2019年9月14日

gmr6415, what the hell you doin? You always drivin downhill???

ODWms | 2019年9月15日

I have 11,500 miles, and lifetime 271 wh/m. I can easily get 245 - 250 wh/m out of a full charge which can put me at rated EPA mileage. And that’s a Performance with the big wheels/brakes, heavier curb weight and spoiler. Driving habits/style count for a lot.

jamilworm | 2019年9月15日

Are you guys just reporting the efficiency that the odometer window shows? The title says "overall efficiency" so I was hoping this would be about total energy consumed, including phantom drain and climate while parked and such. For example, my car reports about 250 Wh/mile, but I looked back at my electric bills for my 9 months of ownership and I've actually used about 3,800 kWh of electricity and driven 12,000 miles (all but about 1200 miles of that was charging at home). So 3,800/10,800 = .351 or 351 Wh/mile. This lines up with what Buffalo reported.

bjrosen | 2019年9月15日

I'm not including phantom drain in my numbers, I don't have a separate meter on my EVSE so there is no way to know what the exact number is. When I'm not plugged in and Sentry Mode is off I lose a couple of miles a day which would be approximately 200Wh. When Sentry Mode is on then it's awful, 20-25 miles a day which would be about 4KWh

bjrosen | 2019年9月15日

One more thing, these numbers are interesting to me because of what they say about range. I don't care if the car uses 10 cents worth of electricity a day while it's sitting in my driveway. I care a lot about how far it can go. The MPGe number is my preferred mine's bigger than yours number, traditionally 0-60 or top speed are the mine's bigger than yours number that guys quote, but in real life those are completely irrelevant, the MPGe number has the virtue of it's huge size, 150 vs the paltry 50 of a Prius let alone the sad 25 of a pure ICE with equivalent performance to the M3, and it's a brag that's mitigated by environmental virtue that it signals.

A side note, went to RI for dinner last night, 272 miles, 224Wh/mile, so my numbers are consistent. We had dinner at Coast which is in this gorgeous restored 19th hotel in Westerly., the Ocean House. They have Tesla chargers so there was no need to stop at Supercharger on the trip, I got 100 miles of range added while we had dinner.

jamilworm | 2019年9月15日

I don't have a separate meter either but I charge during super off-peak hours so I know that most of my energy usage during that time is for my car. By looking at days when I didn't charge overnight I know the amount my house uses during that window, so I just subtracted that amount from my total super off-peak usage to get my total car consumption.

No_ICE | 2019年9月15日

@bjrosen - winter is coming...
I have 28K miles on my LR RWD. Overall 231 Wh/mi but that breaks down into to 221 Wh/mi May-Oct and 260 Wh/mi Nov-Apr. 231 is not a true average because it includes two summers and one winter. Actual average is closer to 241 Wh/mi. I’m in the mid-Atlantic region.

FISHEV | 2019年9月15日

"I've actually used about 3,800 kWh of electricity and driven 12,000 miles (all but about 1200 miles of that was charging at home). So 3,800/10,800 = .351 or 351 Wh/mile."jamilworm

That would work out to 214 mile range on a 75 kWh battery. 75,000 kWh battery/350 Wh per mile = 214 miles. That's pretty low efficiency

I noticed that driving in the rain lowers miles/kWh a lot. Rain and driving over the Coast Range mountains and my actual range is 253 miles vs. rated (per the car itself) of 315 miles which is 296 wH per mile.

jebinc | 2019年9月15日

Lifetime - 253 Wh/mi

EVEdriver | 2019年9月15日

13,000 miles since 3/19. AWD LR. Avg 255 Wh/mi in hot Florida with constant AC. I'm happy!

ManuRandhawa | 2019年9月16日

258W/mile for 19600 miles over 10 and half months M3 LR RWD SF bay area driving :)

gballant4570 | 2019年9月16日

Some of this might depend on if you live in a location that experience winter, and if there is a winter season represented in your lifetime numbers. I live in Maryland, where we have a winter season, but it varies - quite mild some years, more of a hard winter some years. Last winter was neither. I'm about 3 weeks from my anniversary of delivery - 17014 miles, wh/m avg of 238.

A number of things come into play - I likely drive more secondary roads than most, with less interstate miles. The tires I replaced the OEM tires with about 4k miles back seem to be less efficient, buy I'm hoping for more wear.... I took the Aero covers off the first day, and never put them back on. My less than normal interstate miles driven likely reduce the impact of that decision. I do drive the car in a spirited manner at times, but I also run the trip meter while driving, which keeps me conscious of the impacts of my driving habits. During hot weather, I run the AC while I am not in the car (except while parked in the barn plugged in) and I can tell you that the extra power that uses does not appear in my wh/m numbers.

MAB1980 | 2019年9月16日

Where do you get the lifetime numbers? The average Whr/distance figure in the energy app is based on a limited dataset right?

bjrosen | 2019年9月16日

I've never cleared Trip B so it has my lifetime numbers.

spuzzz123 | 2019年9月16日

Lifetime 250 in Ohio. Use 220 in summer and about 280 in winter.

gballant4570 | 2019年9月16日

MAB1980, if you've never cleared one of the trip meters, just rename it Lifetime, and don't ever clear it.

MAB1980 | 2019年9月16日

Got it.
301Wh/mile, P3D @ 7350 miles.

marlon | 2019年9月16日

@jamilworm, you also need to account for the charging efficiency. According to, my overall charging efficiency has been 93%. That’s been since I started subscribing in January. So, while I’ve used 3844 kWh, it’s only added 3600 kWh to the car

jimglas | 2019年9月16日

depends upon how fast I drive
And the weather
and the terrain
mostly how fast I drive

jamilworm | 2019年9月16日

"FISHEV | September 15, 2019
"I've actually used about 3,800 kWh of electricity and driven 12,000 miles (all but about 1200 miles of that was charging at home). So 3,800/10,800 = .351 or 351 Wh/mile."jamilworm

That would work out to 214 mile range on a 75 kWh battery. 75,000 kWh battery/350 Wh per mile = 214 miles. That's pretty low efficiency"

FISH obviously didn't read my post carefully or intentionally misinterpreted it. The 351 Wh/mile I reported included phantom drain and energy consumed while parked for climate control and such. That's NOT the energy consumption rate while driving. My driving efficiency as reported by the car is 250 Wh/mile, which works out to a range of 300 miles for a 75 kWh battery. Most of my driving is my highway commute at 75-80 mph so that range is actually awesome.

jamilworm | 2019年9月16日

@marlon, good point. I don't have any way to measure that but it may be similar across the board.

Bighorn | 2019年9月16日

Par for the course. Nobody’s that stupid, hence the troll label.