Wall Charger; Customer Service

Wall Charger; Customer Service

Our Wall Charger (which Tesla installed at a Not to Exceed price) has failed repeatedly in just our 3 months of ownership.

My wife or I have had to stay home 4 times to get this fixed … only to have Tesla either not show up due to internal miscommunications at their end, or show up without the tools required to fix it. Fourth time happened today, and all Tesla did was leave a new Wall Charger but with no set time or arrangement to have it installed (much less the name and # of a person who would install it).

We bought a Volt nine years ago and have not once had maintenance problem with it much less Customer Service headaches accompanying it. In just our first 3-4 months of owning a Model X, we have already had at least 10 problems (including the screen going blank; the glove compartment not opening; and the Wall Charger not charging).

As we'd earlier bought the Volt, we bought the Tesla to go more electric and help move the country and world toward electric vehicles. Tesla's non-responsive and otherwise rude Customer Service undercuts that effort. Unless Tesla spends a tiny fraction of its resources into human interactions, its efforts to expand the appeal of electric cars will never climb above the 5% or so of people willing to buy them.

Steve Jobs made computers accessible for non-computer people. Steve Case (of AOL) made email accessible to non-internet people. When will Tesla make its cars enjoyable to a larger share of the population??

lilbean | 2019年9月13日

Tesla installed it? Wow!

AlexSV | 2019年9月14日

I scheduled Tesla charger installation with Chamberlin Power. Los Angeles area. The company on the Tesla list of installers with excellent Yelp reviews. Scheduled 10 days in advance.Was given time frame 3-5 pm. Rearranged my working schedule. It was not easy - I'm a practicing physician and my schedule is tight.
Results. No show. No phone call, no SMS, no apology. Nothing.

lilbean | 2019年9月14日

Go with Raymond Electric. Very nice and reliable.

jimglas | 2019年9月15日

when did tesla start doing installs?
Never heard of that
sounds like FUD to me | 2019年9月16日

Does sound strange. I also wasn't aware of any HPWC installs by Tesla at least in the USA.

@Mhill - How did it fail? Did you try the reset button? Are you in an area that gets hit with major lightning strikes and if is, is there a grounding issue with your house? It seems quite rare, but not unheard of for an HPWC to die. Not sure I've ever head of 4 failures in a few months. It sounds like something else may be going on with your specific location.

ratchet | 2019年9月16日

I made the assumption that "Tesla installed" meant that OP used one of the Tesla-trained independent electricians listed on the "Find an Electrician" page.