Streaming music not working

Streaming music not working

My streaming music seems to be in constant search mode. My ownership of my car is coming up on a year now and was wondering if my one year of internet access was expiring? A thread had been started asking about that and it didn't seem that anyone had been cut off or was made aware that they would have to start paying?

I rebooted my car using the pushing down both scroll buttons method but that didn't work.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so, what did you do to fix it?


bjrosen | 2019年9月16日

I think you have to give Tesla a hundred bucks for another year. Is there anything mentioned in your account?

Manjushr | 2019年9月16日

same here Sep 15 fail. No resolution yet.

Bighorn | 2019年9月16日

Mine is fine, but mine wasn’t limited to a year, so you may be on to something.

Effopec | 2019年9月16日

Mine will occasionally sit and spin. I've found that if I switch to FM, then back to slacker it will connect again.

lbowroom | 2019年9月16日

Although it's always been the official story that premium connectivity is free for the first year and that it's expected to cost ~$100/yr after that, no notification has gone out to owners with any details about how billing would work.

walnotr | 2019年9月16日

Yup, still standing here with my $100 bill.

gmr6415 | 2019年9月16日

@Jtwo, I don't think they would just cut you off without first billing you or attempting to charge it to your CC on file if that's how they plan on doing it.

It sounds more like a LTE issue.

Gpuszkin | 2019年9月16日

HI. I'm in the same situation as reported. here. For the last 2 days, I thought maybe something was wrong wth Streaming and Slacker and that it would kick on by itself but that hasnt happaned. I am now starting to come to the realization that TESLA may have deactivated my streaming.

I could have sworn that my LTE service (and I'm assuming Slacker streaming along with that) was included in my price. I do not recall anybody ever telling me that Streaming was only available for a year.

I was one of the early reservation holders. Is it possible that they offered Streaming in perpetuity for early reservation holders and then at some point switched to only providing one year for free?

Thanks in advance for thoughts

lbowroom | 2019年9月16日

Yes, if you bought before a certain date, sometime before Aug 2018 roughly, sorry don't the know exact date, premium is free for life. But again, Tesla isn't cutting people off who don't have premium for life, there's nothing in place to start billing people. People who bought SR or SR+ and initially had streaming active can have it cut off though. In your case, could just be server or LTE issue

Gpuszkin | 2019年9月16日

Thanks for the response. I was a Day 1 reservation holder (sending the deposit the day Tesla starting taking orders for the car). Even though my turn to get my car didnt come up until October last year, I think this still qualifies and like you said, I remember being told I had Premium for the life of the car. If they deactivated me and others by mistake, I hope that can be easily corrected. If they have retroactively changed their position and are now charging everybody, that would be bad

lbowroom | 2019年9月16日

Order date is what qualifies you for premium for life, not reservation nor delivery date.

gmr6415 | 2019年9月16日

Has anyone who has lost connectivity called Tesla? Secondly, have you lost you satellite images? It's my understanding that, that was also part of the premium connectivity too, so I would think you would lose both if Tesla has cut you off.

gmr6415 | 2019年9月16日

"How do the new connectivity options impact current Tesla owners?"
All Tesla cars ordered on or before June 30, 2018 will continue to have access to their existing Premium Connectivity features at no cost for as long as the car is active. As additional apps and services become available in the future, owners will have the opportunity to upgrade their connectivity plan.

-TheJohn- | 2019年9月16日

Yay for being in the giant wave of June 27th configuration invites.

Gpuszkin | 2019年9月16日

Yep... Just went back and looked and it appears that my order went through on June 29 last year. I remember pushing it through b/c I wanted the premium connectivity. Interestingly, my order agreement that came with my order confirmation mentions the LR AWD with Premium interior and Premium black but doesnt say anything about premium connectivity. In any event, I hope that TESLA does not renege on the statements they made that if your order came through before June 30, you would have Premium Connectivity features at no cost for the life of the car. Here's to praying that what and I and many others are facing is a glitch

I tried to call TESLA but was told that it is over a 1 hour wait to talk to someone. I couldn't wait that long so I hung up. If anybody is able to speak to someone there, I would be curious to get their take on what is happening

teresastark | 2019年9月16日

Same here - lost music streaming a couple days ago, rebooting doesn't help. Keeps saying Tesla account is invalid. Called Service and they said they hadn't heard of any issues. (!!! -- do they not read the forums??) They said to try logging into my account on the Tesla web site. Not sure why that would help since there is no reference to the streaming service that I can see - but I just did that so will see if it helps later today when I am back in the car.

lbowroom | 2019年9月16日

"I hope that TESLA does not renege on the statements they made"
"Here's to praying that what and I and many others are facing is a glitch"


Bighorn | 2019年9月16日

It could be that Tesla had a one year contract with Slacker by vehicle, so Slacker pulled the plug and other functions may still persist, like the satellite maps. Just spitballing.

roger.klurfeld | 2019年9月16日

I lost all media access on Sunday morning, September 15th, except for the radio. I'm in the early access program and reported it. All back to normal in the afternoon. Seems like an issue on the Tesla servers.

jamesnicholson | 2019年9月16日

Mine died today too. I completed the online order before June 30 or July 31 or whatever the date was for premium connectivity. Nobody seems to know WTF is going on.

Deucebrady | 2019年9月16日

Same here. Mine went out minutes before a 3-hour road trip. All other services work fine, but slacker does not. I have an option to "Use Tesla Account", but when I select that option i just get the Tesla account invalid message that others are seeing. I should have 2 months left on my 1 year of premium service, so I don't know what the issue is.

jamesnicholson | 2019年9月16日


how did you report it to tesla?

gmr6415 | 2019年9月16日

@jamesnicholson, He stated he's "early access", AKA someone who gets the updates earlier than others, tests it and reports bugs. I would assume they have a way to report bugs that the rest of us don't.

birchofengland | 2019年9月16日

Same here. Slacker stopped mid afternoon yesterday. I have had the car two weeks shy of a year. I reported it via my account.

Jtwo | 2019年9月16日

I’m not sure what happened but, yesterday and during this morning’s commute, it wasn’t working. When I drove home after work, it was back.

Deucebrady | 2019年9月16日

It is working again for me tonight as well. Was out for about a day and a half in total.

gmr6415 | 2019年9月17日

It must have been regional. I never lost it in Central FL.

Gpuszkin | 2019年9月17日

Just wanted to add that my Slacker came back yesterday afternoon after being out since Saturday.

squashsilver | 2019年9月17日

anybody have issues with accessing ESPN radio as that has been out for several months

folajimi | 2019年9月17日

It will be interesting to found solution to this problem, I thought I was the only one. We need to provide solution as it is too quiet in the car without streaming service, even my radio does not work.

Manjushr | 2019年9月17日

Ours went out Sept 14.. and now Sep 17, it works again. Did not have to sign in again, as it was asking.. it suddenly was fine.

Quinten | 2019年9月17日

My Slacker Tesla account is back after yesterday I put in a service email to them via their website. It is working as this morning. I got it before they will charge a network premium fee on my Model 3.

squashsilver | 2019年9月17日

Yes ESPN radio has been still searching - for months and with football season missing my Monday morning updates