Rear end shifts left under acceleration

Rear end shifts left under acceleration

I have 2013 Model S 85 and as the subject states, under acceleration and particularly at highway speeds, the rear end of the car shifts to the left.

It'll do it every single time and it snaps back when you decelerate. If you apply the throttle slowly the rear feels like it is slowly moving left, it's a very strange sensation and obviously torque related but I can't figure out what is moving.

I've pulled all the wheels and nothing is loose enough for me to move it, no obvious bends, breaks or faults... Anyone have a clue what to look at?

I have air suspension and it seems healthy and level, if that matters. 118K miles on the clock too.

NKYTA | 2019年9月17日


rob.james.arias | 2019年9月17日

I have experienced this on two separate occasions with two separate causes. The first time I had a tire blow, and replaced it with a newer tire. The new tire on the rear caused the car to pull horrifically when accelerating. I moved it to the front and it stopped. I would recommend trying to rotate tires if you are not staggered. The second time it occurred the bushings in the rear end (can't remember which ones) were bad.