V10 - Way too F*#*%g COOL - First Impressions.....

V10 - Way too F*#*%g COOL - First Impressions.....

2:00 AM in the morning. Got the notification that the update was here. From bed, ok'd the update from my phone. Got a ding about 35 minutes later that it was done. Tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't do it. Had to drag my ass out of bed to check it out.

Of course I couldn't just check it out from inside the car, so drove down the street to a parking lot to check out the Advanced Summon feature as that was the feature I was most anticipating. Although, from the videos I had seen, figured it was just going to be a cool party trick with little real world use. I do love party tricks though. But wow, car hauls ass (relatively speaking). Was shocked actually. All the videos showed it crawling along. But, the car fired up, no hesitation, took off and came right to me. Guessing it was at least 4-5 MPH. Given, it was an empty parking lot at 2:00 AM. Still drives on the wrong side of the driveway aisle. But loved the fact that it got there quickly. Possibly alleviates the worry I had that it would piss off other people behind it from being too tentative. At that speed, it might just pass other cars! LOL.

Got home and parked at the end of the driveway by the street. Walked up to the garage and tried the Advanced summon there. Sure enough, it worked around the circular driveway, about 75 feet it came right to me standing at the garage. Didn't quite position itself to squeeze into the garage between the other cars. But now that we have what we have, would assume this is something that Tesla could easily add to have the car go park itself in the garage. Park the car, set its location in the car, save and then the car knows where to go each time, what angle and position. With what it can already do, seems like an easy addition for them? That would be REALLY useful.

Haven't had a chance to check out all of the features yet, but did check Netflix and Youtube. Both work great. Also noticed that some videos on ESPN.COM also played, which was a pleasant surprise. Assuming that means other videos from other websites will play as well.

The new Cups game apparently requires a game controller to be plugged in. Never heard of the game before, so no idea what it is. Tesla should comment on which game controller is recommended now that it's required on some games. I know people of done their own trial and error with various controllers, but would be nice to know which one Tesla feels is best suited for their specific system. Will save people time and hassle dealing with ones that don't work so well. Heck, could be another revenue stream for Tesla if they just started selling them on their website?

Saw Spotify was there. Don't have an account, but will consider setting one up now. The regular steaming radio on Tesla's account still works.

The video worked on LTE, but I guess that's going to be short-lived. Understandably so as it will suck A LOT of data from Tesla's account. Sooner rather than later, I would assume it will require a Wifi connection. Which brings me to another point. Tesla, like MANY other manufacturers are doing now, should offer a paid subscription for in-car WIFI using the LTE system already built-in. That seems like a no-brainer and another revenue stream for Tesla. If the Chevy Volt can do it, why can't the most technologically advanced car in the world do it?

Couldn't figure out or find the "vent window" option. Maybe the app isn't fully updated? But enhanced summon worked from the app, so don't know yet, at least in the short time I explored it.

Didn't drive far enough to try the other Nav on Autopilot options, but will get a better ideal of those when I get out on the highway with it.

I was most excited about the video feature and Advanced Summon. Any other features will just be a bonus.

Love it. Thank you Tesla for the coolest car in the world.

Wish list still includes:
1. Multi-destination Navigation entry
2. Ability to view Sentry mode warnings from your cell phone. Really useful if you're away from the car (airport) and can't get to it.
3. In-car Wifi Account / connectivity though Tesla.
4. Self-parking, first at home at least. Understand that sending the car off to find a parking spot may take more time, but the consistency of the same garage spot should be doable?

One weird thing happened in my one mile drive. As I got about 1/4 mile from home, there was a ding and the dome lights turned on all of sudden? No clue what that was about. Had to turn them off manually. Will see if that repeats or not?

OK, back to bed, have to be up in the morning. But like a kid on Christmas Eve, just couldn't wait. Happy I didn't as it met all expectations and exceeded them. Everyone knows, I'm not a Tesla fanboi and am not one to come on here a gush about the cars in an over the top manner, but, Tesla knocked this one out of the park, so it deserved such an update from me!

Update: Just realized that apparently the Model S is the one of three cars that doesn't get the window vent feature??? Very strange that the 3 and X would get it, but not the S? Puzzling.

Also noticed that my phone app doesn't have a homelink button as noted in the release notes. My phone app is updated. Maybe that's another non S feature?

Anthony J. Parisio | 2019年9月27日

Thanks and congrats!

jordanrichard | 2019年9月27日

It is strange, from the videos I have seen and your description, that the car goes on the wrong side of the “road” in a parkin gloat. Makes it pretty useless in an active parking lot. | 2019年9月27日

New software indeed "cool." Don't like that the browser now occupies 80% of the screen (if you try to drag it down to ~50%, it closes and the media screen opens). Also, even with new iPhone app update 3.10.0, there is no controls to vent the window. I'll have to check if you have to turn that on from the car before it shows up on the app. "Come to Me" very cool.

Renzo | 2019年9月27日

anyone got v10 on a GEN 1 MCU? I am interested to know what functions would work....

Renzo | 2019年9月27日

anyone got v10 on a GEN 1 MCU? I am interested to know what functions would work....

Nuts4MS | 2019年9月27日

@renzo I am wondering the same thing, I have an early 2014 MS with a second gen MCU so I am curious to see what if anything will be updated on my car...

Mathew98 | 2019年9月27日

Is the CPU capable of video processing for MCU1?

2015P90DI | 2019年9月27日 - Try opening your Netflix or Youtube video using the browser instead of the "app". I haven't tried it yet, but it may allow you more control over the size. | 2019年9月27日

I haven't tried using the new apps...I was talking about the browser. When you open it now, it occupies about 80% of the touchscreen with a little map showing at the top. In V9 you could drag the top of the browser down halfway and it would stay open, occupying roughly half of the screen. Now if you drag it down, it closes.

2015P90DI | 2019年9月27日

You're right. That sucks. It's that way for the entire browser. Used to be able to have the browser take up less space.

I still desperately miss the split screen days. Was so disappointed that they took away that option with V8 or V9.

seinsberg3 | 2019年9月27日

I tested summon and it keeps disconnecting. Left the car in middle of lane. Lte signal 2 bars. This happened multiple times. I was just 50 feet from the car.

S75RedRidingHood | 2019年9月27日

@2015P90DI may I ask what year of your model S? Mine is end of 2016 and still waiting for the V10 to see if I can view hulu or netflix

2015P90DI | 2019年9月27日

I have a new 2019. From what I'm hearing, the 2016's with 2.0 hardware won't have video capability, but can't confirm that. Also, appears the release is only going out to the newer cars with FSD paid for. So older cars may be a little bit before they receive the update. Again, not confirmed though.

seinsberg3 | 2019年9月27日

I have a Ms Raven with fsd

seinsberg3 | 2019年9月27日

I have a Ms Raven with fsd

SnoR | 2019年9月27日

You're probably not seeing the vent feature because It's not supported on Model S. The blog post on the web site just says Model 3 and Model X (angry face).

jordanrichard | 2019年9月27日

What is the “vent feature”?

raffidesigns | 2019年9月27日

@jordanrichard Vent allows Model X and Model 3 owners to open the window 3 inches from the app and then be able to close.

raffidesigns | 2019年9月27日

@Nuts4MS you have MCU first gen. MCU 2 was installed in late 2018 vehicles. Your car is 2014.

Neech | 2019年9月27日

I have AP 2.0 and would be surprised if we get most (or any) of the new video features. The web browser rarely works now even to pull up I would be amazed if they finally got that working smoothly for us 2.0 folks. Enhanced summon is what I'm looking forward to the most. | 2019年9月27日

So Model 3 owners get yet another feature that we don't? What gives Mr. Musk? Tesla engineers can figure out a way to make our windows drop or rise three inches from the app? And get the browser fixed, too. 2019.32.10.3 coming "soon".....

2015P90DI | 2019年9月27日

@SnoR, yes, I discovered that, per the update at the bottom of my post. Probably not something I'd use, but seems very strange that it wouldn't be included on the S. Don't understand that one. Would maybe understand if it was only the Model 3, but the fact that the X gets it, which is basically the same equipment, makes it strange that the S wouldn't get it also. Possibly in a future update?

PrescottRichard | 2019年9月27日

Venting windows WOULD be useful for model S owners without the sunroof.

dj-tesla | 2019年9月27日


bhanuk99 | 2019年9月27日

@2015P90, The Homelink under the Controls on the App. I have App version 3.10.0 on my Pixel phone. Sometimes these items may be still updating and show up after an hr or so. Likewise, the Defrost control is under Cliimate in the App.

V10 is superb and the NOA and all auto lane changes are very smooth. Now, the target lane has blue highlight and the location where the car is going to move has a nice white outline. I did not encounter auto lane cancellations even in high traffic and the car handled lane changes without any hesitation. No occasional phantom braking near an underpass. The ride is very smooth and the car is quick in stop and go traffic.

Hopefully, we will get the vent control for MS from the App in near future.

2015P90DI | 2019年9月27日

Apparently my phone hasn't upgraded the app yet. Looked in google play store and it still shows the last updated app release being 08/22/2019.

I have access to enhanced summon and home link with the summon screen, but just checked again, no defrost and no homelink under controls.

2015P90DI | 2019年9月28日

I take that back. A couple of hours later and my app has updated. Homelink button is there.

Annoys me that the window option isn't included on the S. If I knew the reason, maybe wouldn't bug me so much, but can't figure out the logic for giving it to the 3 and X, but not the S??? | 2019年9月28日

Agreed. Also, on an iPhone, pretty easy to get the updated app. Just go to the App store, search for Tesla app, open it, and the "Open" tab should change to "Update" after a few seconds. Touch it and it will update the app.

TranzNDance | 2019年9月28日

My car takes less than a minute to get comfortable, and on hot days, I can open the hatch and passenger doors to speed up the process. The window vent feature is great when a car doesn't have an effective AC nor a massive way to vent the car. On the other hand, I have heat reducing tint on my windows so maybe my car doesn't get as hot as others?

EVRider | 2019年9月28日

I’m guessing Model S will get the window venting feature if both Model 3 and X got it.

barrykmd | 2019年9月28日

2015P90DI - I got a Tesla app update last night on my Android phone. About 6 months ago, I noticed that I didn't get any updates for a few weeks. Went into Settings and forced a stop, cleared out memory, and all the updates started working again.

RedJ | 2019年9月28日

Well, didn’t take long for this to happen. Fortunately it’s not the tesla’s fault.

TNTesla | 2019年9月28日

My Model S (2017 Dual Motor 75 FSD) doesn't show the Netflix or Karaoke icons. Spotify is there. I'm confused.

bhanuk99 | 2019年9月28日

@TNTesla, I read in TMC forum that some owners with AP2/MCU 1 seem to be missing some of these features.

Azred50 | 2019年9月28日

I have V10 on my 3 and Super Summon is anything but super. But I gave my wife a good laugh when I had her come outside and watch the 3 whiz by us in the garage and head up the street to meet new people.

Just give me FSD for my 3 and 2.0 S in the next year and I'll be happy. Fortunately my wife usually drives the S and she could care less about the stuff released yesterday. My granddaughter likes it though.

Mike83 | 2019年9月28日

It doesn't work on public roads. It is also not super summon. TEA 99%

TNTesla | 2019年9月28日

@ bhanuk99 That seems patently ridiculous. My Gen 1 iPad played Netflix just fine. Hopefully that will get sorted out.

Azred50 | 2019年9月28日

I was pulling it in my driveway on a private road. But thanks for the tip whatever Tea99% means.

raffidesigns | 2019年9月28日

@ TNTesla Mr bhanuk99 is correct. MCU 1 comes with a Tegra GPU that is incapable of running intense video/graphic content. Those with MCU 1 do not get the majority of the “entertainment” feature part of V10. It has been stated in the past that MCU 1 can be retrofitted to MCU 2, but that’s a black whole. No one knows. I’m sure if enough owners of MCU 1 complain, Tesla may s something. My guess, Tesla does nothing. If you want Netflix, buy a new Tesla.

PrescottRichard | 2019年9月28日

Azred50- your car sounds more like a puppy!

RAR | 2019年9月28日

V10 Release Notes for MCU 1, AP 2.0 2017 S90D

Includes Smart Summon, Spotify, Driving Visualization, Automatic Lane Change, Feeling Lucky or Hungry, Map Improvements, Mobile App, Joe Mode, Software Update Improvements, Application Launcher, and Driver Profile. Requires 3.10.0 or later ap.

No mention of new games.

I haven't had time to try anything yet, but this is the list.

dh | 2019年9月28日

I have a December 2017 Model S, apparently with the MCU 1, as Tesla switched to the MCU 2 in March, 2018. Tesla's equipped with the MCU 1 cannot handle the same V10 Entertainment features as Tesla's equipped with MCU 2. Elon tweeted about an upgrade back in July, but haven't seen one yet.

home | 2019年9月28日

I did get the update as well. Netflix is neat to have in the car. My wife also loved the careoke feature.. I have the summon feature but wasn’t able to get the car to move from a parking spot unfortunately. (Maybe soon) maybe glitchy.

Looking forward to that feature sounds incredible. Also in the morning I had a come to me button on the app.. that had since disappeared. (Wonder if it was rolled back)

home | 2019年9月28日

An issue occurred when reading camera data is the error I get.

RedJ | 2019年9月28日

Does everyone who got V10 have FSD or are those with just enhanced autopilot getting V10 as well?

Tropopause | 2019年9月28日

I'm away from my car for awhile but remotely upgraded to Version: 2019.32.11

Is this V10?

RAR | 2019年9月28日

@Tropopause Yes, 2019.32.11 is V10. Everything from 2019.32.10 on is V10. There is significant difference in function for MCU1 vs. MCU2, with MCU1 lacking all new games and video. But even AP 2.0 gets Smart Summon (but it isn't working for me at this time - 2017 S90D MCU1 AP2.0 - I don't know why).

2015P90DI | 2019年9月28日

My car just updated again. Lost the "come to me" button. That was a great feature to have front and center. User friendly. But, Tesla giveth, Tesla taketh away. At least this time only got to use it for a day and a half. But was a great option to have for the advanced summon. Now you can only set a target location.

Corazon de Tucson | 2019年9月29日

First use of AP after V 10 install on 2 mile section of curved road. System seems to ”look” further down the road and anticipate upcoming curve better than previous version. Consequently, transitions seem smoother, albeit still not “natural” drifting to hug inner aspect of lane in curve thus moving you away from oncoming.

Previously, V 9 seemingly drove a series of linear segments with abrupt turn as lane limit approached resulting in jerky ride. (Particularly scary going right as this behavior placed you far too close, sometimes even over, center line against oncoming traffic hugging inner aspect going to their left.)

SPECIAL NOTE: two of two failures to recognize cyclist in adjacent bike lane!!

Not quite FSD...

Model S, 2019 "raven"

Anthony J. Parisio | 2019年9月29日

Love V 10! Anyone notice Spotity is using your phone to and it’s data link to get us the music?