Anyone with HW2.5 EAP get V10 update?

Anyone with HW2.5 EAP get V10 update?

Curious if anyone with HW2.5 got the V10 update? I have EAP (do not have FSD and not in early access program).

Cannot wait to try Smart Summon and other features :-)

alexandrubv | 2019年9月29日

Yes, I got mine today, finally, on my Nov. 2016 model S 75d. It started on Thursday, but it failed, somehow. Then Saturday morning I got the notification again and it installed. But it seems is incomplete, I didn't get the Theater mode, the Caraoke and the new video game. Weird, I will try to contact Tesla on monday and see what they say. Anyone else experienced an incomplete V10 update? Thx

Nikki's Dad | 2019年9月29日

Yes, got V10 on my 2018 MS 100D. Note you won't get Theater mode or Caraoke in your 2016 car because you have the older MCU1. This chart someone posted on reddit should help.

TranzNDance | 2019年9月29日

Got it yesterday. Bought FSD and wasn't in the EAP program.

jerrykham | 2019年9月29日

I got it three days back - originally had EAP but added FSD on 15-Aug. S75 (no D). Late 2017 HW2.5 with MCU1. The feature I wanted was the Caraoke. But, not getting that. I do have the Spotify and I can see the visualization changes. I haven't figured out where Enhanced Summon is at yet (US vehicle; it should have it).

raffidesigns | 2019年9月29日

@jerrykham Check what version of the app you are running.

raffidesigns | 2019年9月29日

@alexandrubv, your vehicle is a 2016 model. Theater mode, the Caraoke and the new video game are meant for Tesla's built March 2018-Present. Those who have vehicles from Feb 2018-2012 have what is known as MCU 1. MCU unfortunately is unable to perform high intense GPU content. There have been discussions of MCU 2 retrofits, but it's unknown at this point. If enough owners want those features then Tweet to Elon regarding the retrofit, have him confirm again. Make it know to the service centers.

RedJ | 2019年9月29日

@alexandrubv do you have FSD or just Enhanced Autopilot?

nikkirat | 2019年9月29日

im also waiting to get the new v10 upgrade.
however, i'm confused on the various software versions - tesla app, AP, MCU, etc.
how do i find out all these different software versions, so i know exactly what i have now and what i can expect (or accept that i won't get)? thanks.

raffidesigns | 2019年9月29日

@nikkirat The software version before V10 is 2019.32.2.2.
The tesla app should be on 3.10.
As far as MCU is concerned, if your Tesla was delivered before March 2018, you have MCU 1.
What you can expect to get is 2019.32.11

MSMS75D | 2019年9月29日

Got 2019.32.11 update this afternoon. Immediately drove to a nearby school parking lot to try out "COME TO ME". Worked like a charm - it reversed and then made a U-turn to come to me! Blown away! Youtube worked great as well on LTE.

With V10, Tesla leaves the competition in the dust!

markahaden | 2019年9月29日

Sep 2018 (MCU2) MS75D with AP2.5 and EAP. Received the alert this evening, and I'm about 30 min into the install process. It's past my bedtime, but I'm sitting here like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting to see v10. The install is definitely taking longer than the "25 min" the app said it would take. I hope it isn't bugging out.

SoCal Buzz | 2019年9月29日

Just got it on my Sept 2018 car. Spotify and Netflix are cool. Can’t wait to try Adv Summon tomorrow.

acerfacer | 2019年9月30日

Got Smart Summon three days ago; 2018 S100 D.
Performed my first summon the next day at a local restaurant during breakfast hours. The car executed the maneuver perfectly! The best part was seeing diners rush to the windows to watch as a guy in the parking lot yelled, "Hey, your car is rolling ...."

Anthony J. Parisio | 2019年9月30日

I think the question was “has anyone with MCU 2.5 gotten V10 jet”? I am also wondering if theater mode works on a model S or X?

acerfacer | 2019年9月30日

Yes and Yes

inconel | 2019年9月30日

Do you mean MCU 2 or AP 2.5?

brianp6621 | 2019年9月30日

I'm actually a little confused, why did older non-FSD cars (like my 2018 100D) get smart summon? Was it originally announced as part of EAP?

etigro | 2019年10月1日

Same config as OP but in France. Anyone knows if V10 made it to Europe yet ? I would be surprised if we get smart summon.

EVRider | 2019年10月1日

@brianp6621: Cars with Enhanced Autopilot get Smart Summon.

finished | 2019年10月1日

Just received and installed v10 2019.32.11 yesterday on my Aug 2017 build S100D, AP2.5, MCU1 and it does not have vent mode, theatre mode, rear camera sentry recording, caraoke, nor cupheads (who cares). But it does have Come to Me smart summon and better center screen rendering of lane markings. Also, it shows vehicles coming at you on two lane roads. NOA disappeared yesterday, but magically appeared today after several reboots and manual re-confirmation of settings to remind me that it's my fault if the car crashes. Browser worked for a day (Yaay!), but today it's back to not working at all (Booo!). Figures. Getting better, but long way from great.

stephenkmendoza1 | 2019年10月1日

How do we obtain an MCU2, 2017 S100D and how much?

cbpenn | 2019年10月1日

Yes. I didn't have V10 until Saturday when all of a sudden I got a notification on my cellphone that I was getting "the" update. My 2018 Model S was updated to 2019.32.11

etigro | 2019年10月4日

32.11.1 arrived yesterday on my S in France. Everything is there except Smart summon (as planned given regulator constraints).
Minor release expected soon to fix a fun typo : Spotify is misspelled Spötify

garyjtate | 2019年10月6日

Yes I would like an MCU upgrade