Spotify Bitrate

Spotify Bitrate

Does anyone know the bitrate of Spotify in Tesla? Is there anyway to increase this bitrate for better quality Spotify music?

rsrivast | 2019年10月4日

Spotify premium account can be configured to 320kbit/s. Not sure if Tesla throttles it.

soenke | 2019年10月6日

I’m a professional audio engineer, and I was more than happy to see Spotify coming to US Teslas. But I can almost guarantee that the Bitrate is the lowest (I think 64 kbit/s). Unfortunately, I didn’t find a setting to change this, but support any requests towards Tesla to offer such option.

felixg | 2019年11月26日

[quote]Bitrate is the lowest (I think 64 kbit/s)[/quote]
Completely agree. I'm sorry to say, but Spotify sounds awful on Tesla M3, despite the Premium interior's good sound system. C'mon Tesla, let's allow adjusting Spotify streaming bitrate, like we can do on the phones. | 2019年11月27日

In the past Slacker bitrate was 128 kbps, and if you had the UHFS (in the S/X) it had an option to go to 160 kbps. The option disappeared a few years ago, but it wasn't clear which bitrate was used. There were also codec improvements over the years, so Tesla may have set 128 kbps as the only rate for all versions. I sort of doubt they use 64 kbps - that's rather poor.

For a comparison, XM radio (yes not in the 3) is limited by its design to 64 kbps and uses rates from 8 to 64 kbps depending on the channel. There is no way to override the bitrate in XM. Bluetooth is also rather poor, as no matter how files are encoded in your phone, it's re-coded to a low bit-rate to go over Bluetooth.

Now if really want the best sound, use your own music on a USB drive that is encoded with a non-lossy format like FLAC. Worth trying out.