Undercarriage damage - is it bad?

Undercarriage damage - is it bad?

I drove over a pothole yesterday that slammed the car down pretty hard. A chunk of steel (or is it ALU?) seems to have torn off.

The impact is located in front of the front wheel axel, somewhere between center and pax side. The car still drives normally.

Anyone know if this looks structural/serious or what part of the undercarriage this is?

Thanks much!

2015P90DI | 2019年10月4日

For safety reasons, I'd be getting that in immediately. Not sure I'd want to drive it considering you're not sure specifically what was impacted.

Mathew98 | 2019年10月4日

Ditto. If you see a chunk of anything fall out, it's time to show up unannounced. | 2019年10月5日

I agree with others, but the part hanging down looks like part of the plastic underbody panel, which is not all that critical. What you don't know if something was damaged behind it.