Water Puddles on the 12v Battery after carwash

Water Puddles on the 12v Battery after carwash

After a non-high pressure car wash, my TM3 SR+ RWD always requires me to manually dry the top of my 12v battery and other components under the frunk cover. It gets REALLY wet with soapy water and puddles everywhere in that compartment.

Does anyone have this issue? Can it happen in windy rainy environments? Does it ever cause any harm in EV or ICE vehicles?

Wish I had taken a photo before I dried everything off, but here is one after I dried it:

bp | 2019年10月17日

You do have a cover under the front trunk lid that you’re removing, right? It’s not just absent on your car?

syclone | 2019年10月18日

I love when posters use imgur - the other postings are much more interesting than the Tesla entry :-)

mwithersit | 2019年10月18日

I do have the cover under the frunk, but it still gets through the slits and sides

Joshan | 2019年10月18日

really doubt its an issue. Think how much the battery in your ICE gets soaked when you drive through puddles.

bp | 2019年10月18日

FWIW, I just checked mine (it’s been pouring for days here) and don’t see any puddles on the battery. Little bit of water around the edges of the batter cover.

Rodo | 2019年10月18日

Hope you're avoiding sensors and cameras with that power wash. Manual says:

Caution: Avoid using a high pressure power washer on the camera(s) or parking sensors (if equipped) and do not clean a sensor or camera lens with a sharp or abrasive object that can scratch or damage its surface.

bp | 2019年10月18日

OP said “non high-pressure wash”.

mwithersit | 2019年10月19日

I might make another thread about it, but my windshield on the inside by the cameras underneath the glass have some fingerprints, the tech said it would require a lot of recalibrating to fix

Sarah R | 2019年10月20日

I'd suggest that water ingress is a latent defect that should be addressed by a service center under warranty.