Dashcam Ring Buffer record for longer than 1 hour

Dashcam Ring Buffer record for longer than 1 hour

I believe the Dashcam records on all cameras front, right, left and backup any time the M3 is not sleeping; likewise, last time I checked, you only get access to the last hour of such video. Since the car many times stays awake for way more than a hour after parking, why not have a video ring buffer of up to say four hours? Then if something happens to your car anytime the car is not sleeping even if you did not enable Sentry, you would have video to review. When I am out and about, I hardly ever park for more than four hours. This would not be full up Sentry with alarming but would be better than no video after say a keying event. Thoughts??

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年10月20日

Sounds useful for some, what do you figure Tesla should charge for an upgrade like that? Other cool options would be live video feed and ability to remotely yell at the person keying the car.

Ron.Olsberg | 2019年10月20日

With the current Dashcam functionality, if something happens while driving you need to remember to tap the button to save the last 10 minutes or eject the USB flash drive within the hour to save the event(s) of interest. In both cases, you need to wait at least one minute or you might not capture the last minute of video you might need. I can see where it might be very easy to forget to do what currently needs to be done to capture the video. If the video capture buffer were longer and you remember within the four hour period of the cars awake time to eject the USB drive you would be golden. The Linux operating system can easily determine the size of the data partition of the USB drive and the ring butter buffer size could be reduced if the partition was not large enough.

Ron.Olsberg | 2019年10月20日

Wish you could edit posts! Ignore butter in the above post. | 2019年10月20日

My guess is some future options from Tesla will expand the record time. For the advanced DIY, there is an option to do it now: - Skip to the very end, using a Raspberry Pi.

EVRider | 2019年10月20日

The dashcam does not record whenever the car is not sleeping. It only records until you get out of the car and the touchscreen turns off, unless Sentry Mode is on too.

Ron.Olsberg | 2019年10月21日

@EVRider Thanks for your reply. I have not actually looked at my Dashcam footage lately but I am sure it contained many hours of video of the inside of my garage while the car was not sleeping. There have been many firmware updates, it might be different now.

EVRider | 2019年10月21日

@Ron: Was Sentry Mode on, and which folder contained the footage from inside your garage?

Ron.Olsberg | 2019年10月25日

@EVRider I finally got around to confirming that the Dashcam does indeed record after exiting and locking the car and does not require Sentry Mode to be enabled. I ran some errands with three stops of between 10 and 30 minutes each. In all three cases, the Dashcam continued to record video from all four cameras after exiting and locking the car. Before the test I deleted all files except for the TeslaCam folder. I did have many files of 595 bytes each which I previously saw only a few. I assume since the car is now saving video from four cameras, the flash drive is not fast enough to reliably save the video footage. Since I now eject/umount the USB flashdrive when I pull into my garage, I did not verify that it continued to record the entire time the car was not sleeping and that the ring buffer is still one hour.

Ron.Olsberg | 2019年11月17日

@EVRider I finally ordered a micro SDCard designed to record video. After performing another test, I need to retract my last post EVRider was correct. Over the last year I checked the video footage several times and had long hours of video of the inside of my garage while the car was awake; however, that appears to have changed. It appears the car creates 595 byte files as placeholders in lieu of storing video from the cameras. After parking for a half hour, when out and about, and then driving home and ejecting the USB flash device, the drive contains video from my drive home and many 595 byte sized files to complete the hour buffer. Since my Model 3 almost always stays awake for at least an hour after parking, I will now enable Sentry mode because it would use almost no more power (power to keep center display alive and maybe more power for the cameras). With Sentry mode not enabled at home and parking for an hour or less while running errands, any added Sentry power usage should be minimal. If I parked away from home for several hours with Sentry mode enabled, I would use more power because the car would NOT enter sleep mode. I would vote for the car to record video while not sleeping, even with Sentry mode not active, because you might have video footage of interest. The 595 byte files add no value added for an owner, they are probably required for some technical reason.