2018 75d, all has been great....Fully charged on friday, stopped for lunch, came out, and completely 100% dead.....Nothing in the car works, and cannot even connect by my tesla app to the car.....towed to service station, and believe it or not, 6 days later, noone has looked at it for an it the 12v???.......Thanks

mbirnie51 | 2019年10月30日

Where are you located, and what Service Center did you have it towed to. You also need a complimentary vehicle while they work on yours. I'd go down to the SC with sleeping bag and pillow and sit and wait for answers.

hoffenberg | 2019年10月30日

Orlando, i am an hour away.....

lilbean | 2019年10月30日

Sounds like the 12v to me.

hoffenberg | 2019年10月30日

I agree, hopefully....everything went dead, all at once....Is there a way to prevent that next time< to predict the end of a 12v life? I have 34,000 miles....Thanks

Passion2Fly | 2019年10月30日

Most 12V batteries have a gradual death. So, you should get a warning before the "sudden death"... | 2019年10月30日

Hard to diagnose remotely. The 12v could have died, but this is exceptionally rare. Tesla has a 12v battery monitoring system that normally identifies if the 12v battery needs replacement, about 3 weeks before it no longer works.

It could be that one of the main battery contactors failed which no longer charges the 12v battery. It could also be the DC-DC inverter that charges the 12 v battery failed. Being fairly new, this is unusual. I hope you'll report back what service found wrong.

teresa.lauren.h... | 2019年10月31日

Similar issue -- My 2017 Model X 75D started having an *extremely* bad (sulfur) smell after the "12V battery needs service" warning. That was a couple days ago; Tesla service appointment couldn't be scheduled sooner than a week out -- now the car is completely dead in my driveway. And it's in my driveway because the smell was so bad in the garage it infiltrated my house. I did contact roadside assistance and they are on the way. I have 30,000 miles on the car.

Do you have your car back yet? How long did/will it take?

retsandy | 2019年10月31日

2016 MX90D. Same thing last year, no warning and car was totally dead in garage one morning. Mobile unit came out after three day delay and replaced swollen dead 12v battery. All OK now. Florida heat and humidity takes a toll on the rather small 12v battery.

hoffenberg | 2019年11月3日

Update. After 5 days, they finally looked at it...The 12 volt, of course...And they have none in the shop!!! Have to wait 5 days for a new battery! On the bright side, they gave me a loaner S, and now I love the s too! My twin girls have a blast riding in the trunk!! The S accelerated actually hurts my stomach...

hoffenberg | 2019年11月3日

@retssandy-I am in Florida too

rdmdrd | 2019年11月3日

Had the same issue. 12v dead but replaced in a day at the Orlando Tesla in Eatonville.

hoffenberg | 2019年11月4日

Mine is there in Eatonville now!!

Triggerplz | 2019年11月4日

I had my 12v battery replaced a few months ago the ranger came out in 5 days and replaced it under warranty no charge

jimglas | 2019年11月4日

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Vawlkus | 2019年11月5日

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hoffenberg | 2019年11月6日

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jimglas | 2019年11月6日

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