Why no Model Y Forum Section?

Why no Model Y Forum Section?

Just wondering why there is a Model Y discussion area in the forum? Is the Model 3 area the place to post stuff about the Y or just general for now until the Y is released?

andy.connor.e | 2019年10月31日

There is no Model Y section yet. Based on observation i'd say Tesla is not actively developing their forums since the Tesla Energy forum has been total junk since it came out. I've sent multiple emails to forum support asking if they would fix the Energy forum because you cant see what posts are new, how many replies, if there is a new reply, or really anything other than the title of the thread.

the2thman | 2019年11月10日

Exactly what I'm looking for - Y no forum ;) ? - I have a Model 3 deposit still

MySin_AZ | 2019年11月11日

And perhaps related...while taking my S into service...I was chatting with the services guys, asking to see where they have the hidden model Y...and they said, the they were told that both stores and service centers are getting early models in the next few weeks...I am not trying to start rumors, just passing along what I was told by a Tesla service rep...

bassbone1 | 2019年11月11日

Not sure but if anyone is thinking about getting one or any others please use my code:

Thanks in advance!

jordanrichard | 2019年11月11日

Bassbone, everyone here has their own code. The spirit/intent of the referral program is to get non Tesla owners to buy a Tesla. Again, everyone here already has one.

Varricks | 2019年11月12日

Why no Model Y Forum Section?

But there is one! Just like there are people driving Model Y cars around.

Don't panic. When the Y appears, so will its forum section.

andy.connor.e | 2019年11月12日

Me thinks there will be one for the Pickup

gparrot | 2019年11月12日

Andy, me hopes you is right! :-)