What's your Model S 100D range?

What's your Model S 100D range?

HI all, how many miles you can get out from a 100% charged Model S 100D? Mine is a 2019 long range version, claims it can go roughly 340 miles but I can only get close to 200 miles, that's it, I don't drive crazy.
Let's share your range and driving habit!

EVRider | 2019年11月5日

You might find this thread in the Model 3 forum helpful:

jimglas | 2019年11月5日

drive 40 and you will exceed 400 miles

Boonedocks | 2019年11月5日

Based on miles and charge % I use 14% of my 100kWh batter to drive my morning commute of 45 miles so extrapolated would be 321 real miles if I went 100% 0%. That is on a RavenRefresh S 100 P+L+. I only charge to 90% and have never gone below 25% on a charge so the only way to get a reasonable range is to use my daily com mute and % numbers. | 2019年11月5日

The range estimate is based on EPA's model, and on the freeway at 65 mph at 70F, no winds. Exceed any of those and you are not going to get the same mileage. For example, going 80 mph will dramatically reduce the range over traveling at 65 mph. This is actually true of every car (ICE or EV). Air is a bitch :)

When cold, and using the heater, it also reduces range, but less so on a longer trip than many short trips where the car has to be reheated from cold at each stop. None of these are crazy, but just the way it is.

Rain and snow also reduce range (again true of all ICE and EVs).

kennethmch | 2019年11月5日

Boonedocks, that’s not bad, you get 45 miles from each 14%. I can only get 30 miles for every 15%. I try driving slow and not aggressive, still around same range.

zackeryzhang | 2019年11月6日

I got 2 miles from each 1% in Winter (15-32F) and 3 miles in Summer (65-90F). Winter time reduces about 30% of range.

bhanuk99 | 2019年11月6日

I get mostly 10 miles for 5%. I use AP both on local and hwy whenever available. My routine work and chores are all within 10 mile radius.

Boonedocks | 2019年11月6日

Those short trips are truly killers on range. I get around 390k for the first 7 miles to my kids school for drop off and by the time I pull in to my office 38 miles later it has dropped to an average of 289k with my new tires. (a little higher than the OEM Michelins did which is kind of odd since the new ones are Continental PureContact LS eco) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

chris | 2019年11月6日

With 21" tires in Summer on the highway, I get 220 miles. In Winter, it's MUCH MUCH less.

marcustcohn | 2019年11月6日

OP - OK at 100% it shows 340 rated miles but unclear about getting close to 200 - how close and what percent or rated miles left. What does the energy display show in terms of Watt Hours per Mile ? What is the outside temperature and what speeds ? Check out this range table

To get 370 rated miles from a 100kWh battery you have to achieve 270 watt hours per mile which is pretty darn low but the Raven motor is supposed to be more efficient.

bhanuk99 | 2019年11月6日

I have 21" twin turbine wheels also. May be that is adding to reduced range as well. My car is not garaged. So winter and summer are brutal for the range as well. In 10 months and 8400 miles my average battery use is 345wh/mile which is probably a lot.

pwwatson | 2019年11月6日

I have a P100D, which was originally a 2015 P90D whose battery failed and was replaced with a bigger one.

Most of my drives are 15-20 miles and I keep the speed to 65 or under. My wh/mi are typically around 300-320 and occasionally ~280, I suppose when weather conditions are ideal. That implies I could, in those ideal conditions, get ~350 miles from a full charge. I haven't pushed it that far, though.

I've thought about making a test drive in range mode, AC off, etc to see if it can do 400 miles while still at highway speed. I live at 1320 elevation near Austin and could get a lot of regen on the way to sea level.

marcustcohn | 2019年11月7日

Using a 100kWh battery and 330 watt hours per mile equals just over 300 miles but assuming you start at 80 percent charged and want 10 percent at the end you are still at 212 miles of real range - you can increase this by lowering the watt hours but that range is enough to get from SC to SC pretty much anywhere.