2020 CA HOV stickers: when is it safe to submit?

2020 CA HOV stickers: when is it safe to submit?

I am waiting to submit my application for HOV stickers from California DMV until I am confident I will receive 2020 stickers. Looking at other threads the wait time from submission (mailed) to received was about 2 months through October with no posts since.

The DMV website says stickers are normally issued within 30 days.

My plan right now is to wait for sure until they announce the 2020 sticker color (blue?), and most likely until 1st week of December to make sure I don't get a 2019 Purple one.

cybergrafx | 2019年11月8日

I submitted mine last year about the last week in November or the first week in December. I received them about the second week in January. Sorry I don't remember the exact dates.

Kary993 | 2019年11月8日

Just ensure you have the final license plate and everything matches up. It took about two months for mine after I received my personalized plate. I haven't put them on yet because I don;t use HOV lanes much and I really don't like the look of them on the car.....too many....really unnecessary IMHO.

beaver | 2019年11月8日

@cybergrafx thanks early December sounds reasonable.

snathla | 2019年11月8日

You should submit it and get it, it takes about 30-45 days, they are good for 3 years ONLY. I submitted mine and have a RED one, wish I could have gotten a purple one

AZjohn | 2019年11月8日

I have not heard about the 2020 HOV sticker release yet but I’m with you with not submitting until Dec. a friend submitted for his stickers the end of last Nov 2018 and got the new 2019 purple stickers. I submitted Jan of 2017 and got 2017 red.

Considering I’m one of the people who ordered their M3 last month (with a 2 week estimated delivery) it doesn’t sound like I’ll get my car until Dec best case, I don’t think I will wait to submit.

BTW, I submitted for my last HOV stickers with a photo of my temp registration taped to front window. My real license plates showed up about the same time as my stickers

beaver | 2019年11月8日

I know the wait has been 2 months, but I doubt many people are sending applications now since we are so close to end of the year. So probably processing may be less than 30 days even. I will wait until Dec 10th, given the holidays I doubt they will process until mid Jan. I hate not being able to drive in the carpool lane though.

rsingh05 | 2019年11月8日

I waited until Feb and got mine in ~2 months. If you want to be super cautious, wait until late December. The downside is that you lose a couple of months of use.

4barkie | 2019年11月9日

I waited until 1/1 to submit the application. It took over 2 months to get the stickers. But the website still said 30 days.

2015P90DI | 2019年11月9日

I just got mine, about 30 days after ordering. They expire in 5 years.

Not sure the point of waiting? But, I guess it's only 2 months, so enjoy the traffic for another two months instead.

beaver | 2019年11月9日

@2015P90DI good intel thank you, I suspect wait time will drop below 30 days now. At some point I hope they stop processing out of kindness and give us the new sticker. Have they announced the color yet? What’s the hold up? My kids have sets with 64 crayons, surely this is an easy problem to solve